Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 636

Chapter 636: Brother Wolf

Li Du replied, "I still plan to go to the National Park to search for opals; the business is good. After searching for a period of time, I will need to go home for the new year."

It was less than two months from now until the new year. He needed to go back soon as he had been away from his parents for a year and a half already, and he was really longing to see his parents and hometown again.

Hans said, "Seems like you have fallen in love with opal. Alright, if there are no good storage unit auctions to be found, you stay there. But, pay attention to safety."

The issue regarding safety was a huge problem. Huge trees caught wind while fat pigs got slaughtered. As Li Du was wealthy and also a Chinese foreigner in America, he would very easily attract the attention of degenerates.

With one of them watching videos and the other reading books along the lines of, "Seal Army Course,""First-Grade Security of Blackwater Company" and "Nation's Capabilities," it seemed Godzilla and Big Quinn were learning how to be bodyguards.

As Li Du had nothing to do, he wanted to join in the fun. He recalled Wolfgang's introduction and asked, "Do you guys know what the SKS, SEK and GSG-9 are? German military organizations?"

Lu Guan, who was also joining in the fun from the side, rolled his eyes and said, "Isn't it KSK?"

Li Du could not remember clearly and replied, "Seems right. What organization is that?"

Lu Guan explained, "KSK is the abbreviation for a German special forces unit. The full name is Special Forces Command. The unit was established in 1996 and has five commando companies. It is currently the greatest strength of the German army."

Li Du inquired, "Since this is the German army's greatest strength, what about the SEK and GSG-9?"

"Those two are the greatest strengths of the police force. Among which, the SEK is the police force's special forces commando unit and is located in various German states. GSG-9 is the famous 9th anti-terrorist unit of the border army, capable of carrying out operations in their own country and consists of outstanding soldiers."

Li Du recalled the information regarding Wolfgang and asked, "If someone joined the KSK, conducted training for SEK and was later the leader of GSG-9's land-based commando unit, what does it imply?"

Lu Guan was stunned and exclaimed, "Such an amazing fella?"

Godzilla said, "It implies that the person is the most talented in the German army. The German army would focus on training him and subsequently develop him to become the main leader of their counter-terrorism forces."

Li Du asked, "Do people who obtain such achievements make a very good bodyguard?"

"Not only the normal kind of good, it's superbly good!" Lu Guan replied.

Li Du wandered around the campground with his hands behind his back. Wolfgang's capabilities far surpassed his expectations.

He had seen Wolfgang's abilities before. With regards to fighting, he could take down six or seven tough robbers in a short time. When it came to stealth, he could freely enter the neighborhood of villas, which had the best security in Flagstaff.

Li Du thought that he had understood Wolfgang's abilities very well and did not expect to have underestimated him.

People like Wolfgang were the backbone of any country's violent organizations. His inability to join a security company was probably due to always having to bring his daughter along.

After considering, he felt that Wolfgang was definitely a talent, like a piece of jade that drifted onto a small beach, and hiring him was akin to obtaining something valuable for a bargain.

Regarding his need to always bring his daughter along for his missions, Li Du felt that since he had promised he would not be affected by it, he should probably believe him.

Regardless of how he looked at the matter, Wolfgang was, at the very least, not a person who liked to lie.

After taking the whole afternoon to consider, Li Du decided to give it a try. He called Sophie and asked her if she knew where Wolfgang stayed.

Sophie didn't know. Nonetheless, as she had Wolfgang's phone number, she would call him and ask.

Soon, an address was sent to his phone. Sophie told him that Wolfgang was currently working at a construction site. He could go there to find him directly.

Li Du hurriedly drove over. As the terrain of the construction site was complex and hard to traverse, he drove a pickup truck with a high chassis.

Even though the global economy was in a downturn, the real estate market was booming. When Li Du called his parents, he often heard them talk about how the prices of the houses back home were constantly changing, which was, in fact, the same in America as well.

The real estate market in America was polarized. In livable cities, various real estate developers were wantonly selling houses. On the other hand, the real estate market in regions such as the north and southwest, which were not pleasant to live in, was stagnant as there were not many people buying houses.

Even though Flagstaff was located in the southwest, it was a livable city. As such, most of the surrounding areas were building houses to be sold.

Li Du drove into the construction site amid the loud noise of the machines. Although Sophie had given him Wolfgang's phone number, no one picked up when he tried calling.

Despite that, it was understandable, looking at the messy and noisy environment of the construction site. No one would be able to answer their phones unless they strapped them onto their ears.

Once he reached the construction site, searching for Wolfgang was easy. He bet that there was only one German in the whole construction site who had brought their child to work.

Li Du went down and asked a random worker, "I would like to inquire about a person"

"I'm very busy. Go ask someone else," an African American youngster said impatiently.

Li Du took out 20 dollars. "Here's a tip."

After taking the money, the youngster's attitude immediately changed. He asked graciously, "Who are you looking for?"

"A German called Wolfgang Muller, brings along his daughter"

Before Li Du finished speaking, the youngster returned the money and said, "You're looking for Brother Wolf? I'll take you over to him now."

"Brother Wolf?" Li Du replied with a question.

The youngster forced a smile. "Yes, Wolfgang. We all call him Brother Wolf. Are you a friend of Brother Wolf's? Sorry my attitude earlier wasn't very nice."

Li Du let out a playful smile. This German Brother Wolf is more amazing than I had anticipated.

Nonetheless, this nickname was rather fitting as, "Wo Er Fu" was the pronunciation for wolf, while "gang" sounded like a suffix in German, which could be nicknamed in a personal way as "brother."

At the center of the construction site was a dump truck depositing cement. Beside it was a brick field with countless stacks of red bricks and more than a dozen workers who were busy dragging the bricks away.

It was the work Brother Wolf, Wolfgang, was doing, which was also commonly known as a "loser's job."

Brother Wolf was very capable. He wore denim cowboy attire, and had dirt and brick dust all over his hair and clothes. As he was perspiring profusely, sweat dripped down along his cheeks and mixed with the dust, causing him to look like a male Chinese opera actor.

He did not have time to wipe the dust away since he was busy working. His big and tall body was bending up and down in front of the stacks of bricks. With a pair of arms that looked like huge iron pincers, he was able to hold and carry six bricks at a time to the cart.

Once the cart was full, he pulled it away.

Although the terrain of the construction site was complex, it was not comparable to a mountain forest. He was able to easily traverse a mountain forest as if it were level ground. So trotting along while pulling the cart here, he looked outstanding.

Despite that, he was not focused when working and would, from time to time, look towards a corner at the side of the brick field.

In the corner was a tent where the little girl, who was wearing a black veil, sat alone. The little girl and the Barbie doll she was carrying were also dirty from being covered with dust.