Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 605

Chapter 605: Magic Hand

They were earlyit was eight o'clock. Dark clouds loomed in the overcast sky. The low air pressure, coupled with the unique weather in Las Vegas, made it very humid and uncomfortable even though it was already the end of October.

Once Li Du had gotten out of the car, people turned to look at him. There were at least two dozen people pointing at him, and about 50 people talking about him.

His luck was pretty bad. There were some Californians in the parking lot, and he had been deemed the arch-enemy of the Californian treasure hunters.

The main reason was Frank and York being sent to prison. He had been deemed the main culprit behind this matter.

Of course, he was indeed the mastermind.

However, his intent was not to cause them to land in prison. That was their own doing after drunk-driving and attacking the police. The police officers in Arizona were very brutal, and so they charged them and threw them right into prison.

To the storage auction community, this was considered an extreme result. Imagining themselves in the same position, the treasure hunters were not keen to suffer the same fate.

The Californian treasure hunters had deemed Li Du as their common enemy, one who had done harm to their friends and colleagues. Conversely, they were not at all concerned about how their friends and colleagues had previously treated Li Du.

When Li Du got out of the car, the people nearby glared at him disdainfully and said, "Hey, Boy Wonder, still got the guts to come to Las Vegas, eh?"

Not wanting to be bothered by these folks, Li Du pretended not to see or hear anything.

Someone guffawed, "Hey Chinaman, have you become a limp rabbit since leaving Flagstaff? Where did those tricks go?"

"Yah. Look, when people used to offend you, you'd send them straight to prison."

"Wow, so scary. Look at the two fellas behind him. They look like devils who have crawled out of hell. There must be a reason why they are together."

Big Quinn's expression changed upon hearing this. He glared at the person who had spoken those words while Godzilla clenched his fist, poised to strike at any time.

Li Du said coolly, "Pretend you didn't hear these voices, buddies. Don't be affected. We should enjoy our lives and get ready to work. No need to care about the barking dogs."

"Yes," Hans said. "We've made our money. These dumb*sses haven't made any, and so they're jealous of us."

Big Quinn and Godzilla calmed downHans was right. They had made more than enough money together with Li Du, and these people were attacking them only because they coveted their wealth.

The voice that had spoken out about them quieted down soon after because Big Quinn's furious expression and demeanor indeed looked fearsome.

While Las Vegas was not Li Du's territory, it was also not the Californians' territory, so they did well to be cautious here.

At large-scale auctions such as this, the treasure hunters would form alliances since success was beyond one person's ability. Along the way, one would notice the bright flags the treasure hunters displayed to indicate the different camps.

Most of them were treasure hunters from Nevada. After all, Las Vegas belonged to Nevadathis was their home turf.

Treasure hunters from Arizona formed the next largest group, since Las Vegas was not far from Arizona.

The group of treasure hunters from Arizona was headed by the Tucson Brotherhood. Obviously, the treasure hunters were not happy with Princeps' aggressive way of handling matters. However, it was the most reliable method among the chaos.

The Tucson Brotherhood did not hide their unwillingness to include Li Du and his party. Princeps immediately turned away upon seeing them walk over.

With his mouth curled, Li Du said, "Buddies, is there no one else who can represent Arizona? We have to get this fella to lead? Where are the members of the Million Club and Ten Million Club?"

"Don't think there are any Ten Million Dollar Club members in Arizona," Hans said. "There are a few members of the Million Club, but they don't usually participate in cash storage auctions."

"Why don't they? There are many so many storage units, tons of stuff here."

Hans shrugged. "Not good enough to interest them. They'll only participate in auctions they know of through special channels."

Olly shook his head. "No, Big Fox," he said, "it's not because they are not interested. They know that scoring at this type of auction depends on luck and find it meaningless."

Indeed, one could hardly spot anything in the storage units by looking at the photos.

Weaving through the bustling crowd, Li Du brought the rest to the entrance of the storage unit.

He had just stopped his tracks when a black man with a peaked cap turned to look at him before whistling and he walking toward them.

Hans sucked in a cold breath and whispered, "The Californian bigshot is coming over. This guy, from the Million Club, is known as 'Magic Hand Johnson.'"

"Magic Johnson? Isn't that the NBA celebrity?" Li Du asked nonchalantly.

Hans said, "He has a magic hand, but is not a magician. He's good at unearthing valuable items from seemingly worthless storage units. That's how he got his nickname."

As they were conversing, Magic Hand Johnson walked over. Behind him were more than two dozen treasure hunters from California, all from the elite Californian treasure hunters camp.

Evidently, the Californian treasure hunters had formed their alliance, and Magic Hand was the leader.

Seeing that Magic Hand was walking toward Li Du, the chattering crowd became quiet and folded their arms. They looked as though they were waiting to gloat if misfortune were to befall Li Du.

Magic Hand was about 40 years old, with striking features. He possessed a hale and hearty attitude and striking features. He resembled Hollywood star Jamie Foxx, the main actor of the movie "Django Unchained."

Walking up to Li Du, Magic Hand took the initiative by stretching out his hand and saying, "I'm Johnson, my friends like to call me Magic Hand. How are you, Mr. Li?"

Li Du shook hands with him and smiled. "How are you Mr. Johnson? It's my pleasure to meet you."

Uncertain of the other party's intention, he chose not to say much.

Magic Hand said, "You can see that many fellas around here are looking at us. I bet you know what they are hoping to see."

"Both of us fighting?" Li Du asked.

Magic Hand laughed, "I'd get beaten up by you. We all know that the Boy Wonder from Flagstaff knows Chinese Kungfu and is a powerful chap."

His intonation was friendly and the joke he cracked had no malice though it was making fun of him. Li Du was not exactly sure of his intention.

"Haha, you think too highly of me. I wouldn't dare to hit you." Unsure of the situation, he decided to keep it casual.

Magic Hand said, "We shouldn't do each other any harm since we're just a bunch of pitiful guys at the lower ranks of society. We should band together, be friends and help one another."

Li Du touched his nose and said, "You're right."

"I know what you're thinking. The treasure hunters from California don't have a good impression of you, but not all of us think the same way. Honestly, I'd like to have you as a friend."

Li Du was surprised. "Are you kidding?"

Magic Hand laughed. "I'll kid with you often after we become friends, but right now? Nope."

"You've got to know that once we become friends, you may lose the respect of those buddies behind you."

Magic Hand said, with nary a care, "Do I need their respect?"