Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 633

Chapter 633: What an Amazing Guy

This discovery had so depressed Li Du that he almost jumped up. He cursed silently in his heart: what was wrong with him? What evil had he done to deserve this? How could he be so unlucky during this time?

Before this, when he had encountered a robbery, he had already felt so down on his luck. It was about time his luck changed for the better.

However, to play it safe, he didn't head out for the following few days, and had instead stayed put at the cabin.

In the end, when he finally came out, he was about to encounter a kidnapping situation again.

To be honest, he had wanted to go home and find a master to read his fortunehow could he be so unlucky these days?

After brooding for a while, Li Du stopped feeling fearful. After all, Godzilla and Big Quinn were just in front of him. The villa was also well surrounded by security while the security patrol car could be seen circling the area.

He especially hated such people after encountering the kidnapping. When he realized the intruder had something which attracted the little bug, he arranged for the little bug to absorb the item's time capability.

As the time capability diminished, the wolf's fang lost its luster and eventually cracked.

The cracked fang felt different against his skin, compared to how it was previously. The kidnapper lowered his head in shock and panicked after realizing the fang had changed. He hastily took it off for a better look.

Maybe he thought what he had seen was an illusion, and so removed his mask.

This was when Li Du had seen his face: the deep eye sockets, high bridged nose, vacant eyes, cool demeanor, his face covered with a beardthis was that Wolfgang whom he just met a few days ago!

Wolfgang had rescued him and Sophie from those thugs a few days ago. He had just been thinking about contacting him through Sophie and visiting him personally to thank him.

Now it seemed there was no need to go through SophieWolfgang had appeared.

Wolfgang didn't know his presence had been detected. He was focused on staring at the fang in his hands. His cold demeanor gradually became a depressed one. His eyes, which had been blank, filled up with tears.

Evidently, this wolf's fang pendant was extremely important to him.

Li Du felt a little guilty to be witnessing this.

Wolfgang had been of great help to him, without Li Du even asking for it. He had done so out of a sense of justice, which matched his appearance and way of doing things. Li Du thought he reminded him of the chivalrous swordsman Qiao Feng.

But now the chivalrous man was crying, and it was all Li Du's fault.

Men did not usually shed tears. Based on how Wolfgang reacted, the damage to this wolf's fang was indeed very devastating.

After wiping his tears, he carefully put the wolf fang into his mouth, and then packed the things into his bag before soundlessly walking out of the botanical garden in his camouflage suit.

Needless to say, he had given up the kidnapping mission. Li Du had no idea whom he was intending to kidnap, whether it was himself or Will. According to his deduction, the possibility of Wolfgang wanting to kidnap Will should be higher.

Wolfgang was very familiar with the surroundings of the botanical garden and villa. He made his way out easily. It was definitely not his first time visiting.

Recalling that he had met him at the road outside the estate, Li Du speculated that this guy had wanted to come here, and the two had happened to meet.

Wolfgang was a stealth master. He was walking in the botanical garden as though it were flat ground. He ran into a security patrol car twice but didn't even avoid it. He just kept going at a slower speedthe security officers didn't detect him at all.

Upon seeing his ability, Li Du's interest was piqued. This guy seemed pretty amazing.

The villa had been built against a hill. There was a lake at the foot of the hill, which was connected to the lake and the botanical garden.

When Wolfgang arrived at the end of the botanical garden, he took off his clothes and stuffed them into his backpack. Then he put on his backpack and jumped into the lake to swim away.

The little bug could no longer trail him. It had reached the limit of the distance it could travel away from Li Du.

Hence, Li Du walked forward. Will asked, "Where are you going?"

Li Du replied casually, "Oh, I think the scenery here is very good, and thought of talking a stroll."

Godzilla went to him immediately. He was not about to let Li Du out of his sight.

Wolfgang could swim well. He entered the water with a thick suction tube in his mouth. There were lights around the lake, which illuminated its surface.

But looking at the lake, Li Du could not see him at all.

Having reached the edge of the lake, his head emerged to looked around. Seeing no problems, he climbed ashore and dried himself before putting on his clothes. He began to climb the hillas though it were flat ground!

In order to maintain the villa's surroundings, the hill had not been developed. Although it was not tall, there was no road on its steep and difficult terrain.

Wolfgang made use of all his limbs to climb up the hill, just like a monkey. Soon, there was no sign of him anywhere.

By this time, Li Du had reached the lake. He could not swim over, and so had no way oftrailing him.

But he already had a clear picture of Wolfgang's ability. To Li Du, he was very skilled and proficient, so he had better investigate the man carefully.

After eating the barbecued food and watching the game, Li Du and his party left.

According to the rules, Li Du and Hans thanked Will once again for buying the item from them.

Will said, "No need for thanks, that's exactly what I had needed. In fact, if I had gotten this a year ago, maybe I wouldn't have quarreled with my ex-wife every day and ended up getting divorced."

Hans said optimistically, "Buddy, you've enjoyed marriage, but isn't it great to be single once again? What you should do now is to enjoy your life as a single, because who knows when you might remarry your ex-wife."

Will smiled and fist-bumped him. "You are right."

Li Du pondered and then said, "Buddy, do you live alone now? I suggest that you pay attention to security. To be honest, the security in Flagstaff is not that good these days."

Will was not concerned. "The security force in the estate is vigilant enough. There's no need to worry about it."

Li Du said wryly, "No, believe me, you need to be careful. Before, I had trusted the ability of such external security forces. In the end, within 10 days, I was kidnapped and robbed."

His reminder to Will was more than sufficient. If he were to go on, he would arouse suspicion and may even be suspected of wrongdoing.

Back home, Li Du contacted Rose and gave her Wolfgang's name and description for her to try and find his contact information.

In the end, the answer Rose had given him was negative. Given the limitations of her authority, she was not able to locate the person he was looking for.

Li Du could only go through Sophie. "That Wolfgang, who helped us last time, are you able to contact him?"

Sophie smiled. "You're lucky, he's in my office now. I'm checking on his daughter's recovery from her injury."

Li Du said, "Delay him for a while. I gotta see him about something."

Driving Hellcat, he sped to St. John's Hospital.

Pushing open the door to Sophie's office, he looked up and saw Wolfgang.

He had heard the door open and with one step, blocked the person behind him. Then he looked towards the door cautiously.

Upon seeing Li Du, Wolfgang blinked with disbelief and frowned. "Are you looking for Dr. Martin? Can you wait a while? We need privacy."

Li Du smiled and said, "Mr. Wolfgang Muller, I've come to see you. There's something I would like to talk to you about."