Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 671

Chapter 671: Rookie

Brother Wolf's ability was really astounding, If there was no Ivana dragging him down, he could have applied to be the President's bodyguard!

It was really Li Du's good fortune to have hired him.

With Brother Wolf having displayed his prowess, no one in town dared provoke them.

The blonde-haired middle-aged man stretched his hand out to Li Du and said, "Dead cool. Li, I'm Fawkes Duronka. Blacktooth Robbie's my buddy."

Since he was friends with Blacktooth Robbie, he could be considered his friend as well. At this thought, Li Du shook hands with him and said, "Nice to meet you. Blacktooth's a good guy."

Fawkes didn't respond to that comment but smiled as he looked at Brother Wolf. "This guy's good. Is he your bodyguard? So skillful, I've only ever seen such skills from my brother who's serving in the SEALs."

After providing each other with flattery, both parties were considered acquainted.

Fawkes said, "There are many Native Americans *ssholes here in Horseshoe Town. Of course, there are *ssholes everywhere they gather. If you guys don't want no trouble, best to stay away from them."

Li Du sighed, "Alright, I was intending to trade with these people. I think they've got some good stuff with them."

The old goods trading business in Horseshoe Town had first been started by the Native Americans. When they had moved the casinos and their homes, they had sold or traded some of the things that they could not bring along.

On the whole, the Native Americans were in a disadvantaged position in American society. They were discriminated against in every aspect. It was usually more difficult for them to carry out anything.

For example, it had not been easy for them to start an old goods market. With the success of Horseshoe Town, the neighboring Native Americans had gone there to conduct their business and rarely visited other old goods markets.

Firstly, it was to make money; secondly, it was to support the development of the market.

The main reason many old goods treasure hunters had come to Horseshoe Town was to get the Native Americans' items. They had many things which were valuable to the outside world, such as animal skin, ore, gold and silver, handicrafts and so on.

Li Du had chosen to come over because he was planning to trade with the Native Americans.

Fawkes was helpful in advising them on rules and procedures for trading at the local market. After hearing him out, Li Du asked, "Why do I get the feeling that these rules point toward the conclusion that it's better not to trade with the Native Americans?"

Upon hearing his question, Fawkes laughed and nodded. "Your conclusion is correct."

After a brief chat, Fawkes left with several of his white friends.

Li Du scratched his head and said, "Don't these Native Americans want to make money? Why do they even bother setting up stalls to trade then?"

Hans frowned. "I hadn't heard that the Native Americans in Horseshoe Town were so difficult to get along with. But it's probably best to not provoke them, they're so unwelcoming."

Li Du sneered, "Was it not because you whites have subjected them to hundreds of years of killing and oppression, which caused them to be less than welcoming to outsiders?"

Historically, the Native Americans had always been warm and hospitable. This was so until the white people from Europe had come over to the American continent. When the white people had first arrived, the Native Americans had treated them warmly.

In the end, after settling down and having enough to eat and drink, the white people from Europe started to butcher the Native Americans.

Hans glared at him and said, "What does this have to do with me?"

After hearing Fawkes's warning and reminder, Li Du, who had just entered a Native American old goods shop, stepped out instead.

At this time, Brother Wolf said, "Boss, that man didn't have good intentions."

Li Du asked, "Who? You mean this shop's owner?"

Brother Wolf said, "Fawkes Duronka."

"Why do you say that?" a perplexed Li Du wondered. "And can you elaborate? Don't always make me question further. Were you this way in the army as well?"

"Yes," Brother Wolf said in a forthright manner.

Li Du rolled his eyes in resignation.

Brother Wolf continued, "He and his people have been hostile to you. Fawkes is lying to you. I suggest you don't believe his words."

"How can you tell?"

Brother Wolf said, "The most obvious thing is that he hasn't got a brother in the SEALs. The SEALs request for all members to keep their identities a secret from the outside world. Not even their families could know of it. Otherwise, they would be dismissed and punished severely."

Hans said, "Let me give Blacktooth a call to check. He should know about Fawkes."

Then, he told Li Du with a shrug, "See, what did I say? This is what happens when we change our trade so abruptly. We've got to start from scratch, not knowing anything."

Li Du patted him on the shoulder and said, "We must enjoy this process of starting from scratch. This is why our struggle is significant."

Hans finished his phone call quickly and came back with a smirk. "Robbie said he's always had issues with Fawkes Duronka. This b*stard talks a lot of crap. He's on good terms with the Native Americans here, and has been trying to monopolize the old goods market here."

Hence, it became clear to Li Du what was going on.

Obviously, Fawkes had just been spouting nonsense earlier to intimidate him. He didn't want him to be in contact with the Native Americans, so as to prevent him from affecting his market share.

Having gotten the answer, Li Du went back into the old goods store and released the little bug to search for items harboring time energy.

The little bug emerged and made one round over his head as usual, before flying toward a gray and yellowish mask.

From the little bug's flying speed, he could tell that there was time energy with this mask, albeit not much.

Li Du patted the table and said to the Native American watching television, "Buddy, you've got business here."

The Native American didn't look at him; his eyes were still fixed upon the television as he asked, "What have you guys got?"

Li Du whistled and Big Quinn drove the pickup truck over to the entrance. He said, "Look, I've brought a truckload of stuff. There must be things that you would want."

Seeing the imposing Ford F450 pickup truck, the Native American finally showed him some interest. He laughed, "You're a rookie, huh?"

Li Du shrugged. "You can tell? I thought I concealed it well."

The Native American walked out of the door and peered into the truck. He pointed at a breadmaker. "I want that. You can choose something from in there."

The things in the truck were items that had been left unsold after the storage auctions, but it didn't mean they were worthless. Hans hadn't sold them as he had not gotten good offers for them.

This breadmaker was a household product made by SIEMENS. It could bake many kinds of bread of different shapes and flavors. It had inbuilt advanced technology, and so was rather pricey.

Upon hearing the Native American, Hans laughed and said, "Choose something? Did I hear you right, old fella? You want us to take some old item from in there in exchange for this piece of equipment worth at least a thousand dollars?"

The Native American shook his head and said, "Another rookie."