Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 670

Chapter 670: Awesome

Seeing Li Du get out of the truck, a Native American Indian lady promptly waved at him. "Handsome, handsome, are you here on vacation? Do you need a tour guide? Our family has lived here for more than a thousand years. I am very well-versed with every piece of stone as well as every blade of grass and tree. You will definitely not go wrong if you choose me as your tour guide."

Speaking as if singing a rap song, it was probably only four to five seconds from when she opened her mouth to the end of her speech.

Li Du replied, "It's a pity you are a tour guide. You should go be an auctioneer in the storage unit auction market."

The speed at which auctioneers spoke might not be as fast as hers.

The lady left unhappily after he rejected her.

Hans came down from the back of the truck. As he did not hear what the lady said he asked, "What did she say? Asking you if you need a beautiful lady's services?"

Li Du replied, "Yeah, I said you needed them and she told me she is going to bring some beautiful ladies over."

Hans became anxious. "Don't joke. These Native American Indians are very hard to get along with. You really told her that d*mn rubbish?"

Li Du rolled his eyes. "Are you crazy? Of course it was a joke."

While speaking, he released the little bug and let it find interesting things on its own.

Flapping its wings in midair, the little bug followed Li Du into a family style old goods shop that was next to them.

Right after he walked in, a few Native American Indians, along with the lady who had greeted him earlier, walked over in an aggressive manner.

Noticing Li Du, the lady felt aggrieved and pointed at him. "That was the person who made fun of me. He said that I should not be a tour guide and should be a prostitute."

Having noticed them, Hans pulled Li Du aside. "See, you are in trouble."

Li Du, who was baffled, turned his head and saw the Native American Indians looking at him angrily. He asked curiously, "What's the matter?"

The Native American Indians crowded around. A big burly man wearing a short sleeve shirt in the chilly weather, asked with a cold expression, "Hey, are you Japanese or Korean?"

Li Du replied, "Chinese, I am Chinese. What's the matter?"

"What do you think? You have humiliated our entire tribe!" The Native American Indian extended his hand to grab him.

With the little bug in hand, how could Li Du let him grab him?"

After speedily stepping back and effortlessly avoiding him, Li Du frowned. "What do you mean? There's some misunderstanding here."

At that moment, Big Quinn, Godzilla and Brother Wolf, who had stayed in the truck, promptly jumped out of the truck and surrounded the Native American Indians in a triangle formation.

All three of them were big and tall, with Brother Wolf the shortest at over six feet. Godzilla was huge like an American bison while Big Quinn was strong and fierce. Once the three of them appeared, the presence of the Native American Indians was suddenly diminished.

Brother Wolf walked quickly in front of Li Du and blocked him before using a cold expression to scan the other party. In an instant, he was prepared to attack.

With that, it was five against five. Regardless of physique or weight, the Native American Indians were in a disadvantageous position. As such, they very naturally calmed down.

Even though they lost in physique, they would not lose in presence. The burly man, who wanted to attack Li Du, still had a fierce expression and said, "There's no misunderstanding, you humiliated our tribe"

Hans did not wait for him to finish speaking and immediately responded, "Then you guys are still discriminating, my friend. You guys are racists!"

The burly man burst into anger. "When have I discriminated you guys? Don't talk nonsense!"

Li Du replied, "Then when have I humiliated your tribe?"

The burly man said, "You said my daughter should not be a tour guide and that she should be a prostitute."

Li Du was bewildered. "When have I said so? Also, that's your daughter?"

The burly man looked like he was only around 30 years old while in Li Du's eyes, the female tour guide also appeared around 30. It was much easier to accept them as a married couple instead.

"Of course. That's a daughter of the Ghostface Cherokee tribe. You have humiliated our Ghostface tribe,"the burly man said persistently.

Li Du replied, "What I said was that she should be an auctioneer. Do you know what an auctioneer is? They are people who host auctions. This is a compliment."

The lady denied it. "No, you are lying. What you said was that I should become a prostitute. You are a weak man who is full of nonsense. You will receive punishment from the eagle god!"

When Li Du still wanted to explain, Hans stopped him and shook his head. "These people are here looking for trouble."

Big Quinn said in a stern voice, "Hey, bastards, if you guys are looking for trouble, then you guys have definitely found the wrong person. Take this opportunity before things get out of hand to go and find someone else."

A Native American Indian youngster with a fierce expression grew impatient and drew a sharp dagger from his waistband. "F*ck you, you typical foreigners. Either give us money and apologize or"

He walked forward while speaking and gesturing. Before the youngster finished speaking, Brother Wolf suddenly moved.

Brother Wolf, who was only a couple of inches away, was very close to him. Brother Wolf darted forward and shrank his body at the same time. With a "swoosh" sound, he went past under the youngster's arm.

After both parties crossed each other, Brother Wolf kicked from behind, hitting the youngster's calf.

When the youngster fell on his knees, Brother Wolf grabbed his arm from behind. With a forceful movement of his wrist, he forced the youngster to rest the dagger right on the main artery of his own neck!

Throughout the whole process, Brother Wolf did not look back at all and kept staring coldly at the Native American Indians opposite. Brother Wolf's execution was smooth and appeared to have been well thought out.

Even though the youngster still had one free arm, he didn't dare move. With a dagger on his neck, the fierce look he had earlier was gone and he immediately collapsed onto the ground.

As Brother Wolf's attack was very fast, the others were unable to clearly see it at all. After seeing a flash in front of them, the youngster was already held hostage by Brother Wolf.

Li Du saw the entire process clearly and could not help but clap. "Brilliant!"

Seeing Brother Wolf attack, the burly Native American Indian man was stunned.

Another youngster, who was next to him, was disgruntled and bellowed fiercely, "Bastard! You actually attacked us? If you have the balls then kill him. Kill him!"

Li Du was stunned. Are these Native American Indians so brave that they don't fear death?

At that moment, the youngster Brother Wolf held shouted, "Filido, you shut your dog mouth! You want me to die. You want me to die so that you can have Juarez all to yourself afterward, right?"

Hans could not help but laugh. "D*mn, those two are love rivals?"

Li Du was not in the mood to laugh. He told the burly man, "I did not humiliate your daughter, much less your tribe. I know what you guys are trying to do. However, I am not a normal weak Asian. You guys will not be able to gain anything from me."

The burly man had already figured that much. He said resentfully, "Release my people. We'll leave."

Li Du replied, "I will release him if you apologize, or else, today's matter will not be considered over."

The conflict between both parties attracted the attention of a few people. Some Caucasians walked over and a gold haired, middle-aged man said, "Fellas, just apologize. You guys have provoked the wrong person. This is the treasure hunter king of Arizona. He is not to be trifled with!"

The Native American Indians said resentfully, "Sorry sir, this was a misunderstanding."

Li Du nodded. Brother Wolf withdrew his hand and dragged the youngster up before giving him a push forward. After Brother Wolf shoved him into the group of Native American Indians, the dagger was somehow in his hands.

While holding the dagger, Brother Wolf swung his arm and stuck the dagger perfectlyinto the ground in front of the burly man's toes.

Seeing this sight, the onlookers also could not help but clap. "Awesome!"