Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 632

Chapter 632: Again, Again, Again

Will's villa had four stories, occupied a large area and was located below a hill, which made it look very sturdy and reliable.

On the hillside behind the villa was a well-kept forest. As it was too dark, Li Du was unable to see clearly the particular type of tree. It was most likely pine tree or a similar type as he was able to hear the whistling of the wind in the pines.

Will turned on the lights. The style of the villa was on the archaic side and had no majestic grandeur while the furniture, flooring and windows inside had a wooden style that gave the sense of living in nature.

The basement was a storeroom with wine racks and beer barrels. Will took out some red wine and a beer barrel for the night's drinks.

Li Du said, "Mate, you sure are brave. Not only did you invite strangers to your house for a meal, you also plan on drinking so much alcohol? Are you not afraid that we will cause trouble after drinking too much?"

Will turned his head and smiled. "Why would treasure hunters do that? You think I don't know who you are and randomly invited you over?"

Li Du touched his nose and mocked himself. "Seems a bumpkin like me is still pretty famous."

Will said, "Russel and I are good friends. He already told me about you. The reason why I chose to bid for your item was also to take the opportunity to make friends with you guys."

Hearing his words, Li Du responded with a question. "Russel? Russel Lynch?"

"Yes, that's the fella."

Russel Lynch was the boss of an investment firm. At one time, Li Du consecutively sold many different items such as postage stamps and key cards to him.

Previously, Lynch helped him at the church's auction he and Sophie attended.

Subsequently, when he donated the armor of Winged Hussar, he once again met Lynch and they became well-acquainted with each other.

Lynch and Will were colleagues as well as schoolmates. Both of them studied finance at the business college of the University of Pennsylvania.

After graduating, they were also colleagues for a period of time before resigning together. Lynch chose to start a company while Will chose to be a lone wolf and work in the investment market. Both of them achieved pretty good results.

With this connection, both parties were able to trust each other.

Will's villa had quite a number of collectibles. As he knew Li Du was a treasure hunter, he asked if he was interested in the collectibles and said he could freely take a look at them he if was.

Li Du was very interested in the collectibles. He was not interested in how much they were worth but in what he could learn from them.

The current career expansion goal he set for himself was to become a huge collector. Since he was definitely going to collect a lot of things, it was very important to him to broaden his horizons and learn about collecting.

However, as he knew looking through Will's collection was not very nice since they had just met, he tactfully rejected the offer.

Will was also only being polite. After Li Du rejected the offer, he took the opportunity to change the subject.

After Big Quinn and Godzilla successfully slaughtered the sheep, they sliced off the meat, washed it and skewered it together to be grilled.

Lu Guan brought out the grill and very quickly ignited the smokeless charcoal while simultaneously starting up the soundless exhaust on the top of the grill.

Hans was adjusting the signal of the satellite television and found the TNT sports premium channel. Will input his member information and they began watching the basketball game.

As NBA usually kicked off in October, the players were not yet in the exhaustion stage in these first few games and played with vigor.

The game was aptly between the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns. As Americans had a strong sense of identity towards their states, most people in Arizona supported the Suns.

Will also used to support the Suns. However, the purple and gold army won him over after he moved to Los Angeles. With Hans and the others supporting a different team than Will, they bickered with each other while watching the game, which made for an interesting situation.

Although Big Quinn and Godzilla, who were also basketball fans, were responsible for grilling the meat, they could not resist going over to watch the game for a while during the exciting parts.

Seeing this, Li Du simply took over their responsibility and let the both of them watch the game.

The slices of sheep had a beautiful marbling where the lean parts were bright red while the fatty parts were white like snow. Soon after heating them, glistening droplets of fat rolled off.

A rich and pure fragrance was released as the fat droplets became smoke after falling onto the coal. The men watching the game could not resist sniffing and all of them praised, "Smells good."

Along with the fat droplets rolling off, the sheep slices started sizzling. After 10 seconds, the sheep became slightly golden brown evenly throughout, which was a clear indication of good sheep.

Initially, Li Du had brought a few seasonings. However, he was told by Big Quinn that no seasonings were required to savor the original taste when eating such high-quality sheep hence, it was best not to add anything.

As such, Li Du grilled the meat slices, ribs and meat skewers straight away and whoever wanted to add some seasonings could do so themselves.

After the meat slices were cooked, he served the big plate of meat. They drank beer while eating the grilled meat. As the tender meat was chewed, the fat, which had no gamey taste and only the aroma of the meat, was released.

When they finished eating the grilled meat slices, the meat skewers were cooked. Li Du brought over two large skewers that they ate until their mouths were full of fat.

By the time the large plate of ribs was served, everyone except Big Quinn and Godzilla was more or less full.

The time was approaching midnight and the game was already over. Li Du let Big Quinn take over the grill and began devouring the food.

He needed the food to replenish his energy as he had released the little bug for a long period of time at the market during the day. Furthermore, he planned to give the little bug a mission after he finished eating.

The mission was to look through Will's art collection, which was only to broaden his horizon and not for the little bug to absorb the time capability within them.

Although doing so was a little intrusive to Will's privacy, Li Du felt it was fine so long as none of the art pieces were damaged. Moreover, there was no connection between someone's collection and their privacy.

While eating the fragrant sheep skewers, Li Du released the little bug with a wave of his hand.

As he had no idea where Will's collection room was, he did not control the little bug and allowed it to fly around freely, searching for valuable items.

After the little bug was released, it flew around in circles before flying down towards the small garden at the side of the villa rather than the villa itself.

The garden, which was a part of the neighborhood, stretched over more than 25 acres of land. It cultivated a few rare and beautiful plants and was one of the scenic spots of the neighborhood.

Seeing the little bug fly over, Li Du became curious. Could it be that there is something valuable in the garden?

After the little bug dashed straight past a thicket, Li Du looked through its vision and was stunned. He saw a person lying in the thicket!

The person was hiding inside the thicket while wearing a ghillie suit and a mask. In front of him were binoculars, a crossbow and two daggers, one long and one short, stuck into the ground. Behind him was a bag with tools such as ropes, tape and handcuffs.

What attracted the little bug was a pendant hung around his neck, which was an ornament that looked like a wolf's fang. The pendant was rather beautiful with its very smooth, polished surface and light yellow gloss.

Seeing this posture, Li Du, who had just been through a kidnapping, understood what was going on. He met a kidnapper again! He was once again in trouble!