Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 614

Chapter 614: Narwhal

The news regarding Li Du's kidnapping had already spread. As this case was most likely related to his profession, the police investigated quite a few treasure hunters.

After seeing him, everyone's gaze suddenly converged on him. Some were pitiful, some rejoicing, some curious, but most of them were taking delight in his misfortune.

"Hey Li, heard you were kidnapped by a few rascals? Thank God you managed to escape."

"Those rascals are really lawless and too dangerous. I actually didn't realize I was that close to danger."

"Look at your silly self. Who would be dumb enough to kidnap you? What would they kidnap you for? For one more rice bucket?"

"Las Vegas is really too chaotic. I think I am not going to participate in the auction here again."

"Is it chaotic? See, the Chinaman is fine. If this was Texas or somewhere else, I dare say he wouldn't be coming back once he was kidnapped."

Princeps noticed him while commanding his staff to clean up the storage unit and looked over coldly.

The people from the Tucson Brotherhood put down their work one after another and gathered around Princeps. They were whispering something among themselves, seemingly taking delight in Li Du's misfortune.

Li Du, together with the treasure hunters who consoled him, walked over to greet them. The treasure hunters might be doing it out of goodwill, or only to join in or just observe the commotion. Although their purposes were different, Li Du treated them with the same attitude.

After a while, Princeps also walked over, bringing some people with him. He said, "Boy wonder, are you okay?"

Li Du stretched his arms. "See, I am very well, able to eat, drink and exercise."

Princeps smiled. "That's good. Truth be told, this incident made me feel so sorry. However, it's good that you are able to safely come back alive. Hopefully, you learned a lesson from this incident."

Hans frowned and said, "F*ck you. What do you mean?"

Princeps pointed at him. "Boss Fox, remember the lesson; don't act so aggressively like Li Du. It will very easily incur hatred and make enemies. Still remember what I said before?"

"Move aside. No one cares what you said before," Hans said, detesting him.

Princeps, without regard for the people around him, continued, "I said before, the treasure hunters from the state of Arizona are not willing to be together with you guys because you stir up too much trouble. Especially Li Du, who has incurred the wrath of too many people. See, you're finally suffering for it, right?"

Hans could not tolerate Princeps any longer and wanted to punch him.

The Tucson Brotherhood gathered around, gazing ferociously.

Li Du held Hans back, smiled at Princeps and said, "This incident is caused by someone I provoked? How did you know?"

After seeing his smile, Princeps sensed something was amiss and said nothing.

Li Du poked his chest with his finger and said, "You shouldn't provoke me at this point in time."

"I didn't provoke you. I am here to tell you the truth," Princeps said calmly.

Li Du grinned and pulled out his phone to make a call. He said, "Hey, is this police officer Wells? Yes, I am Li Du. I am calling you guys to provide a clue. Someone told me this kidnapping was done by an enemy.

"Yes, I have an enemy. At one time, I provoked some people from a gang in Tucson called the Tucson Brotherhood. Their leader is called Princeps. Yes, the Nazi Princeps.

"Besides his appearance in Las Vegas, I also formed a competitive relationship with him this time around. I think that he could be closely related to this case"

Hearing Li Du's words, Princeps inhaled a breath of cold air and shouted, "F*ck, you can't do this! You know I have nothing to do with this case!"

After hanging up the phone, Li Du sneered. "I know but the police don't. Besides, let me inform you, police officer Wells is a Jew whose grandfather died at the hands of the Nazi SS."

Princeps suddenly became angry and scolded, "F*ck you, China fella. You are really ruthless, really vicious! You sure know how to make enemies!"

Li Du ignored his scolding. Someone would be coming over soon to deal with him.

As expected, after about 10 minutes, two police cars arrived. With police officer Wells leading the team, they took Princeps and some people with him into the police car after asking Li Du about the situation.

Of course, they were brought to the police station as people assisting in the investigation and were treated politely by the policemen.

It was just that the matter was very vexing, as who would be so free to be willing to go to the police station? Especially when they were not idle and were busy with tidying the storage units?

Hans brought him over to storage unit number 22, which had everything cleaned up with two long boxes placed neatly together.

"Are the things inside the box valuable?" Li Du asked.

Hans motioned him to open it. "You will know once you come and take a look."

Li Du opened the box and revealed a long stick-like object inside, which was around three yards long.

The stick-like object was swarthy, cold to the touch, roughest at the base, gradually becoming thinner at the front and had random spiral patterns.

"Below as well?" he asked while admiring the stick.

Hans nodded. "Yes. Have you made out what it is?"

Li Du smiled. "If I am not wrong, this is the tooth of a Narwhal."

Hans looked defeated and said, "Alright, you are correct. You rascal, why do you know so much? Can't you let me pretend to be the expert just once?"

Li Du replied, "Oh, it's just a guess. Truth be told, I don't know what the tooth of a Narwhal looks like. What's this?"

Hans rolled his eyes. "Are you treating me like a child and messing with me? Since you know that's a Narwhal's tooth, you definitely know what this thing is. If you say this is a Narwhal's horn, maybe I can still give you an introduction."

Narwhal, also known as a unicorn whale, was possibly one of the world's most mysterious animals. They only lived in the Arctic waters and were extremely fast, coming and going like a shadow. They were also called unicorns of the sea.

The reason this type of whale became famous was the "horns" that looked like long elephant tusks, which grew on the left front of the male's bodies.

As Narwhals were very rarely seen in the past along with being able to swim very fast, people had a difficult time hunting them and were only able to see their traces.

At that time, people thought their foreheads grew horns and called them Narwhals.

In the early Middle Ages, Narwhal teeth were regarded as the horns of unicorns and exported to Europe and East Asia. Doctors believed that after grinding the horns into powder, the powder could cure any disease. However, they were probably still unaware that the "horns" were actually Narwhal teeth.

Despite that, Narwhals, until now, were still rather mysterious. Many people did not understand them, or only saw them in a picture or on television and would still think that a long horn grew on their foreheads.

As such, when Li Du opened his mouth and said that it was a Narwhal's tooth, Hans knew that he was familiar with this animal.

Truth be told, Li Du really did not understand much about Narwhals. He knew the identity of the objects due to having seen their real bodies when he used the little bug's ability to turn back time.

Just as he was about to ask Hans about the Narwhals, a plump man walked towards him and said, "Hey, hello Mr. Li. Very happy to see you again!"