Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 690

Chapter 690: Ready To Start Work

Hans was introduced to others as Li Du's classmate. Although Hans was a little too old, Li Du explained that he had started his postgraduate studies only after working, which was a plausible explanation.

As for Godzilla and Big Quinn, Li Du said that they were his colleagues from work. He claimed to have brought them over for the new year celebration to experience Chinese culture since they were interested in it.

Mr. and Mrs. Li welcomed them into the house very enthusiastically. They poured them tea and water and prepared snacks such as sweets and nuts, which made them very happy.

Godzilla and Big Quinn first went to unload the luggage from the bus. Li Du had brought back a huge pile of health products and gifts. When they had passed through immigration, they were nearly investigated for smuggling.

As the roads in the village had been converted into highways, there was a constant flow of people and vehicles passing by. Seeing the astonishing physiques of Godzilla and Big Quinn, everyone stared at them respectfully.

After the luggage had been unpacked, Li Du told them to take a seat.

Godzilla and Big Quinn sat on the bench chair, which could accommodate four ordinary people, and completely filled up the space on it.

Mr. Li said, "You should have told me earlier that these kind of friends were coming over. I would have prepared large chairs and sofas for you guys. As there is more money in the household, it's about time we get a set of good furniture."

Over the course of the last year, Li Du had sent quite a bit of money back home. The money that he had sent back totaled up to millions of dollars.

"Yeah," Mrs. Li said, "and I also have to prepare more food. You guys remain seated, I am going to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Are your classmate and colleagues used to eating Chinese food?"

Li Du replied, "They are used to eating, no issue."

Mr. Li waved his hand heroically and said, "Cook what? Give Old Four a call and order some dishes for delivery. Let the experts cook. We are not short of money."

While drinking tea and waiting for the dishes to arrive, Li Du and his parents began chatting with each other.

Li Du asked, "Why were the houses in the village rebuilt like this? What's the meaning of this?"

Mr. Li rubbed his hands and said, "Aren't the villagers waiting for their houses to be demolished? As not much compensation will be given for demolishing the houses, a little more compensation can be earned by adding an extra level."

Li Du came to a sudden realization. "Is it reliable? I saw that there are quite a few places outside building houses. Our side is really turning into a village within the city. Why didn't the developer develop the town?"

Mr. Li let out a sigh. "They initially wanted to develop this area. As there were people in the town asking for a lot of money, the developer felt that they would make too much of a loss. Subsequently, the development plans for the county changed. The developers began developing the south and the development of our area in the north was put aside."

Mrs. Li said, "Despite that, there's nothing to worry about. It is guaranteed that our area will be demolished and remodeled, or else, it would not be possible to develop the northern part of the county town. When that time comes, besides receiving quite a bit of money, we will still be able to get a house."

Li Du nodded. "That's pretty good. Don't be too concerned with the demolishing since we are not that short of money at the moment."

The county's hotel, which was very efficient, subsequently delivered the dishes over.

As Mr. Li informed them that there were foreigners in his house, the hotel cooked a few simple Western dishes such as fried beef steak with black pepper sauce, grilled pieces of cod, fried lamb chops, seafood chowder, etc.

Mr. Li had prepared a sumptuous meal as he was most likely trying to make his son feel prideful of his home. With a huge number of dishesclose to 20the large dining table was nearly unable to accommodate all the food.

Nonetheless, there was no worry that the dishes could not be finished. Having just arrived in a new environment, Godzilla initially showed restraint and ate the food mouthful by mouthful and drank the beer bit by bit.

Toward the end of the dinner, there was still a lot of food left. Li Du waved his hand and said, "Godzilla, put your back into eating. No matter what, you have to eat until you are full."

The burly Mexican man went all out. Using the fork and spoon together, he gobbled up the food and cleaned the plates one by one.

Mr. Li was dumbfounded by the sight. "Your colleague is blessed with good fortune. Besides being born in another country, he was born during a time when there was no famine. If he was born during the Great Chinese Famine, a person like him would have starved to death."

