Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 612

Chapter 612: Shaking Head and Wagging Tail: Not Coming Back Again

Although the whole process seemed slow, it was actually very fast.

As Li Du knew how critical this moment was, he expended all his strength using the little bug's ability. He had been slowing down time ever since he started running out and only recalled the little bug after the car knocked down the metal door and he drove off!

The reason he recalled the little bug now was he was simply exhausted to the point of collapse.

He was afraid that if he continued using the little bug, he would be too exhausted and fall asleep lying on the steering wheel, which would be hilarious.

Holding back the exhaustion, sleepiness and hunger, he called Hans.

Like before, the call was immediately picked up once the line was connected. Hans said in an impatient tone, "Alright alright, stop rushing me. Right now, I'm f*cking"

"I f*cking escaped!" Li Du interrupted.

Hans responded, "Huh?"

"I have no idea where I am right now. Damn it, I will cut to the chase. Quickly, call the police to pick me up. A kidnapper is related to the storage company. He's the employee with the cleft lip!" Li Du said hurriedly.

Hans hastily replied, "I am currently at the police station. Ok, the police officer said he will immediately deploy a helicopter to pick you up. The location of your phone can't be checked. Look for any noteworthy buildings around you."

Li Du drove freely on the road while forcefully stepping on the throttle. The kidnappers brought him far away from the city, so both sides of the road were desolate deserts with no noteworthy buildings.

Moreover, as it was late at night, there were no cars passing by on the road, making him insecure.

Luckily, the kidnappers did not catch up. It had been a good decision to smash the windshields of the three cars. Without the windshields, the drivers would have to drive slowly or else they would not be able to stand the wind.

In desperation, he briefly described his surroundings as well as the location of the factory he was in earlier.

After hearing him talk about the factory, Hans said, "Alright, there's a police officer who knows where it's at. It's in a wastewater and garbage disposal plant that's in a half shutdown state"

Li Du suddenly understood why the biogas of the septic tank was so overbearing. He reckoned that the biogas was not only produced by the feces but was also the result of the wastewater and garbage disposal.

He was really lucky!

While driving on a desolate and quiet road, Li Du was in a trance and hallucinated that he had entered the world of the movie, "The Great Escape."

The road kept going with no end in sight. Both sides were a desert with no sign of people. Black clouds gathered in the sky, the night wind howling outside...

Also, like the scene in the movie, the police always arrived late. They arrived after the incident was over. When he reached a brightly lit street, a loud police helicopter appeared above him.

After parking the car at the entrance of a busy building, Li Du pushed open the car door and jumped out shakily.

The surrounding people promptly pinched their noses and retreated with disgust. Seeing them avoiding him, Li Du was not angry and was instead filled only with the joy of being saved.

"Hahahahaha! I survived! I escaped!" He looked up to the sky and laughed heartily.

The surrounding people moved even further away from him. Some of them said things relating to "madman,""mentally ill," and "provoking the gang."

A few burly men walked towards him and said with an unpleasant look, "Sir, please leave this place"

With no energy to deal with them, Li Du immediately collapsed onto the ground, wheezing.

The burly men picked him up roughly and jammed him into the cargo truck. A car sped over and braked sharply before two even heftier men sprang out.

After getting out of the car, the two men rushed over like wild beasts and swiftly tackled a few people onto the ground.

Subsequently, one of the burly men stood up and bellowed into a walkie-talkie, before even more burly men came charging out from the building. In the end, quite a few police cars whizzed over from the road before they were able to act violently.

At this point in time, Li Du was in a bit of a trance. He was simply too exhausted!

Eventually, he felt someone waving towards the burly men, "Everyone get back. This is my friend!"

He looked towards the person speaking and vaguely saw his appearance. It was Knight Ferrari!

All of a sudden, he felt a little despair. He was numbed from having a hard time escaping and now he was back in the thieves' den?

Fortunately, the policemen had appeared. While grabbing onto a policeman, he pointed at Knight and shouted, "It's him. He is the one who kidnapped me! Knight Alessandro Ferrari!"

It was the only sentence he said before Godzilla, Big Quinn and Hans came over to lift him up and carry him to the backseat of a car. Knowing that he was safe, Li Du closed his eyes and slept.

He was really too exhausted!

Initially, during the whole day at the auction, Li Du already expended much of his energy using the little bug to check the last 45 storage units. In the end, after being kidnapped, he used the little bug to check on the situation while on the road and also to monitor the situation of the place afterward. In addition, he continuously used the ability to slow down time towards the end. All in all, he had spent too much of his energy today.

Despite that, even before he could wake up naturally, someone nudged him awake while he was still sleeping soundly.

He opened his eyes and saw quite a few concerned faces beside him: Hans, Godzilla, Big Quinn, Lu Guan, Playboy, Turs and a few policemen.

"Oh, you're finally awake," Hans said emotionally.

Li Du rubbed his eyes while sitting up and let out a yawn. "Damn it, who nudged me awake?"

Hans replied, "No choice. Have to thoroughly investigate the case promptly. Mate, you can sleep again later. Right now, police officer Wells would like to speak with you."

An amiable middle-aged Caucasian policeman shook hands with him and asked about his condition before reflecting on their responsibilities towards the safety of the city, as well as promising him that they would definitely bring the kidnappers to justice.

After hearing him, Li Du knew that they had yet to catch the kidnappers.

As expected, the policeman began inquiring about the situation of the kidnappers, their distinct facial characteristics and unique identifiers.

They had already searched the disposal plant. The eight kidnappers had already vanished without a trace and left only a drop of fresh blood.

In addition, the policeman also questioned him regarding Knight.

Li Du was right, earlier. The person who came out to stop the burly men was Knight Ferrari. Because Li Du pointed him out, he was currently arrested and sent to the police station.

The main reason for the policemen to wake him up was the pressure from Knight.

As Knight had a complicated background, he was pressuring the policemen to release him.

The policemen wanted to obtain some proof from Li Du but couldn't, as Li Du himself also had no proof. All of it was only his assumption.

Furthermore, now that he was awake, he felt that those people might not have been instructed by Knight, and only that Knight had a motive.

As such, he did not want to insist on accusing Knight as the mastermind. Moreover, without any relevant evidence, the police station could only hold Knight for interrogation for at most 24 hours under the context of assisting in the investigation or else it would be against the law.

The policemen left after making a detailed statement. Playboy frowned and said, "I will find friends to assist the police in handling this incident. Li, you can rest assured that before you guys leave Las Vegas, I will definitely help you get even."

While they were talking, there was a knock on the room's door. Hans went over to the peephole to have a look before he turned his head back and said, "It's Knight."