Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 668

Chapter 668: Brother Wolfs Past

The treasure hunters were very surprised by Li Du's decision to change profession.

Besides feeling surprised, the treasure hunters also felt sorry. Turis was disappointed. "Li, aren't you doing very well in the storage auction market? Why do you want to leave?"

"Yeah, who will lead us after you leave?"

"The treasure hunters in Flagstaff follow your lead. Maybe, we could follow you to the old goods trading market?"

Blacktooth Robbie, as well as the other old goods treasure hunters, suddenly became angry. "Guys, don't. We have always minded our own business. Are you guys sure you all want to compete with us?"

As the market was only so big, one more person entering meant one less opportunity to earn. Once all the treasure hunters in storage unit auctions entered the market, the old goods treasure hunters might not be able to earn a living.

Li Du waved his hand. "Hey, hey, guys quiet down a little. Listen to me say a couple of words."

The treasure hunters were no longer noisy and looked at him, beers in hand.

Li Du said, "I am very fond of working in storage unit auctions. I will not leave that market. However, since winter is an off-season for storage unit auctions, I would like to take a look in other business areas."

"Old goods trading is a very interesting job. As this is a completely new environment, you guys don't have to be surprised if I join in. I like trying new things."

Big Caen, who was an old goods treasure hunter, said, "Just trying, right? Not here to rob us?"

"Don't listen to Boss Fox's nonsense," Li Du replied. "We have never come into contact with this business before and are only joining to get a feel for the atmosphere. How could we snatch away business from you guys?"

There was no eternal friendship, only interest that was eternal.

This sentence was not only suitable for use between countries, it was also suitable to be used between people.

No matter what, Li Du was also a Chinese immigrant. Regardless of which profession and environment, it was very difficult for a Chinese to work in America, which was considered the territory of Caucasians and African-Americans.

It had already been half a year since the establishment of the cabin. Normally, all the treasures hunters liked coming over and everyone got along well with each other. However, when there was a conflict of interest, the friendships that they had would be put aside.

Nonetheless, compared to when Li Du first entered the storage unit auction industry, the hostility and resistance he encountered when joining the old goods trading profession were much less extreme.

In the afternoon, they chit-chatted while drinking beer and eating jerky. Most of the treasure hunters' attitudes toward Li Du and the others were still rather friendly. When consulting with them, the few questions Li Du asked were answered.

In the evening, the treasure hunters left one after another. Li Du shouted to Victoria, "Hey, little girl, time to go home."

Victoria slowly walked over and whispered, "Brother Li, Ivana stays here alone. She is very lonely and scared at night."

"Her father accompanies her."

"But her father cannot stay in the same bed as her," the little girl argued. "Also, Ivana doesn't go to school and wants to learn drawing and mathematics. I can teach her. I am on vacation and can teach her a lot of things if I stay here."

Li Du smiled. "Yes, it is the holiday period. You can come over during the day, alright?"

After being rejected twice by him, Victoria no longer had the courage to press on and just softly murmured, "She is very lonely at night, very scared. She told me that."

At the moment when Li Du wanted to bring her to the car and send her home, Brother Wolf, who had been keeping quiet at the side, asked, "Victoria, you have seen Ivana's face, right?"

The little girl nodded her head. "Yeah."

"Are you not afraid?" Brother Wolf continued asking.

Victoria opened her eyes wide. "She doesn't snatch my food, doesn't tear my comics, and won't push me over. Why would I be afraid?"

Brother Wolf kept quiet for a while and said, "You have not seen her full body yet. If you guys sleep together at night, you'll see and be afraid her full body."

"Will she snatch my things when we sleep together at night?" Victoria asked.

Brother Wolf was amused by her innocence and said, "Of course not. Ivana is a kind girl and a little angel, just like you."

Victoria responded, "Then why would I be afraid? Even though she doesn't have nice skin, it's not a reason to be a bad person."

Hearing this, Li Du knew the reason why Ivana wore a face veil.

Apparently, as she had a serious skin disease. Brother Wolf kept making her wear a face veil to either protect her dignity or because her body required it.

After Victoria finished speaking, Brother Wolf looked at Li Du and said, "Boss, can you find a way to get Victoria to stay? Let her and Ivana be companions. I will tell you the reason."

As children were social animals, the little girls would have a lack of virtues if they were alone for a long period of time, even if they had the company of their parents.

When Li Du looked at Victoria, the little girl, whose cheeks blushed with excitement, stared at him with a very hopeful look in her eyes.

He sighed. "I have to think of a way to negotiate with old Mother Mesa. This will not be easy. This will be very difficult."

Old Mother Mesa could not possibly allow the children to stay outside for a long period of time. This was her responsibility. Who knew what the people outside would do to these orphans?

Li Du negotiated with her and as expected, she did not accept his request.

Just like what he thought, even though old Mother Mesa trusted them very much, she was not without limits. Therefore, she had no problem with Victoria going to find them during the day and staying here occasionally. However, it was definitely not possible for her to stay for a long period of time.

As Li Du was helpless, he simply threw the problem at Hans for him to settle.

Hans was so angry that he rolled his eyes. "You never find me when there is something good!"

Brother Wolf let Victoria go find Ivana first. The little girl was so excited that she ran over while flapping her arms like a small bird that had been released from its cage. Her small short legs moved extremely quickly.

With no one around, Brother Wolf suddenly said, "Ivana doesn't have a skin disease, she was burned by gunpowder."

Li Du responded, "Ah?"

Brother Wolf looked at the sunset in the west. "Actually, I am considered a famous person in Germany and have encountered a terrorist attack before."

Knowing that Brother Wolf was about to divulge his past experiences, Li Du kept quiet and listened to him speak as there was definitely a lot for him to talk about.

"When I was a policeman and when I served in the army, I caught a lot of ruthless criminals, who were not ordinary criminals. Most of them were ringleaders, gang leaders, etcetera.

"We did a very good job ensuring confidentiality and our identities were not leaked. However, as I had worked for too long, some of the criminals who were caught by me spent money to bribe people within the force and obtain information on me."

"As such, there was a terrorist attack. My familyall . . . " His palms fell open and he smiled gloomily. "My parents, wife, and sonboom! All gone!"

Li Du patted him on his shoulder and said with a heavy heart, "I more or less got the idea."

Brother Wolf said, "That's what happened. God was still kind to me and left me with Ivana. However, her whole body suffered severe burns and her organs hemorrhaged due to trauma.

"I needed to save her. What's funny ismotherf*ckerI risked my life for the country and yet, the country was not willing to spend money to save my daughter.

"My entire savings combined with the money from my comrades' savings was still not enough." Brother Wolf shook his head. "Later on, I carried out a robbery and earned enough money to save Ivana. However, the price was that I was no longer able to stay in my country and could only come to America."