Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 667

Chapter 667: By All Means

The two bullies were quivering in fear, shrinking toward the back of their seats forcefully, and dying to get back into the carriage.

Ah Ow sensed their fear toward her and howled even harder as she stared at them with her gaping mouth, as though she were forcing her tonsils to pop out.

Tomasson lost his grip. "This . . . Harry, Reiss. Don't be afraid . . . Oh my God, oh God!"

"Sorry buddy, I'll call this little mutt back right now," cried Li Du. "Ah Ow, come back to me! Come back!"

It was a rare chance for Ah Ow to show her prowess and she was so caught up in howling at the two ferocious dogs that she didn't listen to Li Du at all.

Mr. Li flew into a rage. He released Ah Meow and shouted, "Ah Meow, drag her back to me!"

Ah Ow had grown up and now weighed forty pounds. She was also big and tall. In comparison, Ah Meow, who had once bullied her, was now barely half her size.

But, when it came to combat ability, Ah Meow had the upper hand. After all, Ah Meow had been capable of challenging the wild wolf in the wilderness all by himself.

As soon as Ah Meow landed on the ground, he leaped up again. Like an agile girl practicing yoga, his muscles were well-defined and looking splendid in the sunlight.

He quickly jumped into the car, and as he descended, he slapped Ah Ow's mouth, giving her a loud smack.

Ah Ow was very cross. D*mn you! Do you know I am, I am . . . going back now!

She had always been under Ah Meow's control. Even though she was larger in size than him, she was still fearful of him.

Seeing Ah Ow leave with her tail between her legs, Tomasson said in relief, "Mr. Li, I have never seen a man as domineering as you. You've got an ocelot and a wolf, and they are both so obedient. It's simply amazing!"

Li Du laughed, "They are well-behaved. Okay, buddy, see you later. I'll go first."

Tomasson stopped him and said, "Don't be in such a hurry. I've got some dried vegetables here. You may like them."

Dried vegetables were an Amish specialty. They harvested vegetables during the summer and autumn seasons, then dehydrated them quickly. This was to ensure that the vegetables kept well even though they didn't have refrigerators.

Tomasson had a big bag of dried vegetables in the carriage, and he gave them all to Li Du.

These were vegetables they had dried themselves; no pesticide, chemicals or seasonings had been added. Being pure, natural, and organic, they were popular locally.

Li Du laughed and said that he could do away with buying vegetables for a long time.

As he was approaching the cabin, he saw a small pink bicycle speeding along the road.

This was the little girl Victoria's bicycle. Hans had gotten it at a storage auction and had given it to her as a gift when he noticed that she had been riding a broken bicycle every day.

The little girl was pedaling hard on the bicycle. Her tiny frame was bent forward, and she was panting away. The mist was coming out of her mouth like a train puffing along.

Li Du approached her and smiled. "Hi Victoria, you're very early."

The little girl heard his voice and turned her head in surprise. Her fat cheeks were bulging, and her nose was scrunched upit looked as though she were pedaling with all her might.

Li Du folded the bicycle and put it in the trunk before giving her a ride to the cabin.

Victoria would come by the cabin to play whenever she had the time. She would follow Lu Guan around as he worked; help Hans collate the goods, or when Li Du was around, play with the other little girl, Ivana.

As she had been interacting with more people, and the treasure hunters that she came in contact with were more forthright, the little girl had become less introverted and more confident.

When she got into the truck, she picked Ah Meow up and placed her hands between its legs. Ah Meow was shivering in the cold, and so he had wanted to climb out grudgingly and escape.

Victoria giggled, "Don't run away, warm baby, help me warm my hands."

Ah Meow protested, "Meow!"

After much ruckus, Victoria looked at Li Du and said, "Li, I have an idea. Can you give me your okay?"

Li Du, who had been concentrating on his driving, asked casually, "What's your idea?"

Victoria said, "We're on break, and I'm thinking of staying at the cabin. Um . . . forget it, it's just a thought. Um, that's it."

She had just put forward her idea, and immediately she negated it herself. Obviously, she was feeling unsure, withdrawn and lacking confidence.

At the cabin, Victoria got out of the truck to look for Ivana. The two little girls were both introverted and very sensitivetogether, they were a pair of good friends.

Ivana was still wearing a veil; Brother Wolf had been very careful in protecting her privacy. Previously, there was a treasure hunter who tried to remove the veil. Brother Wolf had been so angry that he threw the man out straightaway.

Hence, everyone deliberately avoided paying any attention to the appearance of the little girl under the veil.

There were two huts at the cabinone for Godzilla and one for Brother Wolf and his daughter. The huts were adjacent to each other and looked like small villas.

Early in the morning, Brother Wolf and Godzilla were shirtless as they did their work out.

Li Du saw that they used simple equipment, and had the thought of buying some proper fitness equipment. It would not only be for them, he could also use it for his work out.

While Brother Wolf was friendly to Victoria, Godzilla was even friendlier to her. The former had regarded her as another daughter while the latter treated her as his sister.

So when they saw Victoria, they hurriedly put on their clothes. Instead of working out shirtless, they went to get her some delicious food.

Ivana, who was sitting at the door of the hut, spotted Victoria and waved vigorously. When she approached, she whispered, "I drew a picture last night. Let me show it to you."

"Let me give you some pointers," Victoria said with her hands on her back.

Compared to Ivana, she was more outgoing.

In the afternoon, as the weather became warmer, the treasure hunters had also come to the cabin to hang out, as per their usual practice.

Playing cards, chatting, watching football, talking about businessto the treasure hunters, the cabin had become the place to gather.

As usual, Hans slept till noon. He brought beer with him, and received a rousing welcome when he arrived.

Blacktooth Robbie took a big glass of beer and lifted his glass. "Come, to the generous Big Fox, we love him to death."

Hans said listlessly, "Don't love me so quickly, buddies. Maybe you will hate me in a few days."

"Why? You plan to hit on Robbie? But that b*tch Robbie wouldn't just f*ck anyone, ha ha!" The treasure hunter struck a crass joke.

Brother Wolf and Godzilla stood up at the same time and brought the two little girls who were playing beside them into the hut.

Hans glared at the treasure hunters furiously, and said, "When there're children around, better shut your traps! I f*cking hate you foul-mouthed b*stards!

"Then what did you mean by that?"

Hans said, "Li is going to take us to the old goods market. We are going to rob you."

When the treasure hunters heard those words, their interest was piqued. Robbie said, "By all means, don't belittle the old goods trade. You will come crying to me after you have lost all your money."