Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 616

Chapter 616: The Gift

Since Li Du did not even know Ferrari's background, how could he explain it to him?

Nonetheless, as Jim King was evidently a very smart person, Li Du could not ask him regarding this. He figured that if he were to ask, the other party would be able to immediately infer that his relationship with Ferrari was an ordinary one.

Li Du continued speaking in a vague manner. "I will bring this up to him when I go back."

As Jim King saw his reply as being perfunctory, he became a little anxious.

After rubbing his hands together out of habit, he pulled open his desk drawer and took out a box before handing it over to Li Du. "Oh, mate, there is something I almost forgot. Haha, I have prepared a small gift for you. Hopefully, it can make up for some of the damages you have suffered from this incident that our company is responsible for."

Li Du responded, "You are too kind, Boss King."

Jim King opened up the box, which had a piece of jade inside. The jade was square shaped, pale green and had a red ribbon tied around its corner. It looked very beautiful.

He pushed the box in front of Li Du and said, "Take a look at this gift. See if you like it."

Li Du did not look at the gift at all. After sitting down, he released the little bug to search for the two oil paintings that had previously caught its interest.

Before releasing the little bug, he was worried that Jim King might have placed the two paintings somewhere else and that the little bug might not be able to find them.

As it turned out, he was worried for nothing. After the little bug was released, it immediately dashed towards Jim King and passed through his plump body, before rushing straight for the two Van Gogh paintings behind him.

Li Du took control of the little bug and looked, without any expression, at the oil paintings on the wall.

The painting on the left depicted a scene of a sea before the coming of a storm. The sea water was curled up into waves that drove a boat forward, while a few people were scattered along the shore. In the background, there were plants that were drawn using rough lines.

After using the ability to turn back time, a few scenes appeared in front of him.

The first scene was of a man with a diamond-shaped face, sitting on a beach. With his unkempt appearance, vacant gaze and eyebrows that were tightly knit together, he looked like he was in some trance.

Li Du was stunned by seeing this scene. The man in the scene was the owner who signed this painting, who was one of mankind's most remarkable artists of the 19th century. He was the real Vincent Van Gogh!

As he frequently dabbled in a wide range of subjects, Li Du had seen many photos of artworks such as Van Gogh's self-portrait, Van Gogh's old photos and other people's sketches of Van Gogh. He had seen them all.

Right now, the person in front of him was Van Gogh!

Subsequently, a few scenes which were related to the painting appeared.

Van Gogh completed the painting in one sitting. Later on, seemingly unsatisfied with the painting, he colored it several times over before casting it aside.

The painting was then taken away by a Caucasian man who looked like Van Gogh. Even though the man very meticulously touched up and conserved the painting, he also seemed unsatisfied with it and cast it aside as well.

Further ahead in time, the painting repeatedly changed hands before ending up inside a castle. During a time when the castle was being cleaned, the oil painting was accidentally discarded.

According to the information provided by this scene, the painting was not the only one discarded. There was another painting, which depicted a church within a forest, that had also been discarded.

Li Du subconsciously looked to the side and saw such a painting, which depicted a church within a forest and a lot of people standing around the church...

What the f*ck! He cursed in his mind.

My luck can't possibly be this good, can it? he asked himself in a doubtful manner while releasing the little bug again. After turning back time, the first scene he saw was also a Van Gogh painting!

This time around, Li Du was unable to remain composed. He hurriedly recalled the little bug and looked repeatedly at the oil painting on the wall.

Jim King was a smart man. He was able to tell from Li Du's unconcerned look that he was not interested in the gift.

What made him curious was that Li Du seemed to be interested in the two fake Van Gogh paintings hanging on the wall.

Since the mid 20th century, the value of Van Gogh's paintings kept increasing in the art collection market. In several auctions, the paintings were auctioned off at sky-high prices.

Very quickly, Van Gogh's paintings became treasures in mankind's art palace and Van Gogh became an unrivaled painting master. Many artists began researching his artworks while many schools started teaching his painting techniques.

Just like that, the number of fake Van Gogh paintings started increasing in the market. All major collectors took pride in collecting genuine Van Goghs. Although Jim King also wanted to collect them, he was unable to and was only able to collect fakes.

In fact, he had collected a whole set of fake Van Gogh paintings. Besides the 20 oil paintings and 22 sketches that hung in his office, he still had counterfeits in his collection room.

Moreover, he did not only collect Van Goghs, he also collected the paintings of other famous artists such as Monet, Picasso and Da Vinci.

Of course, they were all fakes.

Noticing Li Du was seemingly interested in the oil paintings behind him, Jim King casually asked, "Li, you like these two paintings?"

His voice pulled Li Du out of his shock. Li Du smiled. "Oh oh, sorry. I may have forgotten myself. Truth be told, I also like collecting oil paintings but have never collected any before."

Thinking quickly, he randomly came up with a reason. "In the past, I was not interested in oil paintings and only saw the famous works of these master artists from photos. Now, after seeing the genuine paintings here, I am amazed that the paintings have so much charm!"

Hearing his words, Jim King came to a sudden realization and nodded. He said, "I see. Then you should collect oil paintings. It is apparent that you have great taste and were able to perceive the charm of the oil paintings."

Li Du responded, "Is that so? I may give it a try then."

Jim King said, "However, I have to inform you that these are not genuine Van Gogh artworks. How could genuine Van Goghs be kept in such a good condition?"

Li Du was shocked. What kind of a reason was that?

Based on what he saw when he turned back time, all the subsequent owners of the painting, except for Van Gogh, who treated it with indifference, valued the painting and took care of it in a meticulous and serious manner. As a result, it was kept in such good condition.

Nonetheless, since Jim King thought this way, Li Du could only go along with him. "You are right."

Jim King smiled. "I am very well-versed in the collection of oil paintings, mate. Since I was 18 years old, I have researched art collections. If you are interested, I can share some of my experiences with you."

Subsequently, Li Du patiently listened as Jim King began talking non-stop about what he had learned regarding collecting art.

He wanted to ask Jim King if he would be interested in giving up the two paintings. It was apparent that Li Du was the only one who knew their real value.

After speaking for more than an hour, Jim King finally stopped talking even though he was still longing to say more.

Just as Li Du was trying to think of a reason to inquire about the status of the two paintings, Jim King opened his mouth. "I can tell, good fella, that your heart is extraordinarily fond of oil paintings. How about I exchange the gift then and give you a few oil paintings instead?"