Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 640

Chapter 640: The Anti-aircraft Gun, Brother Wolf

Li Du watched the drone out of the corner of his eye as it gradually lowered. When the drone was low enough, he could see its appearance clearly.

It was an ordinary drone that was purchasable online. He had seen a drone in a storage unit auction before, where a man used it to enter storage units and look through the items inside, only for it to get trapped in the iron frame.

While Li Du was making observations, there was suddenly a bang!-bang!-bang! in the forest next to him before three or four round balls whizzed toward the sky.

When the round balls reached the sky, they immediately exploded with a loud thunder like bang followed by the descent of big shreds of leaves that filled up the sky!

One after another, the four balls, which contained only tree leaves, exploded. The tree leaves drifted down and blanketed the drone like a heavy snowfall.

This type of drone depended on the four propellers found on the four shafts. As the propellers were made of ordinary plastic strips, they were powerless against the tree leaves falling on them and were no longer able to spin after being jammed by the tree leaves.

As such, with the drone no longer capable of flying, it swayed a few times in the sky, like a bird that was struck by an arrow, before diving straight down. With a bang, the drone collided with the ground and was smashed into pieces!

Li Du stared aghast at the sight before turning his head and staring in shock at the small forest next to him, where Brother Wolf, with an indifferent look, walked out. Without a doubt, this was his doing.

"How did you do it?" Li Du asked.

Brother Wolf replied, "There are small pine trees in the forest. Their tree branches are very flexible and can be used as a trebuchet. I used the tent's shade nettings to wrap up tree leaves to make four bombs and throwing them onto the trebuchet worked."

"How did the bombs explode?" Li Du was still amazed.

"Very simple," Brother Wolf replied. "The buckshot in the truck can be modified into a timed explosive and all I had to do was estimate the time before it blasted open the shade nettings."

Li Du looked at Godzilla and asked, "Do you understand?"

Godzilla nodded his head and gave a thumbs up. "Expert! Brillant!"

Li Du also could not help giving a thumbs up and said, "How long is your probation period?"

"Three months."

"Okay, it's now changed to two months," Li Du said delightedly.

This move by Brother Wolf was definitely worth a one-month reduction in the probation period.

After hearing this, Brother Wolf, who always wore cold, unpleasant look, suddenly let out a smile. He said, "Hopefully, those b*stards still got drones."

A few people inside the tent at the barren land next to them were swearing, "F*ck, the b*stard really destroyed my drone!"

"Fifteen-hundred dollars! Go start trouble with him!"

"F*ck this Chinaman. Not only did he come to steal our gemstones, but he destroyed our stuff! F*ck him!"

The situation had changed. Five to six people, from inside the tent, ran angrily at Li Du.

Li Du realized the disadvantage of not bringing Big Quinn along. If Big Quinn were here, his ferocious expression alone would be enough to stop a few people.

Nonetheless, even without Big Quinn, these people also did not dare fight. After they ran over, the leader, a burly man, said in a gloomy manner, "Compensate our drone!"

Li Du looked lost. "Compensate your drone? What drone?"

The burly man pointed at the broken drone on the ground and shouted, "You guys destroyed my drone. Boy Wonder, do you really have to provoke us?"

Li Du spit with contempt and said, "So you are now admitting that the drone is yours? Earlier on, I went to warn you guys not to f*cking use that toy to invade my privacy . . . "

"Who invaded your privacy? You only rented the rights to use this one-hectare land. The sky doesn't belong to you," the burly man said in a self-righteous manner.

"Yes, what you say is truethe sky is not under my jurisdiction. It is also not under your jurisdiction. You guys can fly your drone here, we can also play flying ball game here,"

The burly man was temporarily at a loss for words. When a youngster behind him came over to take the damaged drone away, Brother Wolf reached out to stop him and said coldly, "Leave this place."

The youngster stared arrogantly at him. "Get lost! A son of a bit*ch like you has no say here!"

Brother Wolf looked at Li Du. Li Du nodded his head. "Teach him a lesson."

Brother Wolf attacked as soon as the sound of his voice was heard. He grabbed onto the shoulders of the youngster and leaned onto him while simultaneously twisting his waist and body. Just like a sandbag being thrown, the youngster was thrown onto the ground with a bam!

As the ground here was filled with crushed rocks, even slowly sitting down was painful, let alone being thrown onto the ground in such a manner.

The youngster was in so much pain that he was not even able to make a sound. He lay on the ground with a pale face whilst forcefully inhaling a breath of cold air.

Brother Wolf's attack was quick, clean, and not at all sluggish. The combat prowess that was demonstrated promptly left the other party frightened.

The burly man, who was the leader, bellowed, "You guys still dare to hit people? We're only here to take back our drone!"

Li Du said, "Is the drone yours?"

The burly man suppressed his anger. "Yes."

Li Du remarked, "Maybe it was before, but now it isn't. Now, everything on this one-hectare piece of land belongs to me."

"F*ck you!" The burly man was so furious that his mouth nearly went crooked.

Li Du said coldly, "The sky doesn't belong to meit can't be that the ground also doesn't belong to me, right?"

The burly man was so angry that he grinded his teeth, "Don't go overboard, Boy Wonder. Are you trying to blow this conflict out of proportion?"

When Li Du reached over to pat him on his shoulder, the burly man instead thought that he was able to attack him and retreated hurriedly as if he had encountered a viper.

Seeing this, Li Du laughed and waved his hand. "Relax, relax, I'm not trying to hit you. What I wanted to say was that you are already keeping this conflict in check. If this conflict was really blown out of proportion, friend, you guys would already be down on the ground!"

Ah Ow stretched her neck and howled, "Awoo!"

With the howling of a Mexican wolf in the background, Li Du's words seemed more frightening.

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles were put to shame in this aspect. A wolf's howl in the wilderness was indeed too powerful.

When Brother Wolf and Godzilla began rolling up their sleeves, the group of people did not dare attack. They could only act tough and leave behind a few vicious words while lifting up the youngster, who was thrown onto the ground, before leaving grudgingly.

Having settled the monitoring as well as resolving the threat, Li Du was in a great mood and said, "Time to rest, mates. Come, see what we have and let's make something to eat."

Sophie had prepared a lot of light refreshments for him so that he could fill his stomach when he had no time to cook. There were almond biscuits, various flavored cookies, tiramisu, fruit cream cakes, various flavored almond egg tarts, and much more.

When Li Du took the light refreshments out, the three furry children scrambled toward the pickup truck. Ah Meow jumped onto the truck and threw down, with his mouth, three iron plates. They went about finding their own plates before they continued scrambling over to request for food.

The door of the pickup truck opened and the little girl, wearing a black veil, also popped her head out and looked around.

Seeing this, Li Du smiled as he waved his hand. "Come, sweetheart, let's eat the light refreshments together."

The little girl was very hesitant. After seeing him wave his hand, she was frightened and retracted her head back into the truck.

After Li Du pointed at her. Ah Ow blinked a few times and ran over to drag her down. She pulled the little girl's legs with her claws and bit on little girl's dress with her mouth.

This startled Mr. Li who quickly shouted, "I asked you to invite her over, not to drag her over!"