Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 639

Chapter 639: Let Me Get Rid of It

He didn't know when the other party had started watching him, but at the very least it had been discovered that he was using Crispy Noodles to search for fire opals. This meant that he was already being watched the last time he was here searching for opals.

If he hadn't brought professional security personnel like Brother Wolf with him, he wouldn't have discovered this that he had been watched by others all this time!

Li Du stood up and glared furiously at the drone. He had a way to deal with it; he could use the little bug to absorb the time capability from one of the circuits and destroy it.

He was just about to make his move when Brother Wolf said, "They found out that we found them out."

This was a bit of a tongue-twister but the meaning was very clear. Through the camera attached to the drone, the people who had been operating it would have known that their targets had discovered the drone spying on them.

Li Du flashed his middle finger at it. Now it might be problematic to use the little bug's capability to destroy it.

Having just discovered the drone, if it were to crash, the other party would definitely connect him with the event.

Although such speculation may have seemed very nonsensical, Li Du could not take the risk and allow himself to be associated with such out-of-the-ordinary events.

Fortunately, he had not started digging any fire opals yet. He had only strolled around and so the other party couldn't have gotten much headway with their watching.

He would deal with the drone later to reduce the other party's suspicion of him.

Brother Wolf looked around and said, "Boss, the control distance of such civilian drones can't be very far. The person controlling it must be nearby. . ."

Li Du also looked around and then saw a tent near the gravel bank. Several motorcycles were parked there.

When they had first arrived, they checked out their surroundings. There were no gem hunters in the area and also no sign of any tents. These people had obviously followed them here.

Using a drone to spy on others was an invasion of privacy. It was a form of theft as it was dishonest behavior and could be directly prosecuted in court in the United States.

Looking at the tent, Li Du waved and said, "Come, let's go over, d*mn it."

Since it was not far off, Brother Wolf didn't bring his daughter this time. He left Ivana in the truck and followed Li Du to the tent beside the gravel bank.

The drone had been hovering above their heads. Without a doubt, the people in the tent knew they were coming.

As they approached, four gem hunters came out of the tent, folded their arms, crooked their heads and blocked their way, looking at them aggressively.

Godzilla clenched his fists and asked, "Hit?"

Li Du said, "No hurry. Be a gentleman first before being a soldier."

When he saw the four of them, he waved. "Hey, guys. Good afternoon."

The men didn't answer but looked at him coldly, obviously wanting to pick a fight.

Li Du kept his smile and said, "The weather this afternoon is not bad, huh? So, how have you been doing here?"

The four of them still didn't say a word and continued looking at him with disdain.

Godzilla took one step forward. Brother Wolf calmly reached for his wrist and shook his head.

Li Du had no choice but to continue with his monologue. He pointed to the drone in the sky, "Is that yours? You're infringing on privacy."

At last someone spoke. A man in a cowboy hat said, "What's that? Oh, sorry. We don't know what that is."

Li Du smiled. "Let me introduce it to you. It's called a drone, a child's toy. Good to know it's not yours. I was worried about it causing a conflict between us."

Since they wouldn't admit it was theirs, there was nothing he could do. He gave them a look and made his way back.

Since the drone's owner knew it had been discovered, the owner no longer bothered to conceal it. The drone descended openly in the air and got even closer to them.

This made Godzilla furious. He flashed his middle finger and hollered, "Get lost!"

Coolly, Brother Wolf blocked him and turned towards Li Du. "Boss, let me get rid of it?"

Li Du was surprised. "Can you? You brought a gun?"

Brother Wolf shook his head and said, "No, I haven't applied for a gun license yet but no need for a gun."

He looked around. His gaze rested on a tree. He said, "Godzilla, you go prop a tent up. Boss, keep looking for gems and try to get it to descend another ten yards."

Li Du asked, "What are you going to do?"

Brother Wolf said, "Hit it down."

He took a military knife and walked towards the side of the woods.

Li Du did not know what he had gone to do but based on his tone, he seemed very confident. So he nodded and said to Godzilla, "Do it."

Godzilla's job was easy; he only had to prop the tent up.

Li Du's mission was relatively difficult. Now the drone was flying about 40 to 50 yards away from them. It still looked like a black shadow. How was he supposed to get it to fly lower?

After pondering, Li Du decided to provoke the other party first. He jumped up and down, flashing his middle finger angrily at the drone.

Ah Meow, Crispy Noodles and Ah Ow followed suit, jumping up and down, howling at the drone at the same time.

Meanwhile, the six of them in the tent next to the gravel bank were laughing:

"Look at this Chinaman. He looks just like a monkey. Come on, let us feed you some bananas."

"The way he is jumping is really comical. Has the video been saved? I want to circulate it on the internet."

"Keep it on him. See how he finds the fire opals. Owen said it was unbelievable how many this guy got!"

The drone was cruising in the air but it didn't land. It was flying steadily above them. Li Du guessed that the other party had been entertained by watching him.

After he spat at the ground, he told the three jumping animals, "Okay, enough. Don't bother. It's of no use."

Three little ones didn't understand him but when they saw that he stopped jumping, they quietened down.

Looking at the trio, Li Du sighed. "Why isn't there one among you who can fly? If one of you has wings, it would be great if you could go up there and get it for me."

The trio blinked at him blankly. They could act cute very well, just don't count on them for any serious work.

He racked his brain to come up with a plan. Brother Wolf returned with a big bunch of branches and leaves. He then went into the tent Godzilla set up and fiddled with things inside.

After thinking about it, Li Du came up with a plan. He put some preserved fruit under a few stones and brought Crispy Noodles to the area. Attracted by the scent of the preserved fruit, Crispy Noodles started digging as expected.

Then, Li Du pretended to dig with him in a high-spirited manner. At the same time, he waved to Godzilla and signaled him to come over with an umbrella to shield him.

Godzilla had a large build, so when he opened the umbrella, Li Du was instantly blockedthe drone camera couldn't capture anything.

It was obvious Li Du had found something but since the drone could not capture the details, the controller got irritated. He could only reduce the drone's speed and gradually descend.

He knew a good show was coming up.