Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 651

Chapter 651: Lady Officer In Action

Within the day, Phoenix's elite state police had arrived at the National Park, and once again, Li Du was interrogated.

The interrogation this time was more aggressive; the police asked him about his harvest from the National Park, as well as other more personal questions like how he had conducted his searches.

At the same time, the police told him that many hunters had viewed him as the biggest suspect for the incident. More than five of them had reported the matter with evidence proving that he'd used machines to search for gems.

Li Du was not bothered; he insisted that he had nothing to do with this.

The police had no evidence at all. He was well aware of this since the evidence was in his hands.

After dealing with the police, he poured himself a glass of water and was about to get some rest when another police car showed up.

Feeling resigned as he drank his water, Li Du said, "Looks like we won't have any energy left for digging up gems. Retain some energy"

Before he finished speaking, the door of the police car opened, and a long leg emerged from it. A tense-looking Luo Qun appeared in front of him.

Luo Qun was in her police uniform. Carrying a police cap and with her long black hair tied up in a ponytail, she looked alert and dashing.

Li Du rubbed his eyes and said with surprise, "Am I seeing things? Qun-er, why are you here?"

When the lady cop heard him called her "Qun-er" in such an exaggerated manner, her face changed. She looked at him irritably, and said, "'Qun-er?' Why don't you call me 'lil' baby' instead?"

With a forced smile, Li Du said, "That would be too embarrassing. Won't that sound a little too ambiguous?"

Brother Wolf and Godzilla walked off, giving the two of them privacy.

In a casual manner, Luo Qun sat down on the reclining chair that Li Du had just pulled out, and crossed her legs.

She looked at the beer bottles, kebabs, and snacks on the side table. "So this is a vacation?" she jeered. "Still in the mood for such things? Do you not know there's a big case going on here?"

"Of course I know," Li Du answered. "Some people used machines to excavate precious gems. This is the big case?"

Luo Qun snorted, "Of course: the destroying of the national park and the illegal exploitation of state resources. It would definitely be a big case in Arizona. So, are you regretful?"

"Regretful of what?" Li Du asked, puzzled.

"Don't tell me it has nothing to do with you," Luo Qun sneered. "It must have been guilt that made you call me 'Qun-er' when you first saw me, right?"

Li Du was not guilty, but he had belittled these elite police officers.

He had called Luo Qun "Qun-er" only because he was surprised to see her here managing the case. He was afraid of revealing something unwittingly and so acted strangely by calling her by this name, in an attempt to distract her.

Unexpectedly, Luo Qun had noticed his unease from his abnormal address of her.

But he couldn't admit this, and said firmly, "What am I guilty of? This has nothing to do with me"

"Still arguing with me?" Luo Qun suddenly took out her pistol and pointed it at him. Her eyebrows were raised and her face was cold. She gave off a commanding presence.

Seeing that she had drawn her pistol, Ah Meow, Ah Ow, and Crispy Noodles immediately sat in a row obediently. Ah Ow even squatted down, with her buttocks and hind paws on the ground, while her front paws were raised in a surrendering gesture.

Li Du jumped up in fright and said, "What do you mean?"

Luo Qun glared at him, then quickly retracted her pistol. She suddenly beamed. "Nothing, just pulling your leg."

Annoyed, Li Du asked, "Pulling my leg? Are you trying to scare me to death?"

He looked at the three little ones and smacked Ah Ow's bottom in rage. "You gutless creature. Can't you even act like a wolf? From whom did you learn how to raise your paws like this?"

Ah Ow hurriedly hid behind him, and then quietly peeked at Luo Qunevidently, she was quite terrified of her.

The Luo Qun beckoned at her with a hooked finger, and Ah Ow retracted immediately.

However, she had forgotten that she was all grown up. Even if she managed to hide her head, she couldn't hide her bottomthe bottom half of her body was exposed.

Li Du said, "Stop scaring her."

Luo Qun said, "Who's scaring her? Has all that searching for opals made you mental?"

"Then why are you showing her your hooked finger?" Li Du asked furiously.

"I'm asking you to come over!" Luo Qun was exasperated.

Mr. Li was embarrassed. He went over and said, "I thought you were calling Ah Ow. Okay, what're you calling me over for?"

She sat down nonchalantly across from him and said, "Undeniably, this case is related to youdon't I know you well enough? But aren't you a storage treasure hunter? Why are you now also a gem hunter?"

Li Du said, "I realized that one could make money as a gem hunter. What do you mean this is related to me"

"You are really worrisome," Luo Qun interrupted him. She babbled on, "Trouble follows you wherever you go. But this time, it will be tricky. The machines are yours?"

"No," Li Du said reflexively. Then he realized that he had lost his tongue and hurriedly added, "No, I wanted to ask if something's wrong with you? Why're you suspecting me? I'm a law-abiding person."

Luo Qun curled her lip and said, "Pretty smart, huh? Fast response. But it's no use playing tricks before Officer Luo Qun here. What is the extent of your connection with this case?"

"Why're you treating me as a criminal?" Li Du asked with a tad of resignation. "Where's the trust between us?"

Luo Qun said, "I just pulled a gun out to scare youyou didn't even swear at me. But when I asked about you and the machines, you got defensive. Why then wouldn't I connect you with this case?"

Li Du was speechless.

"But don't be afraid," Luo Qun continued. "I'm not some impartial idiot. I've come to take over the investigation so that I can help absolve you from the case."

Li Du spread his hands out helplessly. "It's true, I really have nothing to do with this case. What can I say to make you believe me?"

Luo Qun said, "I believe you're not responsible, but I don't believe you have nothing to do with it. Do you want proof?"

"What proof?"

As Luo Qun patted her chest; the filled-out police uniform jiggled. Li Du was dumbfounded. "Are you planning to seduce me?"

The lady officer almost wanted to draw her pistol again. She glared at Li Du, and said, "Stop being cheeky. It's instinct! My instinct is the proof! At first glance, I knew you had something to do with the case!"

Li Du smiled wryly at her. "Can a women's intuition be the basis for solving a case?"

The lady officer eyeballed him. "I really want to help you. I don't want to see my friend end up in prison again. After all, I've only got one and a half friends."

"One and a half?" Li Du asked in bewilderment.

"One's you, the half is my partner," Luo Qun said as she pointed to the police car.

Seated in the driver's seat was plump matronly Alison, who gave her a wave.

Li Du sighed. "I'm very touched that you treat me as your friend. Looks like I've gotta help you out."

"It's actually me helping you, okay?" Luo Qun sneered. "Fool!"

"Yes, yes, yeswhatever you say. But to catch the criminals, you will need my help."

Luo Qun looked at him doubtfully. "You really have nothing to do with this case?"

Li Du was pissed off. "Which part of me shouts 'criminal?'"

"Everywhere! I've seen it ever since I first saw you!"


"Come, f*ck me!"

"What the f*ck!"