Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 611

Chapter 611: The Carp Got Off the Golden Hook

Li Du was thrilled when he saw the single word on the cover.

Obviously, this was the cover of a septic tank. It was connected to a septic tank underground and was filled with biogas. Biogas resulted in pressure building up, which was why the covers were usually airtight.

He quickly released the little bug to go into the cover, which had been chained to the ground by eight iron locks to withstand the pressure from the biogas.

This was a large septic tank with many pipes connected to it. In it were thick layers of feces.

The little bug crawled into the cover to absorb its time capability. Before long, the rusty iron locks became even more worn out.

"Pop," one of the iron locks broke.

The thugs outside began to pack their things. Li Du became anxious and used all his might to quicken the little bug's absorption of time capability.

Luckily, the thugs did not act that quickly. A few of them weren't bothered, since they didn't smell anything offensive. They remained at their spots, not willing to move.

The man in the dog's mask was not pleased and grumbled, "Can you guys at least maintain some quality of life? Soon we'll be loaded, guys. This chap's worth a few million. Don't tell me you're still gonna live so crappily afterwards?"

Hearing his words, the man in the penguin mask got agitated. "How's this not having any quality of life? Just because there's a septic tank beneath us? Come on, guys, all of us have colons in our bodies."

A few of them guffawed; the atmosphere on site was chaotic.

Consequently, none of them could hear the sounds of the lock breaking.

The little bug had damaged the lock nearest to them. With the iron lock broken, the cover was no longer stable. With the strong pressure resulting from the biogas, the cover was pushed up, revealing a gap.

Upon seeing this, Li Du put in even more effort.

The cover opened, and instantly the biogas sprayed out. A sickening stench filled the air.

Smelling the stench, a few of them kept quiet. The man with the cleft lip shouted out, "F*ck, what is that? How did the stench suddenly come about?"

Furious, the man with the dog mask said, "What else could it be? Obviously, it's a leak of biogas. D*mn, so disgusting. If only you guys had listened to me earlier"

"What do you mean listen to you? Didn't you say that it was alright? Look, it was you who had mentioned this and now it really happened. You and your d*mn filthy mouth!" the man in penguin mask rebutted irritably.

While they were at odds, they were actually moving very quickly to pack up the food and get out of there.

The man in the dog mask had been provoked by the man in the penguin mask. He said, "You are idealistic, buddy. You know the meaning of idealistic? Would anything I say be that powerful? Great, then I say it's gonna erupt soon"

At that very moment, the five iron locks broke and the strong pressure of the biogas pushed the cover open!

However, as three of the iron locks were still connected, the cover had not been completely opened it had only opened up on one side.

Under the strong pressure, the feces and urine from the septic tank were like volcanic lava. With a "phish," they started to spray out non-stop.

It was not known how long ago this factory was abandoned, or how long the feces and urine had been stored in the septic tank. In any case, the biogas was very concentrated and the pressure was extremely powerful.

The half-opened cover was like a cannon, which had created a trajectory for the feces. The mixture of feces and urine sprayed onto the faces of the unprepared crowd.

"Oh F*ck!" someone shouted.

It wasn't a wise choice to have opened his mouth at that point of time - the fecal liquid sprayed out like a torrent of heavy rain.

Now it was raining excrement. The feces in the mixture was like hailstones cracking down on them.

They were dumbfounded, not knowing what to do in the face of the sprays of excrement.

A few seconds later, someone finally reacted, shouting hoarsely, "Ahh, d*mn it! Hurry up! Let's run!"

The built-up pressure of the biogas in the septic tank was not ceaseless. It was more powerful at the beginning, but soon the drop in pressure was no longer able to sustain the spewing out of the fecal liquid.

However, those few seconds was enough time for the eight of them to become drenched with fecal liquid.

Once the septic tank's cover had been pushed open, Li Du retrieved the little bug and let it work on the steel wire around his ankles.

Compared to the iron locks, the steel wires were much easier to manage. In less than five seconds, one of the steel wires was already covered with rust.

The eight thugs were not paying any attention to Li Du. All they cared about was themselves now, having been totally overwhelmed by this unexpected situation.

They usually hung out there but didn't live there. Hence, there was no toilet or bathroom, only two faucets.

The eight of them dashed towards the faucets, turned them on and frantically washed themselves with water.

Here was his chance!

This was the moment Li Du had been waiting for. He stretched his legs and broke the rusty steel wire. He then made use of the little bug's ability to decelerate time, grabbed his mobile phone and dashed out.

At this point, he couldn't be bothered to break his handcuffs. He had to grab the opportunity and didn't have time to manage this.

It was a good thing his hands were handcuffed in front, as this didn't obstruct him from using both hands.

As he ran out of the roof-tiled house, he dashed through the area where the eight men had their meals. There was not only food there, there were also guns which had been callously thrown onto the ground!

Regardless of whether they were pistols or hunting guns, they would not be light in weight. Regular people wouldn't be carrying them unless they were facing a dangerous situation. This was why the eight men had thrown their pistols down.

There were a total of six guns on the ground. Li Du picked up a sawed-off shotgun and quickly loaded the gun. He pulled the trigger without aiming while pointing the gun at the eight people who were fighting over the use of the tap!

"Bang Bang Bang!"

He shot three rounds continuously and the bullets rained in the air!

While a shotgun didn't use any rifle slugs, unlike a pistol or rifle, it could cause fatalities. All eight of the men fell within its range.

There were no more bullets in the gun. Li Du threw it into the septic tank without any hesitation. He then picked up another shotgun and after reloading, he fired several shots!

From snapping the steel wire to the shooting, he had been using the little bug to decelerate time. His speed had been very fast; with no time to turn around, the eight men had been attacked.

Two shotguns had been used. Someone shouted:

"F*ck F*ck F*ck!"

"What the sh*t is happening?!"

"Save me, oh God!"

There had been six guns on the ground, which meant that some of them may have had at least two guns with them. Li Du had fired the shots randomly and wasn't sure if he had managed to hit anyone.

Therefore, after two rounds of shooting, he grabbed hold of two more shotguns, andthen chucked the remaining guns into the septic tank.

He ran with the two shotguns towards the small van.

The small van was unlocked with the key left in the ignition. Li Du then lifted his gun, aiming at the other three cars' glass windows.

"Crash!" The windshields had been shattered by the bullets' attack.

As such, Li Du suppressed his fear and the fatigue in his body, and jumped into the remaining small van. After shooting, he stepped on the accelerator with all his might, and the engine of the van revved up before charging towards the door like a furious bull.

There was a metal gate at the entrance, which was no longer sturdy after years of being exposed to the harsh weather. The car bumped the metal gate off and raced off.