Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 599

Chapter 599: The Split

Li Du gave Hans a puzzled look. Hans flashed him a cheeky grin as he sauntered over to the stairway. Then he asked, "Hey Big Bill, what's going on?"

The big white man he was looking at took a deep breath, then said, "Nothing's going on. This is where treasure hunters from Arizona gather and as you can tell, we don't welcome you guys."


The man waved his hand impatiently. "Because we're not an alliance."

Li Du asked Dickens, "What's going on? Internal strife in Arizona?"

Dickens said indignantly, "Yes, these b*stards are jealous of our gains and don't wanna be with us."

Perplexed, Li Du looked at the people upstairs. "Why is this happening? This time, we're up against the local treasure hunters from Las Vegas, as well as those from other states. All of us from Arizona should be united, right?"

Hans looked at them with squinted eyes and said slowly, "What do you mean, buddies? Has Arizona kicked Flagstaff out?"

"Flagstaff belongs to Arizona, but China does not. You're not one of us Arizonian folks," someone upstairs said. As there was a dozen of them gathered together, Li Du did not know who had said it.

Li Du said, "However you wanna see it then. But what does this have to do with your blocking the way?"

Big Bill said, "We don't want to stay here with you. Hope you can change to another motel."

Olly said angrily, "You can't control this. We've already paid for it. Of course we'll have to stay here."

Li Du took a baffled look at the lobby. Behind the service counter, the owner and his staff were stroking their chins and looking at the scene with interest. However, they did not have any intention of intervening to help reconcile the conflict.

He went over and knocked on the table. "Someone has paid up, but can't enter their room. Are you not going to intervene?"

The owner said, "Oh please. Buddy, we are all adults here. Do you even have to ask for help to go into your room?"

Li Du replied, "I'm just concerned that if we get into a fight, it would affect your business."

The boss took a sip of his iced coffee and said, "As long as you don't damage my things, please carry on."

That was the typical attitude Westerners had towards conflicts: deal with it yourself and settle it with your fist if necessary.

Li Du patted the table in acknowledgement and said to his people, "Come with me. Let me take you to your rooms."

As he walked up the stairs, Big Bill looked a little terrified. "Don't you bully us, Boss Li. We're not afraid of you."

On hearing that, Li Du burst out into laughter. "Who's bullying who? Are you guys not bullying us?"

Big Bill exploded, "F*ck, we're not bullying you. We just want nothing to do with you. Boss Li, you gotta know that you've offended too many people. Don't you drag us down with you, alright?"

Once he said this, Li Du immediately understood what was going on.

Yes, he had indeed offended quite a number of people. In addition to having provoked almost all the treasure hunters in California, he had also offended the treasure hunters from the Phoenix and Tucson gangs. It seemed like these people had since joined forces.

And when he moved closer to them, he noticed some familiar faces he had previously met in Tucson.

Hence, he smiled and said, "Is Princeps here? Where's Princeps?"

Big Bill and the rest remained silent as they stood on the stairs.

Godzilla looked irritated. He was obviously having a hard time controlling his temper. He yelled, "Boss, come on down. We'll go up!"

As he spoke, he took off his coat and exposed his firm muscles which were barely concealed by the black vest he was wearing.

At this point, the legs of the people upstairs turned wobbly.

Li Du's fame was not due to his foresight or ability to treasure hunt, but his fighting ability. Stories about how Li Du and his men Godzilla and Big Quinn had remained undefeated in the State of Arizona had been making the rounds among the treasure hunting community.

Finally, a door near the stairway opened and the mustached Princeps sauntered out.

Upon seeing him, Li Du laughed and said, "It's no wonder. I was just thinking, who would have the authority to expel Flagstaff from the state of Arizona? Princeps, of course. "

Princeps looked down at him from upstairs and said, "I have no idea what you are talking about."

Li Du didn't need to pull his punches where this guy was concerned. He flashed his middle finger at him. "No guts to admit what you've done? Would this be the Tucson Gang's typical tough-guy behavior?"

He looked at Big Bill and the rest, then sneered. "You fools who bully the weak and fear the strong, have you forgotten the pain the Tucson Gang had caused? What is it that Tucson is now offering that can make you forget the humiliation you once endured?"

While Big Bill and the rest didn't utter a word, they still didn't give way.

Princeps spoke, "Li, you're wrong. They are with me not because I lured them or offered them any benefits. It's because they're afraid of you."

Li Du nodded. "What a good reason. Afraid of me, instead of a scoundrel like you?"

Princeps said, "Don't get fired up, Li. I may be a scoundrel, but I neither offended the Californians nor sent my fellow hunters to prison. What about you? You have on more than one occasion caused hunters to land in prison."

Someone couldn't help but butt in, "Boss Li, please let us off. We still wanna go to California to participate in the auctions there in the future. Do you know what Californians are saying?"

"They say you're their arch enemy. They will fight you 'til the end, and if you were to go back to California, they will try to see that you end up in prison."

"And do you know who came from California this time? A bigshot from the Million Dollar Club! A really ruthless guy, someone we really can't afford to offend!"

The Californian treasure hunters truly regarded Li Du as a thorn in their sides. When he had caused Frank and York be locked up in prison, the Californian treasure hunters were livid.

In addition, the Californian treasure hunters had become the laughing stock of the entire treasure hunting community in the United States. This incident had attracted a lot of attention on the internet.

To that end, Li Du gave up on his intent of forming an alliance with them. Obviously, they did not want to be with him.

He looked at Turis and the rest. "I'm sorry, everyone. You've gotta suffer bad luck with me."

Without hesitation, Olly said, "Boss Li, what crap are you saying? To be honest, I'm really glad that Flagstaff has got a guy like you."

Dickens picked up his luggage and said, "Well guys, let's not stay where we're not welcomed. Let's go to another motel."

Li Du clapped his hands and said, "Those who're not afraid of bad luck follow me. I'll arrange accommodation for you."

All the Flagstaff treasure hunters were determined to follow him. Big Beard Carl looked up at the people on the stairs with disdain and shouted, "A bunch of scaredy-cats, a group of cowards!"

"They only have the guts to bully ordinary treasure hunters like us. If Playboy were here, would they dare to block our way?" Ferris said angrily.

Hearing this, Li Du remembered Playboy and asked, "Akkalou's not here?"

Someone said, "He's here, I think. I spotted his Ferrari on the way here, but I don't know where he is. That guy's a lone ranger."