Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 635

Chapter 635: Failed Negotiations

He asked directly, "Are you short of money? How much money do you need? You helped me, and I'd like to help you."

Li Du was neither a philanthropist, nor the Virgin Mary; he wouldn't help someone without reason. He was not, however, cold-blooded. If someone he knew was in need of money, he was willing to offer a generous hand.

Wolfgang had saved him and Sophie, so he was even more willing to help. Besides, this man was a latent fighting expert who could be suitable as a bodyguard. Li Du wanted to recruit him.

Wolfgang's eyes lit up, but then darkened before he whispered, "A million."

"USD?" Li Du was dumbfounded.

"Well, it's 900,000 in euros." Wolfgang was quick in calculating the exchange rate.

Li Du was puzzled. "So much?"

Wolfgang became an enigma once again and shut his mouth without speaking further.

Li Du tapped the table with his fingers. If the figure was tens of thousands of dollars, he could help. When it came to millions of dollars, it would be beyond him.

Wolfgang noticed that he had put Li Du on the spot. He drank the coffee in a gulp and said, "Thank you for your hospitality. We're leaving."

Li Du stopped him and said, "Would you be able to get hold of a million, through lawful means?"

Wolfgang bowed his head, but did not say a word.

Li Du sighed. "I haven't got that much money, but I need to get a sense of your value. If you can help me, maybe I can also help you."

The blue veins on Wolfgang's forehead bulged. He looked at his daughter and after a short silence, he moved closer to Li Du and whispered, "Kill someone?"

"Huh?" Li Du was flabbergasted.

"Help you kill someone?" Wolfgang asked again.

Li Du shook his head quickly. Gosh, buddy, what were you thinking? Although I'm not always that aboveboard when I do business, I don't do anything illegal.

He explained. "Bodyguard. I need a bodyguard, but he has to be skilled enough. I haven't got any enemies, but maybe because I am more well-off, some people have been eying me."

It sounded a little arrogant. He may not have much cash now, but he was worth quite a bit. Besides, after he got his hands on more gems, he would be worth more and more.

Wolfgang's eyes lit up once again. "You've got the right man."

Li Du said in frustration, "Tell me more. To be honest, I already have an enigma on my hands. With your addition, I'll get bored to death."

Wolfgang said, "I graduated from the University of Leipzig at 20 years old and became a guard at the German border. At 24 years old, I was picked for KSK. At 27 years old, I went to SEK.At 31, I joined the GSG-9 to lead the Ground Commando Group B. Until two years ago, I had been in charge of security for all the international leadership conferences held in Germany for the last eight years..."

With this introduction, Wolfgang was no longer a man of few words. In fact, he spoke very eloquently.

It was a pity that Li Du could hardly understand what he was saying. Other than Wolfgang's English being limited, his own English was also subpar.Hence, he was barely making out the other party's ramblings.

In any case, he felt that Wolfgang sounded freaking awesome. And of course, from his understanding of the man, he already knew he was amazing. Otherwise, he wouldn't be running over to try and recruit him.

When Wolfgang had finished speaking, he looked squarely at him.

Li Du waved his hand and said, "Can you look at me in a less threatening manner? Okay, you seem like an expert. So what brings you to the US? And you don't seem to be doing that well?"

As he spoke, he looked at the little girl who was wolfing down the mousse cake. It was her second helping. The little girl had obviously not eaten such desserts in a long time.

Wolfgang continued to be silent. He did not seem to want to provide an explanation on that topic.

Li Du said reluctantly, "Well, you're the boss. Let's leave it if you don't wish to talk about it. Hope you are really that great."

Wolfgang said, "I'm an excellent bodyguard. I left Germany because I've offended many people. I'm here in the US to seek treatment for Ivana's illness."

Li Du said, "There is a huge demand for good bodyguards in the US. The largest number of security companies in the world is here. Why don't you get a job?"

Wolfgang glanced at his daughter awkwardly and said, "I have to take my daughter with me all the time! The security company doesn't accept this condition!"

Astounded, Li Du said, "Take your daughter with you all the time? Then how can you bea good bodyguard? You would probably have to protect your daughter first when there's any danger."

Wolfgang said firmly, "This is the condition, but I'll make a good bodyguard."

Li Du rubbed his hands. Wolfgang's condition was bullsh*t. How does one bring his daughter along while acting as a bodyguard? Who would be protecting who then?

This really put him in a difficult position. He had the intention of helping Wolfgang and was even willing to overlook the fact that he was asking for quite a high amount of pay. This was provided he had the ability to protect Li Du.

But now, the other party was not just asking for high pay, but he also wanted to bring a child along. Li Du found it hard to believe that if he were in danger, Wolfgang would be able to protect both him and his daughter.

He was going to pay the salary of a million dollars to get such a "passing" type of protection?

And so the negotiations failed. Wolfgang carried his daughter and was about to leave.

After some thought, Li Du took all the cash out of his wallet and handed it to him. "You don't seem to be faring too well, I..."

"Thank you. I can cope." Wolfgang didn't even glance at the money in his hand and left carrying his daughter.

Li Du sat in the cafe until noon, and then had lunch with Sophie.

After entering the caf and ordering her lunch, Sophie asked inquisitively, "What did you talk to Mr. Muller about? Didn't speak about his daughter, I hope?"

Li Du answered, "No, what's wrong? What's wrong with his daughter?"

Sophie held his hand and said, "Darling, you know I love you. There're some things I can't tell you, as this has to do with patient confidentiality. Ivana's in a bad state. That's all I can tell you."

Li Du said, "I know. He told me he needed a million dollars."

Sophie sighed, "This is too tough. If everything was fine, I think Mr. Muller would have the ability to make money. He's really a capable man, but it's tough now."

Not being aware of his situation Li Du asked, "Why do you say so?"

Sophie said, "I had chatted with Mr. Muller previously. He was a very good soldier in Germany, but something bad happened and he could only come to the US. I don't know the details, but I know the situation he's in."

After that, the lady doctor began to sigh. When Li Du questioned her further, she zipped up, especially for questions relating to Ivana.

American doctors valued patient confidentiality; this was professionalism. Sophie wouldn't share such information even with her parents, much less Li Du, her boyfriend.

In the afternoon, Li Du returned to the cabin. Hans was on the phone trying to sell one of the valuable goods from the various auctions. He had nothing to do, so he spent his time playing with Ah Meow and Ah Ow.

When he was free, Hans asked him, "Li, what's next for you in terms of work?"