Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 606

Chapter 606: Sensational Start

After hearing what Magic Hand said, Li Du looked surprised and could not help asking a second time, "Sorry friend, I think I heard wrong?"

"You did not hear wrong," Magic Hand said. "What I said was that compared to those guys behind me, I would much rather be friends with you. Frankly speaking, the help you can give me is ten times greater than the help from those guys behind me."

Those words were too frank. So frank that Li Du felt like Magic Hand wasn't an adult. What adult made friends like that?

Hans was at the side, rubbing his nose non-stop. It was apparent that he too was confused by Magic Hand.

Magic Hand continued speaking, "I have read through your information. Li, you are a brilliant person. Compared to all the treasure hunters I have seen, you are much more brilliant."

"You are too kind," Li Du said, laughing brilliantly.

Magic Hand waved his hands. "No, I'm just speaking the truth. Do you know how I became a millionaire?"

"Yes, you're already a multimillionaire, right? You are not only adept at finding treasures in storage units, you are also adept at investing in property," Hans complimented.

Magic Hand smiled broadly. "Yes, it's true. I am what I am today because of two reasons."

He raised his index finger. "One, do not go against people who are brilliant and kind."

Next, he raised his thumb. "Two, analyze earnestly before making a judgment. Invest in stocks with potential and stay far away from trash stocks."

After closing his hand, he continued speaking, "I understand the two jerks, Frank and York, very well, and I know who they are. I have also investigated the conflict between you guys.

"If I were you, I would also not give in to the two jerks and, like you, I would ruthlessly ruin them. As such, I feel that it is very silly for those idiots from California to hate you because of this.

"Also, you are very brilliant and full of potential. I believe that if we became friends, we would become close friends and would be of help to each other, right?"

After listening to Magic Hand's ceaseless flow of words, Li Du became aware that he needed to respond and nodded his head. "Yes, because we are both intelligent people, it will be easier for us to get along well."

Magic Hand extended his hand out to him again. "Are you good? My friend."

Li Du shook his hand. "I'm good, old pal."

Just like that, Li Du felt that he had mysteriously made a new friend.

It went without saying that this friendship was not the same kind as with Olly and Tinathis was a friendship that he needed to take precautions against. Nonetheless, having one more friend was better than having one more enemy.

After the two of them released their hands, Magic Hand patted him on his shoulder and walked toward the back.

Some California treasure hunters anxiously asked, "Hey man, are you not going to punish him?"

Magic Hand smiled broadly. "Why would I punish him? He's my friend."

The surrounding California treasure hunters were all stunned. A few of them wanted to speak but realized they were at a loss for words once they opened their mouths and could only stand there baffled.

"Everyone listen up," Magic Hand continued, "if anyone bullies you guys or humiliates us Californians, I will not let them go. However, if any Californian bullies other people and then is bullied, don't even think about asking me to help take revenge."

After finishing his speech, he said to the surrounding people who were watching for fun, "Also, I'm not a knife and will not be made use of by other people."

With that, quite a few California treasure hunters' moods darkened. It was as if they were at a funeral.

Quite a few Arizona treasure hunters were also depressed.

They did not dare get close to Li Du mainly due to the hostility between him and the Californians. As the California treasure hunters had come along with Magic Hand, they thought that it was to punish Li Du.

California was one of the richest states in America and had a lot of brilliant treasure hunters. This was unlike Arizona, which was a poor state that didn't even have a multimillionaire.

In their eyes, a multimillionaire such as Magic Hand was already considered a legend. Because most of them weren't even millionaires, they did not dare to provoke people like him.

In the end, not only had Magic Hand not become Li Du's opponent, but he was friends with him now instead?

Everyone was dumbfounded!

Twenty minutes before nine o' clock, the front entrance of the storage company opened. Two teams of over 50 security personnel appeared at the back, maintaining order while letting everyone in.

At nine o'clock, two police cars drove over. As today's auction clearly had too many people, it was a risk to public security and the police station was obligated to send police officers over.

Everyone queued up as they went in. Once inside, they needed to display their individual auction pass, which they had received earlier before getting a thick pile of colored printing paper.

"Don't lose them, guys. They're not replaceable," a youth with a round face repeatedly warned. Li Du had seen him yesterday. He was the person in charge of security who had a cleft lip.

Li Du looked at the colored pieces of paper that had a storage unit's number on every piece. They were pictures of the storage units' doors. There were five pictures of each storage unit from the front, looking up at it, looking down at it, from the left angle, and from the right.

While holding the pictures, Magic Hand walked over and asked, "Any discoveries?"

Li Du answered honestly, "I haven't seen anything yet. However, I dare say that it is too difficult to make out the contents from looking at the pictures. We have to see who God will bless today."

Magic Hand laughed. "God will bless kind people. Want to have dinner together tonight?"

Even though treasure hunters did not need to queue up to look at the storage units, with 145 storage units up for auction, it would be night by the time they finished looking through them all.

Li Du delightedly said, "Okay."

After the simple greeting, both parties split up.

The feeling Magic Hand gave Li Du was a pretty good one. At least, he was a reasonable person and demanded little from the people he came in contact with. He only required them to be reasonable and polite.

Troublemakers such as Andrew, the Dog Ears father and son pair, and Boll, were the ones who were extremely unreasonable.

When the door of the first storage unit opened, people flocked over to it.

On paper, this type of auction didn't require people to queue up to look around. However, it did not mean that some people wouldn't have a chance to look aroundit was just that the chance had to be fought for.

The doors of the storage units would still be opened up and whoever wanted could go over and take a look. However, they could only take a glimpse. Security was there to maintain order and give everyone who was interested in the storage unit a chance to have a look at it.

An auctioneer sat on a wooden stand that was erected in the storage unit's door. While holding a small horn, he shouted, "Anyone interested, go have a look and then come to where I am to bid. The bidding has started. You guys know the rules, but I can say them again . . .

"Today's auction is a cash auction. Yes, a cash auction. The amount you guys can bid is how much cash you guys have. We're not accepting electronic transfers, not accepting checks, not accepting payment by cards. Only cash . . . "

The auctioneer emphasized a set of rules before starting to shout the bids, "Every storage unit starts at 100 dollars. You guys don't have to look at me and can start bidding once interested!

Li Du followed the crowd to the door of the storage unit for a glimpse. Of course, he was only doing this for showhe had already grasped the contents of the storage unit.

After leaving the crowd, he quickly checked his cellphone.

Having confirmed the contents of the storage unit, he winked at the treasure hunters who were following him before releasing the little bug to search the number 101 storage unit.