Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 610

Chapter 610: An Idea, Risk It

A phone was thrown in front of him. With the speakers on, he entered the phone number and called.

Li Du obediently called Hans's phone. Once the phone rang, the line was immediately connected and Li Du said, "Hey, it's me."

There was a short moment of silence from the other end before Hans's voice was heard. "Hey brother, you wandered off alone again? Did you go to a casino or did you go and pick up girls?"

Hearing those words, Li Du knew Hans had noticed that he was in a predicament.

This was the reason he dropped his phone along his pants and onto the floor earlier. As Hans understood him well, he knew that Li Du would not leave the premises of the storage company alone and was even less likely to carelessly lose his phone.

Besides a phone, there was also a computer in front of Li Du, which the man was rapidly typing into. Li Du answered Hans in accordance with the instructions on the computer screen.

After hearing Hans, the man looked relaxed. Hans's words were very well crafted, revealing a lot of information with one sentence:

Li Du often left the group himself, and he liked gambling and women.

With that, things were much easier for them to handle. The man gave Li Du a reminder to continue the conversation with Hans and to ask him for money.

As such, Li Du replied, "I went to play two rounds. As you should know, after I came to Las Vegas"

Having only finished half his sentence, the man immediately raised his pistol and pointed it at him.

Li Du, who was shocked, had no choice but to hang up the phone with, "Hold up, I have something on here," before looking blankly at the other party.

The man said coldly, "Don't catch up and don't say too much. Just a simple sentence saying that you need money for gambling and picking up girls, understand?"

As these people were very cautious, they were worried that Li Du would use the phone to get a message out.

Li Du nodded hurriedly, showing that he understood the man's instructions and called back again. Hans complained, "What was the matter with you just now? If you have something to say, say it quickly. I'm too exhausted today. We just came back from the storage company and I want to get to sleep early."

"Nothing much. I'm currently at the casino and just saw a hot chick. It's like this; I don't have enough money on me and would like you to transfer me some using the account I gave you. Transfer me 100,000 dollars first."

Hans was stunned. "How can I transfer 100,000 dollars? You should know there's a daily limit to how much my bank can transfer. It can at most only transfer 50,000 dollars."

There were instructions on the computer: Let him figure it out himself. Within one hour, transfer the money over.

Li Du pretended to be impatient and said, "You will figure out a way. Quickly transfer the money to me; 100,000 dollars isn't even a lot. You can use the company's account."

Right after he finished speaking, the man hung up the phone for him and smiled satisfyingly. "Very good mate, you were very cooperative. We can give you a little reward."

The man in the parrot mask changed from tying Li Du's hands at the back to handcuffing his hands in the front before giving him a bottle of soda and placing bread, biscuits, barbequed meat and fried fish on the table next to him.

The man with a cleft lip patted him on his face and grinned. "When the money has been successfully transferred, this food will be yours. You must be very hungry now, right?"

Li Du swallowed and hurriedly nodded. "Yes, thank you, thank you. He will definitely transfer the 100,000 dollars."

At this point, it was already 10 o'clock at night. The kidnappers were also very hungry.

Apparently, they had been observing Li Du and did not have time to eat earlier. Now that they had caught him, they finally had spare time to eat.

Someone brought down a few boxes from the car which had beer, fried meat and burgers inside. Someone else brought a coffee pot into the steel-colored tile room next to Li Du and very soon, the fragrance of coffee emanated from the room.

One person was setting up a barbeque pit in the courtyard while another two were busy roasting meat. The rest of them gathered around in the courtyard, drinking beer and chit chatting.

Although Li Du was hard at work trying to find a chance to save himself, he was unable to find any openings as they did things strictly.

Despite there being a phone beside him, he could not use it even when they were outside eating. They kept turning their heads to look at him to monitor his every move.

During this time, he glanced at the phone. The man with a cleft lip immediately put down his burger and walked over. He patted Li Du's face and said, "What, want to make a call?"

Li Du promptly shook his head. "No, no. I am only casually looking around."

The man sneered. "No looking around here, mate. Careful, someone might casually dig out your eyeballs!"

Li Du frantically nodded. "Ok, ok, ok. I won't look, I won't look."

He thought he was in the clear. In the end, the man, with a wave of his hand, suddenly slapped the soda water Li Du was holding before placing the phone somewhere in front of him within his reach.

Li Du, with a terrified look, instinctively shrank back.

He thought the man was about to hit him. As it turned out, he did not do anything besides push the phone in front of him and stand up to leave.

The man with the antelope mask noticed the position of the phone and said, "Hey, the phone is too close to him. Don't play with fire, mate."

The man with a cleft lip smirked. "Don't worry, I have a plan and I know what to do."

Li Du knew the purpose was to torment him. Even though the phone was right in front of him, he was unable to use it to call for help. For any abductee, this was considered to be a very hopeless situation.

Despite that, he did not despair when looking at the phone and instead, discovered a chance to escape.

He believed Hans would have called the police by now. As the Las Vegas police force was very powerful, they would definitely have the capability to carry out satellite positioning on phones.

This phone was a satellite phone that had definitely been encrypted. Therefore, the kidnappers were not afraid to let Li Du use the phone.

However, how many of this kind of phone did they have? This kind of phone was extremely rare on the market.

He was thinking that if he let the little bug out to destroy the circuitry in the phone, the phone would be rendered useless. Assuming that they did not have any other encrypted satellite phones, they would have to use a normal phone. Would this not then provide him with the chance to escape?

Just as he was about to execute his plan, the person brewing the coffee came out. He frowned and said, "You guys are idiots. How can you eat here? Look at what's behind you guys."

"What's that?"

"The cover of a septic tank. Can't you guys smell the stench? Quickly, leave and find a cleaner place!"

After hearing those words, Li Du's heart jolted and another idea quickly formed in his mind.

This idea was very daring and risky!

He recalled the method he once used when dealing with some California treasure hunters. At that time, he used the little bug to destroy the pipe of a sewage collection truck, covering the treasure hunters in dung.

The California treasure hunters were unable to participate in the auction as they all hurriedly went to take showers.

Now, a similar opportunity had appeared.

He held back his exhaustion and allowed the little bug to fly to the place where the kidnappers were having a meal.

Sure enough, just right behind them was a manhole cover similar in size to the cover of the pots in his old home. The cover had a diameter of one yard and was tightly stuck to the ground without any gap.

The surface of the cover was rusty and had the word "methane" on it. The word referred to biogas and methane gas, which implied there was a septic tank underneath for collecting the methane gas.