Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 663

Chapter 663: Big Foxs Network

After completing the transfer of the equity settlement, Li Du hurriedly made his return to Flagstaff.

As soon as the plane landed at the Flagstaff airport, Li Du went straight to the bank.

This time, he remitted a million yuan to his parents, then withdrew 300,000 dollars to be divided into four shares to be deposited into four checking accounts.

In two of the accounts were 100,000 dollars while the other two had 50,000 dollars.

Once he exited, he gave Godzilla, Big Quinn, and Brother Wolf a bank card each.

Brother Wolf was stunned. "This is?"

Big Quinn knew what was going on, and chuckled excitedly, "This is the bonus? The year-end bonus?"

Li Du said, "No, it's only November now. Why the hurry to collect your year-end bonus? This is the bonus for this period. Continue to put in your best effort. Sooner or later, you'll all become multi-millionaires."

Godzilla's bank card contained 100,000 dollars while the other two had 50,000 dollars in theirs.

After they had gone into the bank to enquire, Brother Wolf was the one who was most excited.

Stroking the bank card, he gasped and said, "Whoa, this is great. Whoa, this is so great. I'll continue to work hard, boss."

Grasping this opportunity, Li Du asked the question that had been plaguing him. "Brother Wolf, what's wrong with Ivana? Why do you need a million dollars?"

Brother Wolf's excitement dissipated. He said, "She needs a major operation, which costs at least a million dollars."

Noting that he had avoided talking about the gravity of the issue, Li Du knew that he didn't want to talk about it, and so didn't probe further.

Godzilla handed him his bank card, and a startled Brother Wolf said, "Huh?"

The Mexican shrugged and said, "It's a loan."

A look of bewilderment came over Brother Wolf's face. "What? What do you mean?"

Big Quinn also handed him his bank card. "Buddy, you obviously need to raise the money for your daughter's operation. As colleagues, we've got to help you."

Brother Wolf shook his head decisively. "Thank you both, but"

"No buts," said Big Quinn. "I'm also a father. I don't know what's wrong with Ivana, but I know that no matter what sickness it is, it's better for the operation to be done sooner."

He kissed the bank card with reluctance and then shoved it into Brother Wolf's hand.

Brother Wolf shook his head again, but didn't say "no" to turn him down.

Big Quinn patted Godzilla's shoulder and said, "Bro, as for the money I owe you, I can only pay you back later."

Godzilla grumbled, "Just make sure to give it back before I croak."

Big Quinn guffawed, "Stop your bullsh*t!"

Knowing that Big Quinn still owed Godzilla money, Brother Wolf said, "You also need the money. Forget it, buddy"

"You need it more than I do," Big Quinn pushed away the bank card he had wanted to pass back to him. "In our team, one of the rules is that we'll all help out when disaster strikes one of us."

Brother Wolf murmured, "When disaster strikes, help comes from all quarters?"

Big Quinn said, "Yeah, exactly that."

Brother Wolf nodded heartily, and he raised his fist at Big Quinn and Godzilla. "Great team rule, I'm honored to be able to work alongside both of you."

Big Quinn and Godzilla laughed before responding with a fist-bump. Brother Wolf also burst out laughing.

The other bank card with 100,000 dollars was meant for Hans. He had been working hard at selling the items they had gotten at the storage auction. As boss, it was only right that he offered some form of reward as motivation.

In addition, during this period, Hans and Lu Guan had collaborated to participate in several storage auctions in Arizona. They did well and had made some money for the company.

In any case, this sum of money was peanuts for today's Li Du.

Hans was surprised to receive the bank card; he also thought it was the year-end bonus. "There's still one more month until the new year. Are you giving out the year-end bonus early?"

"This isn't it," Li Du said. "Just some pocket money for you."

Hans raised his hand and touched Li Du's forehead with concern. Li Du pushed his hand away and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

"I'm checking whether you have a fever or have just gone nuts. Giving out so much money? This would really make anyone excited."

Li Du rolled his eyes at him and said, "Have I ever paid you too little before?"

Hans gave it a thought, and something hit him. "Not too little, but you must be rolling in dough now. Did you find a lot of fire opals? Otherwise, why would you be so generous?"

Li Du was speechless.

Hans was good at reading his mind, and he had guessed the answer by deduction.

But he didn't admit it, and said ambiguously, "Indeed. I've gotten two paintings recently. They're genuine works by Van Gogh, and could probably fetch tens of millions."

Hans was flabbergasted by this piece of news. "What? You're so lucky. Van Gogh's genuine works? You've struck it rich?"

Li Du shrugged. "Yes, Van Gogh's original works, but they haven't yet been sold. So, I've not struck it rich yet."

Hans said, "Tell me about the two paintings, maybe I can find you a buyer."

Li Du looked at him scornfully. "You can find a buyer? These are paintings worth tens of millions, my brother."

Less than half an hour after he said these words, Hans had helped him connect with a buyer. Someone agreed to dash over to see the paintings. If they were genuine, he was willing to pay for them.

It was Li Du's turn to be shocked. "You actually found me a buyer? Your network's really something. You even know tycoons who can afford such paintings worth tens of millions of dollars?"

Hans shrugged. "Actually you know him too."


"You'll find out when he's here."

Two days later, the buyer was in Flagstaff. Hans and Li Du went to pick him up.

As they waited outside the airport, a young man accompanied by an old man walked toward them.

At the sight of the young man, Li Du laughed.

Hans was right: he knew him too. This was a former customer of theirs, a shy young man who lived in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. It was Pastorife Potter.

But he was only shy in front of the opposite gender; he was pretty friendly to those of the same gender.

Potter greeted the two of them. "Hi, Big Fox and Li, great to see you again."

Seeing Potter, Li Du knew that this business deal was viable.

Since Potter lived at a prime real estate location in Beverly Hills, he must be wealthy. He was not only well-to-do, he was also an easy-going customer. As long as he had his eye on something, the price was not an issue.

The old man, who was with Potter, was Rune Jacoban expert in oil paintings. He specialized in Van Gogh's paintings and was a professor at the California Academy of Arts. He had come with Potter to appraise these two paintings.

Their relationship was more than just a business arrangement. Potter was especially respectful toward him.

Li Du then drove the two of them back. Along the way, he found out that Hans and Potter enjoyed a good relationship. Potter had bought some of the autographed sporting equipment that they had put up for sale previously.

Hans said, "The other day, you said that you had wanted to buy a piece of artwork as a gift. So when I learned that my brother here wanted to let go of two original Van Gogh paintings, you were the first person that came to mind."

Potter smiled earnestly upon hearing this. "Thank you, Big Fox. I'll make sure to give you a satisfactory intermediary fee."