Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 692

Chapter 692: Catching Rats From The Air

Evidently, the tool was not heavy at all in the hands of Godzilla and Big Quinn, who seemed much more relaxed than Li Du and Hans.

However, there was no need to use manual labor when a cow could be used.

Li Du beckoned, "Godzilla, stop work first. Come over."

After glancing at Li Du, Godzilla looked at the cow on the side and gave an anticipatory smile. "Boss, killing the cow and eating beef in the afternoon?"

Li Du was speechless.

When Mr. Li was preparing to drive the cow onto the field to do work, Godzilla understood what Li Du meant and shook his head. "No need. Kill and eat this cow. Let us handle the work."

However, as Mr. Li did not understand what Godzilla meant, he looked at his son. "What did he mean?"

Li Du laughed bitterly. "You guys don't concern yourselves with it. Go back and prepare lunch. There's a place in the county town that sells beef, right?"

Mrs. Li replied, "Lianhua Supermarket sells beef. Why? You want to eat beef?"

Li Du responded, "Yeah, you go and buy beef. Buy around 40 to 50 catty, we will be eating beef for the next two days."

Although eating beef was allowed, killing the cow was absolutely out of the question. Despite that, ever since his house had been integrated into the county town, he had not seen a cow for some time and did not think that there were still people rearing cows in the village in the city.

Mrs. Li drove off in a three-wheeled electric scooter to buy groceries and prepare lunch. Godzilla and Big Quinn were dragging the two bottom plow and laboring in a relaxed manner, while Li Du and Hans were also busy laboring.

With that, as Mr. Li had nothing to do, he squatted on the edge of the field and chit-chatted with his friends.

Truth be told, they didn't have much to chat about as they were all shocked by Godzilla's and Big Quinn's ability to work.

Godzilla and Big Quinn dragged the two bottom plow, which was slow even when dragged by a cow, as if it were a toy. The few people were watching with their mouths agape and eyes wide open. They were truly astonished.

Only after some time had passed, one of Li Du's uncles, who was from his father's side of the family, gave out a sigh. "Big Mountain, what exactly does your son do in America? He's not playing basketball, right? Why are his colleagues as sturdy as those African American basketball players on television?"

"Big Mountain" was the nickname of Mr. Li. "He's definitely going to school," Mr. Li replied. "However, Little Du usually has to carry out projects with his mentor. He might have engineering projects? He met these colleagues during the engineering projects?"

A conversation regarding Godzilla and Big Quinn began; more and more people joined in the conversation.

Another man said, "No wonder these Americans eat beef every daythey don't need to use cows when laboring. You see the two of them? They are working like f*cking tractors."

"If this were the era of collectivism, having people like that in the group would make everything easy to handle. This is better than using a cow. One person can earn the pay of ten people."

"If I had such a physique, I could earn 1,000 dollars a day transporting bricks at a construction."

"Why transport bricks with a physique like that? Put on sunglasses and take center stage in a KTV. There will be people paying you a salary of 10,000 dollars per month."

All the people on the surrounding croplands stopped working and ran over to Li Du's family's cropland to chit-chat. Other people invited their friends over and shouted for others to come over to have an eye-opening experience.

They were not curious about foreigners. Even though there was no chance of seeing foreigners in the small county town, they would usually watch Hollywood movies. As such, they had seen a lot of foreigners on-screen.

Despite that, they had never seen anyone as strong as Godzilla and Big Quinn, which was what attracted them the most.

If Li Du had only brought Hans they would at most glance at them out of curiosity. Godzilla and Big Quinn were too tall and sturdy and were even better at laboring than a cow. Where could they have seen such strong people in real life?

As there was a rat nest in the cropland, a frightened rat started running out after they plowed up more and more of the land.

Ah Meow, who was listlessly curled up and yawning, suddenly became energetic after seeing a rat. With a swoosh sound, he stood and stared intently at the rats scampering around the cropland before suddenly leaping toward them.

When Ah Meow stood up, the people in the cropland were shocked. As ocelots' bodies were flexible, their bodies could be shrunk to half its size when they were curled up.

In such cold weather, Ah Meow had curled up into a ball earlier to keep warm. As such, after people saw him, they realized how huge he was and thought that he was fat.

With him currently standing up, he was displaying his sturdy physique, which was like a small panther's.

Someone exclaimed, "F*ck, why are America's cats so huge? It's larger than our house cat, right? Do Americans and America's cats all eat pig feed when growing up? They grow so well!"

Mr. Li was also shocked by Ah Meow's physique when he had first seen him. This time around, seeing his fellow villagers looking even more shocked, he felt a little proud and smiled. "That's not an ordinary cat. Li Du said that it's an ocelot."

"What new breed is that?"

"No, I know ocelots. You guys don't watch Animal Planet? It's a type of wild animal in America. Actually, it's not closely related to our household cats and is more closely related to animals like panthers, caracals, and cougars."

"Quick, stop talking and look at the huge cat's fast running speed. Oh, it's holding down a rat!"

Ah Meow was a fierce animal who caught wild rabbits in the forest when he was bored with nothing to do. How could catching a rat in such a vast cropland be anything but an easy task?

He caught up to the rat after rising and falling a few times and making a preemptive strike. After jumping into the air, he gracefully waved his claws and picked the rat up from the ground in one swoop.

The rat flipped round in the air once before falling to the ground with a smack sound. Other than its two hind legs still being able to jerk twice, the rat was already unable to move.

Ah Meow picked up the rat with his mouth and happily ran to find Li Du before throwing the rat at his feet. He began meowing and waited for Li Du to exchange the rat with a small piece of dried fish.

As the cabin was located in a forest, there were a lot of wild rabbits and rats in its surroundings. To encourage Ah Meow and Ah Ow to catch rabbits and rats, Li Du rewarded them with food as a form of motivation whenever they caught something.

Right now, Ah Meow was here for his reward.

As Li Du hadn't brought any food, he could only put down the plow, hold up his palms and say, "I will give you your reward when we go back, okay? I have nothing right now, absolutely nothing."

When Hans, who was pulling the handle of the plow and working enthusiastically, was all of a sudden unable to drag the plow, he turned his head over and complained, "Can you be more serious when working, man?"

Ah Meow meowed fiercely at him. "Meow!" He turned his head back before continuing to look pitifully at LI Du. He swung his long tail back and forth, waiting for his dried fish reward.

Seeing Ah Meow refusing to let the matter go, Li Du scratched his head and tried to think of a way to get something for him to eat.

When he lowered his head and saw the glistening oil on the fur of the rat, which Ah Meow had caught, and its plump body, he thought of an activity that he'd frequently done in the wintertime when he'd been a teenager.

He picked up the rat to hint to Ah Meow and asked, "Where did this rat come out from?"

Ah Meow blinked and wore a perplexed look on his plump face.

Li Du had no choice but to dig a hole and stuff the rat inside before dragging it out again. Even though the rat was still not completely dead after Ah Meow had broken its spine earlier, it was completely dead now that it had been tossed about by Li Du in such a manner.

Despite that, Li Du did not care and asked, "Where did the rat come out from?"

Ah Meow understood his question. His eyeballs darted around before he speedily ran toward the piece of land that Godzilla and the others had plowed. Having found the rat hole, he let out a cry.