Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 608

Chapter 608: Come With Me

Even though there were 145 storage units, Li Du was not interested in most of them. He was only interested in six of the storage units.

Despite that, it was not easy getting the units. Although he paid 4,000 dollars and managed to easily get storage unit number 22 as it looked run-down, the other storage units were not as easy.

The last two storage units that interested him he won by spending over 20,000 dollars.

It could not be helped. There were too many people watching him. It was not possible for everyone to be easily fooled, and it was not possible to scare everyone away from bidding against him. Outbidding them was the only way he could win the storage units.

By the time he locked up storage unit number 858, which was the last storage unit Li Du was interested in, he was very exhaust.

As the weather was dull and there was no sun the entire day, there was even less light when night came.

The sky was filled with dark clouds. Li Du looked up at the gloomy night sky and helplessly said, "F*ck, I hate this kind of weather!"

Hans weakly waved his hands. "Go back and sleep first. It won't be too late to hate the weather after you wake up energized."

There were still over a dozen storage units at the back of the auction. However, Li Du had used the little bug to check on them before and they were not of much value.

He had expended his energy at a very fast rate and he did not look at the contents of those storage units in detail. Nonetheless, based on what he saw and his experience, they were not very valuable.

Compared to the jostling crowd in the morning, there was less than 40 percent of the treasure hunters left at the auction. Most of the treasure hunters hadn't brought a lot of cash with them. They only wanted a couple storage units and would leave after getting them.

It would great if Li Du were as decisive as them. In a positive light, he had a fierce desire to never settle, while in a negative light, he was too greedy.

He constantly desired to earn more and more money, as seen when he had searched for opals. Ultimately, he was the same when it came to storage units.

"This won't do," Li Du said to himself. "I have to do some self-reflection."

Hans went over to the storage company's financial department to settle the bill while the others waited for him.

As the area of the storage company was enormous and had more than a thousand storage units stacked against each other in rows, it was normal for the lighting in there to be poor. Even though there were some street lights on the road, they were blocked by the storage units inside.

The company's infrastructure was different compared to other buildings. As people who rented the storage units would not come at night and only collected their things in the day, the storage company did not have many lights inside to save electricity.

Furthermore, as this night was extremely cloudy without any light in the night sky, the inside of the storage company was even more somber.

Big Quinn and Godzilla squatted in a corner smoking while Lu Guan was teasing Crispy Noodles, Ah Meow and Ah Ow. The three rascals were furious and chased him whilst biting and tearing.

Someone walked next to Li Du and pulled down his pants. Soon, the sound of a stream of liquid hitting against a wall could be heard.

Li Du walked to the side with disgust. At this moment, a light footstep could be heard, and he instinctively took a step back, thinking that there was someone passing by from his side.

There were seven people walking toward him, all capable-looking youngsters that wore baseball caps even though it was night. When Li Du first saw them, he thought that it was Magic Hand looking for him and said, "Let's go and eat supper"

"Quiet!" A single word came out from the other party's mouth before a few guns appeared in front of him.

Some of the guns were pistols while others were shotguns with sawed-off barrels. With seven guns simultaneously pointing at him, Li Du felt the night breeze of Las Vegas and a chill went down his spine.

After flashing their guns, four tall and strong-looking youngsters blocked him from behind while another two held him from his sides. Someone else nimbly handcuffed him and whispered, "If you don't want to die, come with us."

With seven guns facing him, Li Du could only remain silent.

Although he could use the little bug's ability to slow down time, there was a limit to how slow he could go. It would be alright with only one gun but there were seven guns!

Seven guns together could form a volley of gunfire. Due to the gloomy night obscuring his vision, he was unable to clearly see the expressions of these people and did not know if they were cold hard killers.

As such, he was afraid to take the risk as he did not want to die.

Nonetheless, he still called out the little bug and used its Time Deceleration ability to drop his phone through the leg of his pants onto the floor.

With the poor lighting, no one clearly saw what he did.

After handcuffing him, the two people at his sides promptly held him and walked forward. As they were extremely quick, he was left with no time to react.

The actions of these people were expeditious. They immediately took him away right after stopping him.

At the end of the road outside the storage company was a huge trolley with a box on it. After Li Du was brought to the trolley, someone pushed him inside the box and whispered in a cold voice, "Make a sound and you'll become minced meat!"

What could Li Du do? It was his first time facing something like this, which was without a doubt a kidnapping. As such, Li Du, who was usually composed, was distressed at this moment and could only follow their instructions.

At this point in time, he was both hoping and not hoping that Godzilla, Big Quinn, and the others would find out he had been kidnapped. He was hoping they would find out soon because he was still nearby and there were quite a number of people in the storage company. They might be able to save him.

He was hoping they wouldn't find out because he was afraid these people were bandits and that, without even giving him the chance to shed his tears, would kill him right after they were discovered.

Before he was pushed into the box, someone searched his body and removed his cellphone, wallet, shoes, jacket, and pants, leaving him with only his briefs.

Judging from this, these people were experienced and were not easy deal with.

Inside the box, he began to ponder over the details of this incident.

Who could have ordered his kidnapping? The Tucson Brotherhood and Princeps could be excluded as they did not have the guts to do this. Furthermore, the conflict between them was not that serious.

Treasure hunters from California? Maybe Magic Hand had just been bluffing during the day? It did not seem likelyMagic Hand had no reason to do so since he was a multimillionaire!

If Magic Hand was not the person behind this, it was even less probable that the other California treasure hunters were as they did not have the capability to find such well-trained kidnappers.

There was still one other possibility, which was the person he had met last night, Knight.

This was possible as Knight was clearly the boss of a casino and a gang in Las Vegas. Furthermore, Li Du had offended him and won at least ten million from him.

After considering the possibilities,he felt that Knight was the most probable person behind this.

While he was analyzing, the trolley outside was being pushed. After he was eventually lifted up into a car, the car drove off without anyone appearing to notice.

The whole process from someone peeing next to him to the car driving off was possibly only two to three minutes and was extremely fast and smooth. No sound was made, except for when they were warning him.

Li Du understood that he was in an unprecedented crisis and had to remain calm as well as figure out a way to save himself.

These were definitely professional kidnappers. Since they were willing to use force on him, they had already anticipated that the Las Vegas police force would be unable to do anything against them.

The only thing they did not anticipate was that Li Du had the help of the little bug.

It was Li Du's only support.