Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 673

Chapter 673: A Fishs Attack

The red salmon was a very important cash-generating produce in the United States fishing industry. The government had been protective of it.

Salmon fishing along the Colorado River was popular amongst fishing enthusiasts, but the Fisheries Department had set the rule that during the salmon's migratory season, the maximum anyone could get was ten fish.

In addition, one needed a fishing license to fish for salmon. There were also requirements in terms of the fish's length and weightthose weighing less than 3.3 pounds could not be caught so as to protect the salmon's reproductive cycle.

Hans had a fishing license. For their current visit to Horseshoe Town, they had planned on fishing for salmon. So he wore his fishing license on his chest to take part in the fishing.

There were many people sitting on the banks, and from time to time, there would be salmon caught on hooks.

As the name showed, the red salmon's surface was bright red. If this were not the river but the stream, one would be able to witness the beautiful sight of the migratory fishes swimming upstream.

Hans found a place where it was less crowded and beckoned them over. "Li, come here. Let's fish here."

Li Du shook his head. "Not along the river. Many people have already fished at these places. Even if the salmon is dumb, it won't be easy to catch them here."

There was a small pier at the bend of the river. There were some boats there and his gaze settled on a boathis intent was to do his fishing from the boat.

"Too bad we've sold our fishing machine. Otherwise, it would be fun to use it here." Hans shook his head regretfully.

Li Du said, "We can also use boats. Come, let's go rent a boat and go deeper into the river to fish."

There were two kinds of fishing boats at the pier: there were small wooden boats a little like the sampans used by the fishermen in the south of China; there were also fishing boats, with their shells made of steel, aluminum, or special plastic.

Li Du had thought these boats were tycoons' toys that were parked for them to use on vacation, and not to be rented out.

His guess was only half correct. They were indeed the tycoons' property, but they could be rentedthe rental cost earned was used to maintain the boats.

Li Du chose the wooden boat. There were only five adults and two children; the wooden boat could sustain this load.

The rental cost was 200 dollars for a day's use.

Hans paid up, and after loading the boat with their fishing equipment, grill and water, he started the out-hanging motor at the stern of the boat which made a buzzing sound as they got on their way.

The out-hanging motor spun rapidly, splashing water around as it disrupted the peace at the relatively quiet bay.

As Li Du stood on the bow and faced the damp wind; he was overwhelmed with a valiant feeling.

His mind was whirring as he tried to conjure up a poem to match his poetic surroundings. Before he could come up with anything, a huge fish suddenly leaped out from the water . . .

In the air, the fish's scales flickered in the sun. It was almost three feet long, with a thick body and a tail resembling a small fan. As it flapped in the air, it smacked Li Du's face.

"Ah!" Mr. Li cried out as darkness came over him before he tumbled into the river.

Brother Wolf quickly jumped in, grabbed Li Du's collar and pulled him up again.

Godzilla and Big Quinn came over to help. Together with Ah Ow and Crispy Noodles biting his clothes, they dragged him back into the boat.

Ah Meow did not join in, he had looked on with his eyes widened. His mouth was opened and a shocked expression came over his furry face.

What did he just see? What did he see? What did he see?

A fish! A huge fish! A huge fish had jumped up! A huge fish had jumped up and landed itself on the boat!

Ah Meow couldn't believe his luck. Could I be so lucky? What does it mean when delicious food just delivers itself to me?

After the huge fish had smacked Li Du with his tail, it had landed on the boat. It was wriggling forcefully, with its large tail slapping the wooden boat and causing it to shake.

Having suffered a reddened cheek, Li Du yelled, "Ah Meow, kill it for me!"

Ah Meow perked up. He jumped toward the huge fish and cried out excitedly, "Meow!"

This fish was at least 60 pounds. Ah Meow couldn't hold it down. The fish was struggling so hard that it could possibly throw Ah Meow into the water.

Brother Wolf got impatient, and said to the two little girls, "Cover your eyes."

Ivana obediently covered her eyes with her little hands. Victoria also did the same but she had parted her fingers, as she was curious to have a look.

Brother Wolf took out a dagger and inserted it into the back of its head. The huge jumping fish instantaneously became still.

Rubbing his face, Li Du felt that the pain on his cheek had eased somewhat.

Godzilla wiped his hands and said, "What a big fish. Grill it?"

Big Quinn shook his head firmly. "No, no, it's an Asian carp. You can't eat it. The amount of heavy metal in the body is excessive. Better throw it away."

Hans sighed, "Has the Asian carp come to the middle of the Colorado river now?"

Asian carps had made their way into the inland rivers and lakes in the United States. With their amazing adaptability, strong breeding ability, remarkable survival ability and powerful predatory ability, they have seriously affected the local aquatic environment.

In addition, they were also a threat in the rivers.

Like earlier, the fish had been startled by the operation of the out-hanging motor. Given that the Asian carp had the habit of jumping out of the water when alarmed, people near the surface of the water could get hurt, just like how Li Du got injured.

The invasion of this species was well-known all over the United States and even worldwide. The US government, which regarded aliens as their imaginary enemies, had not managed to deal with these fish.

The main issue was that these fish couldn't be consumed for food.

The Asian Carp mainly invaded the five Great Lakes and the Colorado River. During the American Industrial Revolution, these were the surrounding cities' sewage disposal areas.

Although already treated and the sewage water issue had long been resolved, the heavy metals and toxic chemicals that had sunk into the bottom of the lake and dissolved into the water could not be completely eradicated.

The bodies of the Asian carps contain these elements, and so the government didn't encourage people to consume them.

In comparison, the red salmon didn't have such a problem because they didn't eat anything after entering freshwater.

Brother Wolf carried the fish to the side of the boat. In no time he chopped it into pieces and threw them into the water.

Seeing this, Ah Meow panicked. He waved his little paw and jumped over, shouting angrily, "Meow, meow, meow!"

Li Du waved and said, "Don't be so angry. This fish can't be eaten. Come here, let's go fishing and catch delicious fish."

Ah Meow refused to take it lying down. Such a big fish, such a big fish! How many meals could you have gotten from that!?

Hans and the others prepared their fishing gear and threw out their hooks, then waited for the red salmon to bite.

The smack Li Du had received was quite severe. There was still a warm and numbing sensation on his face.

This was a man with a thick neck and a face with thick skin. Such a smack from a fish's tail could result in a young girl like Victoria or Ivana breaking her neck!