Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 628

Chapter 628: Bodyguard Concept

Unexpectedly, this incident did not give Li Du and Sophie any trouble.

After the two policemen arrived, they took off the helmets of several people lying on the ground. These people were all youngsters dressed like ghosts, wearing nose rings, earrings, and even tongue rings.

An elderly white policeman glanced at them in disgust and said, "F*ck, members of Motor Dogs? Ha, they finally met their match."

The other young policeman gave Li Du and Sophie an introduction. He explained that Motor Dogs was a small gang who drove high-horsepower motorcycles around the surrounding suburban highways. When night came, they would stop cars that were alone and rob them.

"They first throw a container with a mixture of eggs, lime powder, clean water, and white paint onto the windshield of the car to cause the driver to lose their vision and hit the brakes before carrying out the robbery."

Li Du frowned. "Since you guys knew about their existence, why didn't you guys catch them?"

The young policeman replied helplessly, "Sir, these rascals are riding high-power motorcycles that are faster and more nimble than our police cars. We are extremely helpless against them.

"Also, they don't just stay in Flagstaff. They wander around a few cities. We're not able to grasp their pattern of carrying out crimes."

The members of Motor Dogs were very crafty. Every time they committed a crime, they would investigate the terrain and escape right after the robbery.

Even if police cars saw them, the police cars were unable to catch them as they escaped along small alleys or mountainous paths that they had found beforehand.

As motorcycles could traverse such places as easily as leveled ground while cars could not, the police cars were never able to catch them after spotting them.

"This time around, they met you ruthless guys. Who was it that handled them? My God, the beatings were very severe. Quick, call the ambulance," the elderly policeman said, taking pleasure in their misfortune.

Li Du replied, "It's a fella who was passing by. These rascals not only wanted to rob us, they also wanted to take advantage of my girlfriend. The fella bravely did what was right and saved us."

The elderly policeman kicked one of them lying on the ground twice and still had the disgusted look on his face. "This trash. Consider them lucky to not have fallen into the hands of us policemen, or else I would have made them eat bullets."

The ambulance hurried over and brought all the gang members away.

After examining them in the ambulance, the doctor said that the injuries were not severe. They were mainly suffering from rib fractures and strains on their necks. Going to the hospital for bandaging would suffice.

The elderly policeman nodded. "Without a doubt, the person who dealt with them is a martial arts master. He made them lose the ability to fight back without causing severe injuries to them."

The policemen took Li Du and Sophie's statements and asked about the identity of the helper.

Sophie gave Li Du a glare. As Li Du had no idea what the reason was, he did not open his mouth.

The female doctor hid the identity of Wolfgang, telling the police that they were not able to make out the appearance of the helper due to the chaotic situation, the dark sky and their extreme fear at the time.

After their statements were taken down, they were allowed to leave.

The elderly policeman warned both of them, "Don't go to places like the suburbs at night. Both of you know about the public security in Arizona, this place is the territory of all sorts of bad people. Next time something happens, God may not necessarily send an archangel to protect both of you."

The issues with America's public security at night were indeed very frightening. At times when gatherings at the camp ended late, the treasure hunters had to go back in groups of three to five people.

Think about it: if even foolhardy, heavily-built treasure hunters needed company when going home at night, normal people needed to be much more careful.

This made Li Du particularly miss the safety of his hometown, where people in the county town could wander about without any fear even after midnight.

During his childhood, the public security had been even better. When the weather was hot during the summer, children could stay outside all night long looking for cicadas without any adult accompanying them.

The two policemen were nice enough to help Li Du wash away the stains on the windshield.

The members of Motor Dogs were not simple gangsters. They also had significant knowledge of science to construct such a powerful muck grenade.

The grenade, which contained eggs, was made by firstly mixing the egg whites with water to create a very sticky mixture. Lime powder was mixed into the water to release heat, causing the egg whites to coagulate.

Once the windshield was stained by paint, which the grenade also contained, the windshield would become dirtier with each wipe from the wipers and very quickly, the paint would spread all over the windshield.

The four of them only did a simple cleaning. The windshield was good enough as long as their vision was not hindered. After getting into the car, Li Du groaned, "Do I have to go and pray to Buddha? Kidnapping and robberywho did I provoke?"

Sophie was even more depressed. "I'm so devoted to serving God. Why would God let me and my lover encounter such difficulties?"

After complaining, she began to repent, "Oh, sorry God, I should not doubt your arrangements. There must be a special purpose for you to do this."

Li Du snickered to himself. Christians are really interesting.

Sophie gave him a glare and said, "Don't laugh. The police were rightGod has treated us well. When we were in trouble, he sent an archangel to help us."

Li Du responded, "When I was in Las Vegas, I did not meet any archangel. It was I who thought of a way to escape."

Sophie intimately pinched his face and said, "You are your own archangel."

"Then, am I not your Archangel?" Li Du asked cheekily.

Sophie smiled. "Of course you are. I was not scared at all just now because you were by my side."

Li Du stopped the car and hugged her. "Come, give your archangel a kiss."

They finally reached the house of Mr. and Mrs. Martin. Hearing the sound of the car, Mr. Martin came out to welcome them and at the same time complained, "What took you guys so long?"

Mrs. Martin noticed Sophie's lips and smiled. "They were clearly handling some relationship matters on the way here."

Sophie's lips were very sensitive. Her lips would become completely red once she sucked forcefully, and any more force would cause her lips to swell.

Mr. Martin also noticed and shrugged his shoulders. "Alright, the lad and the lady were together just now. That's understandable."

Li Du really admired his future father and mother-in-law for being quite open-minded. He also clearly held Sophie's uncle in high regards.

"No, it not because of that," Sophie hurriedly explained. "We were robbed on the way here. You guys see the car window?"

The two elderly people went to look at the car window and came back looking rather displeased. "Why is it like that?"

"It was nothing much," Li Du comforted them. "We inadvertently encountered a few gangsters. In the future, we will try our best to not go out at night."

Mr. Martin said disappointedly, "I don't get it. With even more policemen now and them having greater capabilities, why is public security becoming worse? This isn't Detroit and this is also not Memphis!"

What could Li Du say? Anyway, America's public security was this absurd.

After encountering two consecutive threats to his safety, he wondered if he should hire a professional bodyguard.

Big Quinn was suitable for intimidating people while Godzilla was great at fighting. However, they could not be bodyguards. Besides just knowing how to fight, bodyguards underwent standardized and systematic training.