Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 634

Chapter 634: Quiet Man

Wolfgang furrowed his eyebrows and looked straight at Li Du.

After a few seconds of staring at him, he slowly said, "Oh, we are not close. There's nothing going on."

Li Du smiled. "Trust me, you have to talk to me. I have a very important matter to speak with you about."

Wolfgang became quiet again before he said, "Alright, you leave first. I will find you later."

Li Du walked out the door. He knew Wolfgang's daughter was here and wanted to meet the little girl to talk and get closer to her. In the end, he was unable to see the little girl as Wolfgang was very thorough in blocking Li Du.

When he moved two steps, Wolfgang followed suit and was somehow always able to block his vision.

As the other party did not want to let him see his daughter, Li Du had no choice but to leave.

He constantly wanted to look inside but he knew it was likely Wolfgang, who already looked very unpleasant, would immediately lose his temper if he continued to stay.

After waiting outside the door for a while, Wolfgang came out carrying the little girl.

The little girl was completely covered from head to toe with very tight clothes and a black veil on her head.

Li Du was stunned after seeing her dressed in such a way and thought, Is the little girl Muslim? Is it not convenient to let men see her looks? Or does the little girl have some sort of disease which prevents her from coming into contact with sunlight?

Even though he could use the little bug to go through the veil and look at the girl's condition, he did not do so as it would really be considered an invasion of her privacy.

After walking out, Wolfgang was straightforward and asked, "What's the matter?"

Li Du waved to him and said, "There are a lot of people here. This is not a place to talk. Follow me."

There was a cafe next to the hospital. After entering the cafe, he requested a private room and beverages before asking the girl, "Hey sweetheart, what do you want to eat and drink?"

The girl kept quiet. Wolfgang thought for a while and asked, "Is there mousse cake?"

The waitress smiled. "Yes, our mousse cake secret recipe is unique, very"

"One mousse cake," Wolfgang said in a crisp manner, without any expression.

After some consideration, Li Du said, "Two mousse cakes and also send over one serving of every food and beverage suitable for a girl.

Wolfgang's lips trembled. Despite wanting to speak, he did not open his mouth.

Having entered the private room, Li Du thought he would take down his daughter's veil. In the end, that was not the case. He placed his daughter in a corner and gave her a Rubik's cube, which she started twisting.

After helping his daughter to settle down, he walked over and stared blankly again at Li Du. He did not say anything and was expressionless. He really was cold to the core.

Li Du coughed. "Can we talk?"

Wolfgang nodded.

Li Du whispered, "There are some matters that are not convenient for your daughter to hear. We need to be quiet. Come closer."

Wolfgang said coldly, "Not necessary. I have good hearing."

Li Du was speechless.

After letting out a cough, he organized his thoughts and said, "First of all, thank you for saving me and Dr. Martin last time. If not for you, I think"

"Dr. Martin already thanked me." Wolfgang interrupted him in a crisp manner like before. "Is this the matter?"

Li Du choked and angrily replied, "No. I want to talk to you about something you did yesterday."

After hearing this, Wolfgang's expression remained the same and he continued speaking indifferently, "I don't know what you are talking about."

Li Du sighed. "Alright, for me to find you, there would definitely be proof. You underestimated the security capabilities of Flagstaff's police and Pine Canyon. Someone installed a camera in the garden."

Wolfgang frowned. "What are you saying? What's Pine Canyon?"

Pine Canyon was the neighborhood of villas Will stayed in. It was also Flagstaff's most premium residential area.

Li Du looked at him in amazement. Although Wolfgang should definitely have known what he was talking about after telling him the key points, his expression was no different from before, seemingly not knowing what Li Du was talking about.

Truth be told, if not for the wolf fang, which had been reinforced with adhesive, hanging around Wolfgang's neck, Li Du would probably assume he had identified the wrong person.

However, it was not possible as the wolf fang had cracks, and looked coarse and dull. He could clearly tell that it was the work of the little bug.

Li Du responded, "It's no use playing dumb with me, mate. I'm not here to get you to say anything. The truth is that traces of you having been in the garden last night were discovered."

While Wolfgang was staring at him, the waitress knocked on the door and came in to serve the coffee and small cakes.

They both remained quiet. Li Du pushed a mousse cake in front of the little girl. She was frightened by his friendly gesture and forcefully burrowed into the corner of the sofa.

Wolfgang hugged her and whispered something to her before the little girl gradually calmed down. Wolfgang handed her the same piece of cake, which she ate while looking at the corner of the sofa with her back facing Li Du.

Li Du scratched his head. What's going on? Isn't this father and daughter pair too strange?

At that moment, his phone vibrated and he opened it to have a look. Sophie sent a simple message: "Don't look at Ivana, don't ask about her, and ignore her."

Associating Wolfgang blocking his view at the consultation room with the message, Li Du understood the little girl definitely had a problem that could not be revealed to others.

With that, he obediently waited at the door and was no longer unnecessarily enthusiastic.

While his daughter was eating the cake, Wolfgang came back and finally spoke. "Not possible. I investigated the surroundings."

Li Du rolled his eyes. "Since I came to find you, it proves that someone spotted you. Luckily, you only broke in and did nothing. Also, since the path you took crossed the hill, lake and garden, which were not considered private property, you cannot be held responsible."

Wolfgang's facial expression finally changed and became more pleasant.

Li Du asked, "You wanted to kidnap Will Monroe? Why didn't you do anything after waiting so long?"

Wolfgang kept quiet and stared at him with malicious eyes.

Li Du's heart skipped a beat. This guy isn't planning to silence me, is he? No, it can't be. He isn't that stupid, or is he planning to take this opportunity to kidnap me?

No matter what scenarios he conceived, he felt that he was in a bad situation.

Fortunately, Wolfgang did not move and only stared at him.

Li Du could only bite the bullet and continue speaking. "Is it so easy for a new immigrant like yourself to kidnap a magnate in America? Since you have a daughter with you who, I can tell, you love very much, the more reason you should not do such a thing"

Wolfgang continued staring at him.

Li Du became impatient. "I am trying to help you resolve the problem. Stop giving me that look as if you have been fossilized. I am grateful that you helped me and Dr. Martin before or else, why would I care?"

Wolfgang was a little touched and whispered, "Not kidnapping. It was extortion."

Li Du suddenly understood the situation. "Oh, the consequences of kidnapping are too great. You wanted to take advantage of the night and go in to extort some money from him?"

Wolfgang nodded quietly.

Li Du now knew he was short of money and immediately breathed a sigh of relief. As long as it was a problem that could be solved with money, it was not a problem for him.