Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 620

Chapter 620: First Step

A thing like purchasing shares' required legal aid from lawyers. As Li Du did not have a private lawyer, Roger advised him through the phone to temporarily hire a financial lawyer.

He was rather hesitant about it as he was unfamiliar with Las Vegas, and the lawyer profession was a mix of both good and bad lawyers.

Truth be told, there were quite a few outstanding lawyers amongst the Chinese foreigners. If Ma Zhi-an had not been put in jail for being so persistent in trying to deceive him, Li Du could have consulted him.

Having worked in Arizona for so many years, Ma Zhi-an had amazing skills and a lot of contacts, making him the most suitable person to introduce someone to Li Du.

However, after Li thought about it, the person who would be most helpful for this matter was Playboy. Although he did not understand Playboy's background in detail, he knew that the young master was very powerful.

On the way, he gave Playboy a call and told him that he wanted to hire a reliable financial lawyer to sign a contract.

As expected, Playboy was able to help him. After hearing his request, Playboy delightedly said, "I will introduce my lawyer to you. He is very well versed in financial laws."

After Li Du brought Sophie to Harry Winston, he let her go ahead and wander around while he went to meet Roger to discuss the purchase of Tedrick's shares'.

He wanted to keep this matter a secret and did not want to tell Sophie, Hans, and the others. It was because he didn't see a need to tell Hans, not because he was selfish. As for Sophie? He was preparing a surprise.

Li Du saw Tedrick when he reached Roger's office.

To the old man, seeing Li Du was like seeing the Red Army. The old man extended his hand toward Li Du enthusiastically. "Mr. Li, very happy to be able to see you again." As they were destined to have a simple business relationship, they went straight to the point without many formalities.

Tedrick would sell all his shares' to Li Du at a price of 11,200,000 dollars, as discussed beforehand. Since people within Harry Winston had the rights to transfer shares', Li Du only needed a lawyer to witness the signing.

After signing, Roger would help him contact the headquarters of Harry Winston to transfer the ownership of the shares', which needed only his signature and did not require him to go so far as to travel to the headquarters in New York.

As the Playboy's lawyer had yet to arrive, Li Du went ahead to take a look at the contract for the transfer of the shares' ownership.

Harry Winston was the world's top jewelry company. Their transfer shares' ownership contract was very thorough and was as thick as a book.

Li Du did not understand the contract at all. With a large number of technical terms inside, it was so difficult to read that it was incomprehensible to him.

Fortunately, Playboy's lawyer managed to hurry over toward the end. The lawyer was a tall and lean Caucasian man around 40 years of age, who looked energetic with brown eyes that always had a sharp glow.

"Hello, I am Bauer Neuberger, nice to meet you." The Caucasian lawyer took the initiative to extend his hand to Li Du.

As Playboy had already explained the situation very clearly, Bauer was able to start work immediately. Li Du thought that the Playboy might have spoken highly of him for Bauer to treat him so meticulously.

After entering the office, he went straight to the point and began inspecting the transfer shares' ownership contract.

The responsibility of a lawyer was to ensure that the contract had no loopholes or risks. As for the price and what not, he was not bothered.

The thick transfer contract, which was incomprehensible in Li Du's eyes, was instead very simple for Bauer. He first spent half an hour roughly looking through it once before looking through it again with Li Du.

He ceaselessly explained everything to Li Du in a very clear manner: which term meant what, what the other party requested of him, and what they hoped he would do.

After another hour, Li Du finally understood the exact contents of the transfer shares' ownership contract.

As there was a huge variety of beautiful jewelry at the Harry Winston jewelry shop, where every piece had a unique design concept and culture associated with them, Sophie didn't find looking at the jewelry boring even though she spent half an hour shopping downstairs.

Having no issue with the transfer contract, Li Du, Tedrick, Bauer, Tedrick's lawyer, and Roger all signed it. With that, the contract took effect.

Afterward, a Wells Fargo's manager also signed the contract. Li Du transferred 11,200,000 dollars into the bank's account, which was considered the third party. The sum of money would only be transferred over to Tedrick's account after the ownership of the shares had been completely transferred.

As the transaction went very smoothly, all parties were very satisfied.

Tedrick shook Li Du's hand and said, "Thank you, young man, thanks for being willing to take over the shares. This is my retirement money, and it's time I retire."

Roger smiled. "Mr. Tedrick, you might regret this after a period of time. Taking into account the situation of Harry Winston, the price is really too low."

This was true and Li Du already understood this. During the period when Harry Winston flourished, its market value had risen to 2,500,000,000 dollars and 20,000,000 USD was required to buy 0.008 shares.

Compared to the booming period, the value of Tedrick's shares had decreased by nearly half.

Having sold his shares, the old man was in a great mood and smiled. "Maybe. But I won't regret it, as what I need the most now is to retire."

"Where do you plan to go for your retirement?" Li Du curiously asked.

"New Zealand," the old man replied. "I bought a house in a small town on the South Island of New Zealand. It's very beautiful and the people there are also very friendly. I think I'll spend the remainder of my life there."

"Wishing you a happy retirement." Li Du shook his hand again.

The transaction between them was considered concluded. Subsequently, he began settling the payment with Bauer.

Bauer smiled. "No, Mr. Li, I won't accept your payment this time around as I did not find any loopholes. Moreover, you are Akkalou's good friend. I am providing you a free service this time."

Li Du was shocked. "We're good?"

Bauer replied, "This is, of course, not for nothing. I believe that you are also interested in Harry Winston's shares? You are not only buying so few, right?"

Li Du nodded. "Yes, I want to try and procure a portion of them."

Bauer said, "Everything in regards to buying Harry Winston's shares I will do for free so you can experience my service. If you feel that my service is good, I hope that I can become your private lawyer."

Adopting a long-term plan to secure something big was the practice of America's lawyers.

Li Du, who was young, was able to freely take out more than ten million dollars to procure the shares of a company in a precarious situation. Be it his courage or financial capability, they were all very shocking. In addition, he was also the friend of Playboy.

After hearing Bauer's words, Li Du considered this for a few seconds and said, "Alright, it is decided then."

As Tedrick and his lawyer had left, only Roger and Bauer were left in the office. With that, Li Du had no qualms opening up the box and saying, "I have two paintings I would like to sell. I'm not sure if Director Roger could help out."

Looking at the paintings inside the box and the exaggerated signature of Van Gogh on it, Roger was astounded. "Gosh, is this the authentic work of Van Gogh?"

Li Du confidently waved his hands and said, "You can verify it however you like."