Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 643

Chapter 643: Thank You Boss

Actually, this was the second time a wild wolf had come by. Li Du studied its eyes and expressions, it didn't look that ferocious and didn't look as though it had wanted to attack.

Thinking back about the last contact with it, the wild wolf also did not attack them at all. It had just looked at them from a distance, just like how he was when he saw gorgeous babes when back in college.

Later, Ah Meow launched an attack, and the wild wolf fought with them. It didn't fight very hard; it had left after it realized they were not to be trifled with.

He spoke to Brother Wolf about it, and Brother Wolf nodded, "That's what I'm guessing too."

"Why do you say that?"

"It was not hunting, otherwise it wouldn't give up its prey that easily. We would need to put in all our effort if we want to catch a lone wolf, and not give up until we have got no choice.

Li Du asked, "Well, since it's not attacking us, we don't have to hurt it. How can we get rid of it?"

Perplexed, Brother Wolf said, "Tough, the desire for breeding is a very powerful physiological desire."

"Is there no easy way out?"

"There is."

Li Du said, "Shoot."

Brother Wolf looked at the wolf who was walking around unbridled, "Throw it to the lone wolf for its enjoyment. It would be fine after that."

Li Du fumed at his suggestion, what sort of suggestion is this? Ah Ow was still so young, she hadn't even gotten her estrus cycle yet. She would be ruined if she were thrown to the wolf to be ravaged.

And this wolf was hardly a good match for Ah Ow? Even if Ah Ow was of age and in search of a partner, he would not pair her with such a scruffy-looking wolf.

Although young girls would usually have a soft spot for vagrant youths, this lone wolf was a stray and not some literary and artistic wanderer. And his Ah Ow?

He looked down at Ah Ow with her fur washed clean, with no dirt whatsoever. And also because she was well-nourished, her bones were strong, her fur were glossy and her eyes were alert - definitely a beauty among wolves!

Ah Ow raised her head and howled, "Who's the little princess around here?"

Li Du waved his hand and said, "This is not a good idea, come up with something else."

Brother Wolf thought about it and said, "Then you guys go to bed. I'll light bonfires around the tent and then confronted it."

Li Du was very tired, and not in the mood to continue the wrangling. He trusted Brother Wolf and so he dragged the trio into the tent for some sleep.

Godzilla threw a shotgun to Brother Wolf and whispered, "Be careful."

Seeing the shotgun, a baffled Brother Wolf said, "Man, why didn't you take the gun out earlier?!!"

The matter could now be solved easily. He raised the gun and fired three shots 'bang bang bang'. The burst of flames from the gun's barrel looked extremely magnificent against the dark night.

Seeing that, the wild wolf, which had been staring at them from the distance, was terrified. It opened its mouth and made a long howl, "Owww.oooo!"

Its cry was loud and chilling in the distance, which made it all the more stirring.

It knew the power of firearms, and eventually, under the double threat from the weapon and the fire, it retreated.

The wild wolf had retreated to the west, but the Brother Wolf looked towards the southeast in the opposite direction.

Li Du, who had popped out, asked, "What's the matter?"

Brother Wolf pointed to the tent on the gravel bank next to him, "Just now a few of them had sneaked out. They went back after hearing the gun shots."

Li Du stroked his chin:, "Do you mean they were about to come to us for revenge?"

Brother Wolf nodded.

As the distance was too great, Li Du could not release the little bug to monitor them.

However, he did not think that those cowards that he had met in the afternoon could pose as any threat. Since Brother Wolf was keeping vigil, he went back to bed and slept soundly all the way until dawn.

Upon waking up, the first thing he caught a whiff of was the aroma of coffee.

Walking out of the tent, he saw Brother Wolf and his daughter taking a stroll in the distance. There was a coffee pot hanging at the bonfire on the side, this was where the aroma had come from.

Brother Wolf was very vigilant. As soon as Li Du pulled the tent door open, he had sensed it. He hastily rolled down the veil to cover Ivana's face, and at the same time he slided in front of her so that she was blocked from sight.

Li Du still had no idea what was wrong with Ivana, although it was clear that it was fine for her to be out and about. He was guessing that she could be suffering from diseases such as vitiligo or lupus, so Brother Wolf did not want others see how she looked.

"Good morning." he greeted them first.

Brother Wolf nodded, and pointed to the coffee pot, indicating that he had made coffee.

Li Du poured out two cups of coffee, and basked in the sun's rays beaming at him from the East.

He had gotten up early, it was only six o'clock. The sun was still rising, hanging in the East, casting its gentle warm rays upon the ground.

Godzilla was up as well, he had stayed in the tent until Li Du came out.

There were still some mutton and sausages leftover from the previous night; Brother Wolf was about to heat it up for breakfast.

Li Du shook his head and said, "How could you make do with this? It's fine for us but your daughter is still a child, she needs to grow."

He went to the truck and opened a cooler box which contained ice. He took out eggs, bacon, sausages, as well as several bags of frozen food he had bought from the supermarket.

Barbecued pork buns, fresh shrimp dumplings and rice noodles- items typically served at Chinese breakfasts.

Li Du put a pot on a rack above the fire to steam the items. He asked Godzilla to heat up some milk. Then, using the electricity generated from the truck, he fried the eggs, bacon and sausages.

Not too far away in another tent, several people were listlessly chewing dehydrated hamburgers.

Someone was watching Li Du with binoculars, and after a while, he said enviously, "These sons of b*tches, are they here to work or holiday?"

"What's the matter, Gortat?" a man asked.

Gortat licked his lips and said, "They're having a really good breakfast. I see Chinese food, fried eggs, bacon, and warm milk."

The person next to him grabbed the binoculars and couldn't help exclaiming, "Son of a b*tch, really enjoying life!"

The fire was strong, steam had risen from the top of the steamer in no time.

Having fried the sausages, Li Du peeped at the breakfast in the pot - even the most time-consuming steamed pork dumplings was cooked, it was time to eat.

He put one of each item onto a dish for the little girl and said, "Come on, have a taste and see which one you like."

The fresh shrimp dumplings - shrimp stuffed into a thin wrapper was filled with shrimp juice. He taught the little girl to first take a small bite, suck the juice out, before eating the rest of it.

The little girl took one bite and whispered, "It's yummy."

Brother Wolf stroked her head with his big hand and said, "Eat more of it since you like it, sweetheart. Say thank you to boss first."

"Thank you, boss," the little girl said as she looked up at him, with her clear bluish-gray. peepers.

Li Du laughed, "You can call me brother or uncle, no need to call me boss."

He thought that it sounded strange for the little girl to be saying the words "thank you boss".

The smart little girl said, "Call you brother? You're so young!"

Li Du laughed and poured her a cup of hot milk, then added some fruit juice to it, "Come on, sweetheart. Warm fruity milk - nutritious and yummy."

He put a straw in the cup, so that the little girl could drink the milk without lifting her veil.

Noting this detail, Brother Wolf said, "Thank you, boss."