Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 598

Chapter 598: Internal Conflict

Having observed that, Li Du was suddenly puzzled. He felt that it was odd for the little bug to be particularly interested in two picture frames, unless they were antique.

After the little bug had passed through the canvas with great speed, Li Du could see two oil paintings.

With that, he reckoned the oil paintings were antique and the little bug was interested not in the picture frames but the portraits.

Unfortunately, he did not have time to check out the two oil paintings. He was not even able to clearly see the image and was only able to make out that they were oil paintings before the Caucasian boss came towards him again to shove him.

In reality, he was left with no alternative. If he were to continue placing his vision in the little bug, he would not be able to avoid the boss's shove.

Reclaiming his vision, Li Du said in a gloomy manner, "So sorry to offend you. I will leave now. You don't need to be so agitated."

However, the other party was not willing to let him go. After hearing his words, the boss stretched out his hand to hold him back and yelled, "What do you think this place is? Think you can come and go as you like? I have to call the police. I need them to confirm your motive in coming to my company!"

He took out his phone while yelling, seemingly intending to call the police.

With people walking back and forth in the storage unit company, someone noticed their conflict.

A youth with a strong physique came running over and asked, "Jim, what's the matter?"

With a face full of anger, the boss pointed to Li Du. "Hey, you bastard. How do you manage the security team? Do you know that a damn treasure hunter sneaked in?"

After the strong youth, who had a cleft lip, saw Li Du, he was stunned for a moment and asked, "You are the treasure hunter from Flagstaff, the amazing guy, China Li?"

Li Du grinned. "Yes. Have we met?"

The youth smiled and shook his head. "No, no. We haven't met before. However, as I know about the storage unit auction industry, I have seen your picture."

The Caucasian boss raged, "What's going on, mate? Did you meet your idol?"

The youth dragged him aside and whispered a few words into his ear.

The eyebrows of the Caucasian boss began to frown even more. He gave Li Du a vicious stare before picking up the two oil paintings and walking with big steps towards the office building.

Even though Li Du was interested in the two oil paintings in his possession, he did not have the chance to stay and continue viewing them.

Although the boss had left, he was still continuously looking back to observe him and seemed about to go crazy. If Li Du was to continue staying here, the other party might end up beating him up.

The youth, who wore a security guard uniform, has a much friendlier attitude. He said, "Mr. Li, as you have seen, because the storage unit auction currently has not yet started, it is not suitable for you to be entering the storage units. Please kindly leave."

Li Du smiled. "Alright, sorry. I will leave now."

On the way out, he felt extremely unhappy as the boss's attitude earlier was horrid. He was dying to release the little bug to absorb the time energy of the oil painting or the picture frame.

However, doing so would be unreasonable as, after all, he was at fault in the first place. It was against the rules for a treasure hunter to sneak into a storage unit company hence, the boss was not unreasonable to push him out.

If someone entered his house without permission, he would also use such an attitude to force the other party to leave. The only difference was, he would not speak in such a horrid manner.

He hurriedly walked out of the company towards the car park, while trying hard to hold back from having revenge on the racist fatty.

After leaving the storage unit company, it would be too difficult for him to take a clear look at the two oil paintings as the area of the company was very large and the little bug was unable to fly too far from him.

Big Quinn, who was prepared to drive off, noticed that he was not in a good mood and asked, "Boss, what's the problem?"

Li Du smiled. "There's no problem. Let's head back and rest while we await tomorrow's huge battle."

From that day onwards, the number of treasure hunters coming to Las Vegas increased.

With 145 storage units being put up for auction and what's more, in a valuable place like the casino, it naturally attracted a lot of treasure hunters. Exaggerating a little, it was most likely that every treasure hunter on the entire west coast had gotten the news.

Treasure hunters from Flagstaff reached Las Vegas one after another. They did not stay at Caesars Palace. Instead, they stayed at the usual motel that treasure hunters go to.

During the evening, Li Du went to join them.

The auction would inevitably attract treasure hunters from different places such as Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado and even New Mexico, Texas and others.

Under such circumstances, forming alliances between treasure hunters was necessary as they needed each other's help.

The motel that Olly, Dickens and the others were staying at was owned by people from Arizona. It goes without saying that all treasure hunters from Arizona stayed there.

Li Du entered the motel with Hans, who had just woken up, and was greeted by a bald, burly man. He walked towards them and said, "Hey, Boss Fox. Good day."

Hans smiled. "Oh oh, Steel Warrior Kheiron, long time no see, mate. I heard you went on a vacation in Texas. Why did you come back?"

The burly man shook his head. "People in Texas are really not to be trifled with. I almost didn't make it back alive. However, with God's blessing, we are still able to meet each other after all things considered."

He stopped, looked at Li Du and said, "This is Boss Li? I have already heard a lot of rumors about him since I came back. He's a ruthless person, right?"

Li Du grinned and replied, "They are just false rumors, that's all."

"Haha, you are too humble. Nonetheless, there's a good show inside that you guys would enjoy." The burly man patted him and Hans on their shoulders and walked out the door.

After he had left, Hans immediately swept his shoulder in disgust and angrily said, "F*ck, this bastard's here too? Unlucky!"

Li Du curiously asked, "Who is he?"

Hans replied, "Kheiron Flamingo, a self-proclaimed Steel Warrior and a buff looking sissy. He will definitely find you later. You have to be careful when dealing with him. He's very crafty."

They continued walking forward and noticed the "good show" Kheiron told them about.

Olly, Big Beard Carl and the others were at the motel's escalator, having a standoff with a group of people. From the looks of it, the group was blocking them from going up the escalator.

Seeing this, Li Du asked, "What are you guys doing?"

Turis and the others were pleasantly surprised when they saw him. One after another, they greeted him.

"Hey, Boss Li. You came?"

"Boss Li, having a good time in Las Vegas? Did you go to the casino to show off your skills?"

"Guys, I brought some gifts for all of you. Come to my room later."

The group of people at the top of the escalator looked fearful after noticing Li Du and Hans. Some of them lowered their heads and were intending to leave, but were shoved back by the people behind. A bulky man said, "We are an alliance!"

Li Du, who was clueless about their intentions, inquired, "What exactly is going on here?"

Felix sneered. "What else? Some people are looking down on us treasure hunters who came from a small place like Flagstaff. They do not wish to stay under the same roof as us."

With an odd expression, Li Du looked towards the people on the second floor and asked, "Are all of you also treasure hunters from Arizona?"

Although they did not reply, they continued blocking the escalator.