Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 627

Chapter 627: Thunderbolt

Fortunately, he was not that unlucky. These people weren't there to kidnap him.

But he wasn't that lucky, either. They were there to rob him. "Get out! Get out of the car! Give us your wallet and the mobile phone. Hurry up!"

"I swear if you have less than 2,000 bucks in your wallet, you're dead! What kind of jewelry do you have on? Take it off!"

"F*ck, there's a stunning babe in there. Guys, come see. This babe's quite a looker."

Li Du was quick on his feet. When he saw them coming, he retreated back into the car and locked the doors. They could show their aggression outside the car but they couldn't touch them.

However, he was still in a terrible situation. The windshield had turned gray so he couldn't see anything. He couldn't drive off, either. An accident could happen since he couldn't see the roads clearly.

Being the excellent surgeon that she was, Sophie appeared to be calm as the situation became more critical.

Not at all flustered, she said calmly, "I've called the police. Try to delay them. The police will be here soon."

Li Du released the little bug and said, "Don't worry, I'll go down and deal with them."

Sophie, who had been struggling to keep calm, panicked at this. She grabbed hold of Li Du and said, "Are you crazy? They've got weapons in their hands. Who knows if there are guns?"

The robbers got impatient. Someone took out a wrench and started whacking at the window. He shouted, "B*tches, get out here. Don't force me to smash your car! This car's worth some money, right? Repairing it would cost more than the money you have in your wallet!"

The Hellcat was not a bulletproof car and glass was very fragile. Li Du was worried they could very easily smash the window with the wrench.

Just then, a green Toyota pickup drove up. The door opened and a tall, well-built man got out.

"Hello, what's up?" the man said in stilted English.

A man wearing a red helmet shouted at him, "Get lost, you poor Toyota driver. Move along. Get lost if you want to stay alive!"

The man ignored him and walked steadily over, saying, "A holdup?"

The two men at the back got furious seeing he had continued walking forward. They removed a metal rod and the wrench from the motorcycle, and walked towards him with hostility. One of them gritted his teeth and said, "This son of a b*tch"

Li Du couldn't see the outside of the car well. He could only try to peep from the back window. He saw that the tall man's body moved quickly twice, and then the two men cried out and fell to the ground.

The others immediately burst into an uproar and dashed towards the tall man.

When the surroundings quietened down, Li Du said to Sophie, "I'll get out to help the man, you lock the door. Listen to me, if things don't seem right, drive forward slowly. . ."

Sophie shook her head vigorously as she tried to wiggle out of his grip.

Li Du grabbed her by her shoulders and said, "Listen to me, I'm okay. That guy fights well and I'm pretty good, too. Don't be afraid"

"No, Li, I'm not afraid. I wanted to say you won't need to fight. Everything out there has been settled." Sophie continued to struggle as she pointed to the back.

Li Du turned his head in surprise. Indeed, it was all quiet outside. Only the tall man was still standing. Everyone else was lying on their stomachs or sprawled on the ground.

"Gosh, is this Thunderbolt? Can his movements be that quick?" Li Du asked in shock.

Sophie took a closer look and then said hesitantly, "I can't see that well but I think I've seen him before."

Since all the robbers were on the ground, there was no longer any threat. Li Du opened the door and went out to greet the tall man in a friendly manner. "Hey, mister, thank you for your righteous act."

The man stood there looking at him, then nodded and walked towards the back.

Sophie got out of the car, too. She took a closer look and said loudly, "Hi, Mr. Muller?"

The tall man heading back turned around abruptly and said, "Don't say my name out loud - oh, oh, oh."

His response was very strange. At first his tone was harsh but soon it became gentle. Then, he mumbled a few sentences, as though he were talking to himself.

Sophie said, "Mister, have you forgotten me? I'm Sophie Martin, Saint John..."

"Don't say any more," the man interrupted her and hastened towards them.

The sun had already set in the west. Li Du wasn't able to see the man's appearance in the distance but when he approached, he finally had a good look.

The man was tall, about six foot. He had a beard, thick bushy eyebrows, deep-set eyes and a nose with a high bridge. He walked in an authoritative manner, looking every bit a toughie.

In addition, this person had a rather unique demeanor: his lips were pressed together and his eyes looked distracted while his face showed indifference.

Li Du had seen such an expression previously when he was in Las Vegas on the face of Knight's middle-aged bodyguard.

As he approached, the man whispered, "Dr. Martin? I'm very glad to see you here, but you shouldn't have revealed your identity. If these thugs had taken note of what you said, we'd all be in trouble."

Sophie covered her mouth and said, "I'm sorry, so sorry. I didn't think."

The man gave her a forced smile. "Never mind. These people are just a bunch of hooligans. It should be no biggie even if they had written it down."

Sophie extended her hand to him. "You're Mr. Muller, aren't you?"

The man shook hands with her somewhat awkwardly and said, "Yes, Wolfgang Muller."

Sophie said, "Thank you very much for just now. If not for you coming to our rescue, we would have been in so much trouble."

The man brushed off her thanks. "Just a few bullies, piece of cake. I should be thanking you instead. Thank you for treating my daughter's leg."

Sophie asked with concern, "How's Ivana's leg? If she still feels any pain, you must bring her to see me."

The man nodded. "Uh, much better."

He didn't say much. Like Godzilla, other than when there was a need to explain something, he was a man of few words.

Later, Sophie thanked him again. When the man heard that she had called the police, he said that the thugs were no longer any threat and excused himself saying that he had something to attend to.

With that, he turned around and promptly walked towards his car in a no-nonsense manner.

Li Du stared in silence. Throughout the entire time, the man didn't even spare him a glance, treating him as though he were a mass of air.

He was curious about the man and asked, "What's this chap's name? 'Langgang'?"

He thought he had heard the man introduce himself as Wolfgang, and wolf is "lang" in Mandarin. Since Sophie was learning Mandarin and could understand a little, he had translated the man's name into Mandarin.

Sophie laughed and said, "No, it's Wolfgang Muller, a German. I helped his daughter recover from her leg fracture. Didn't expect him to be the one helping us today."

A police siren could be heard coming. Wolfgang had been heavy-handed; several men in helmets were lying on the ground without getting up at all. They saw the police car coming and one of them tried to run off. In the end, he stumbled two steps and fell to the ground again.

As the two policemen got out of the car, Li Du sighed and said, "Darling, call your parents and tell them that we may have to miss them, or be really late."