An average person was indeed unable to raise Godzilla. Godzilla was considered an orphan. When he was a teenager, Godzilla's parents had abandoned him as his appetite was too large.

Later on, a basketball coach took notice of his strong physique and brought him to back to his house. The basketball coach provided him with food and lodging and trained him in hopes that he could become an NBA star.

In the end, Godzilla did not have much talent in regards to basketball tactics. Despite that, he ate and drank at will, which made the basketball coach terrified of him. Eventually, the basketball coach also chased Godzilla out of his house.

Godzilla was also aware that he had a huge appetite. After breakfast the next day, Godzilla saw Mr. and Mrs. Li gathering tools in preparation to go to work and asked, "Do you guys need help?" The reason for him doing so was most likely due to him being afraid that he had left a bad impression on them both.

As Mr. and Mrs. Li could not understand his words, Li Du translated before asking, "What work are you guys doing? I'll help you guys."

Mrs. Li shook her head. "It's nothing much. Go tour around the county town with your colleagues and classmate. However, there isn't much here in terms of entertainment. If it's not enough, you guys should go to the provincial capital to play."

"We can play later," Li Du responded. "There's no need to now. Dad, exactly what work are you guys doing?"

Mr. Li took a puff from his cigarette and replied, "The land at our house has been requisitioned by the county and we were compensated with cropland outside. We intend to plant some vegetables to earn pocket money."

Li Du held on to the three-wheeled electric scooter and frowned. "There's no need to. I am doing very well and it's not a problem earning one, two million every year. Our mentor thinks highly of me. You guys should rest."

Mr. Li said, "That's not the problem. Your mother and I are both over 50 years old. How can we just do nothing every day? Don't you know that will very easily cause illness? We are planting some vegetables, it's nothing."

"Planting vegetables is still tiring," Li Du helplessly said. "Also, besides the money, plant what vegetables!?"

Mr. Li was very stubborn. "You have not led a hard lifehow is planting vegetables tiring? If we don't sell them, we can also eat them. Vegetables planted by myself, obviously, clean and delicious."

Li Du sighed. "I can't out-talk you guys. Alright, I will go work with you."

Mr. Li promptly refused. "Why are you going? You"

"If you don't let me go, you guys also don't go," Li Du insisted.

Mrs. Li said, "In that case, I will go and get you an old shirt. You can go if you are willing to. Anyways, it's not very tiring, just treat it as exercising."

When Li Du went to work, Godzilla and Big Quinn would definitely follow him. Since this left Hans alone with nothing interesting to do, he also decided to follow them and help out.

With Hans onboard, Mr. and Mrs. Li rode the three-wheeled electric scooter and led the way. Li Du borrowed a neighbor's three-wheeled electric scooter and followed behind them with Godzilla and Big Quinn.

In the afternoon, quite a few people took the opportunity when the sun was out and the weather was warm to go and work. When the group of them reached the field, the surrounding people stopped working and everyone crowded over to watch the commotion.

The cropland was three miles away from the county town by road, which was quite a long distance. Li Du resentfully said, "Why didn't the government compensate with money instead of compensating with such a faraway piece of land?"

"How much money would they need to compensate?" Mr. Li groaned. "Compensating with a piece of land was so much better, they didn't need to spend a single cent."

The cropland had only been given to them this year. Mr. and Mrs. Li intended to take the opportunity while it was winter to cultivate the land. With that, they would be able to immediately plant vegetables when spring arrived.

Li Du asked, "Why not use a cultivator?"

"The edge of our land is too short," Mr. Li replied helplessly, "the machine will not be able to turn. Therefore, we cannot plant grains and have to plant vegetables."

Li Du nodded before turning his back and saying, "Friends, get ready to start work."

Hans whined, "Li, I am ruined by you rascal! Compensate for my sunshine and beautiful ladies! Compensate foy my warm holiday!"