Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 696

Chapter 696: Very Cheap Codfish

The reason Li Du wanted to scare Hans was that he didn't want any trouble caused in his hometown.

He understood very well the kind of a person Hans was. Hans was a playboy, faithless lover, genitalia in human form, self-propelled biological cannon, and male lead of a real-life pornographic film.

When they had first met each other, Hans was most adept at making booty calls and hiring prostitutes. He only began slowing down a little when the storage unit business picked up as he was busy finding customers and information on storage units.

Li Du did not want Hans to cause any trouble in his hometown. In due course, when the lady and her family were unable to find Hans, who had left far away to America, but was able to find out where he had stayed, there would be trouble.

He'd tried various means of getting Hans to give up on meeting the lady, but it was very difficult getting him to do so. As Hans had become very bored with his stay here, how could he give up so easily when he had finally found something interesting to do?

Nonetheless, he was very sharp and understood what Li Du was worried about. He swore, "God knows, the relationship between the teacher and me is an innocent one. I will definitely not get intimate with her!"

When Li Du looked at him in a doubtful manner, Hans became anxious. "You don't trust me? I have already sworn!"

"What use is there in swearing? When did you start believing in a religion? If you don't believe in any religion, what binding force is there in swearing to God?" He continued to stare at Hans doubtfully.

"True," Hans chuckled. "Anyways, you have to trust me since we're brothers."

"You are right," Li Du said in a clear-cut manner. "We are brothers. That's why I trust you. However, if you can't walk the walk, we won't be brothers anymore. In the future, I won't trust you again!"

The binding force of his words was much stronger than swearing to God. Hans was suddenly disheartened. "D*mn it, aren't you acting a little too serious?"

"You can fool around in America however you like, but you cannot do that here. I cannot let my parents take the blame for our mess."

"Okay," Hans responded helplessly. "I understand."

"Are you still going to meet your beautiful female teacher?" Li Du asked, grinning.

Hans nodded listlessly. "I'm Going. I've already made an appointment with her. I can't go back on my word. Just let us develop a good teacher-student relationship."

Li Du patted him on his shoulder and comforted him. "Properly learn Chinese from her. I have a feeling that she can teach pretty well. You have learned the rudiments of Chinese."

Hearing his words, Hans became happy again. "Right? I have learned a lot of things and have also learned how to resolve a conflict with a Chinese in case I get into one."

"How?" Li Du asked curiously.

He didn't even know what to do after getting into a conflict with a fellow countryman, and it seemed to him that fists and money were the best way to resolve a conflict.

Hans clenched his fist tightly. "F*ck your mother who is a Japanese ghost!"

Li Du was speechless.

After Hans agreed to his request of not fooling around, Li Du drove the three of them to the provincial capital, Jin Jing.

When the car entered the town area of Jin Jing, Li Du readied the GPS to guide him to Normal University.

Hans said, "Let's eat first, I'm a little hungry."

Li Du was puzzled. "You're not planning to treat your teacher to a meal?"

"Of course I must treat her," Hans replied. "However, it's at night. Our appointment is for dinner."

Li Du understood what was going on: this rascal had come up with a plan. He would invite the lady for dinner before engaging in an entertaining activity. After which, when the both of them became drunk and weak, he would get a room straight away. Li Du could see his plan very clearly.

"Change it to lunch. Let's eat dinner together!" He was prepared to strangle Hans's dirty idea to death in its cradle.

Hans sent a WeChat message in a dispirited manner to ask the lady. When she didn't reply, he became elated. "She's in class and didn't bring along her cellphone. We can't contact her at the moment!"

Li Du had no choice but to bring them to search for a place to have lunch first.

"What do you guys want to eat?" he asked the three of them.

Godzilla's replies were always so straightforward. "Anything!"

Hans had a request. "Eat fish and seafood. My goodness, beef and mutton are all that I've eaten at your house for the past few days. I can't take it anymore."

Li Du snapped his fingers. "That's easy. I will bring you guys to a grand hotel that has the highest rating in this place to eat seafood."

Hans shook his head. "No, no, I'm not going to a grand hotel. I want to eat private home cuisines. I know the best dishes that you Chinese people have are all hidden in civilian-owned restaurants that sell private home cuisines."

Hearing his words, Li Du laughed loudly. "You have been lied to. The best chefs are all in the best restaurant. Otherwise, they would give up the high pay and hide in a dirty and small restaurant. Unless there's something wrong with them."

As Hans firmly believed in his own point; he was committed to finding a restaurant that sold private home cuisine.

However, since Li Du was unfamiliar with Jin Jing, how would he know where an excellent restaurant that sold private home cuisine was located?

Fortunately, after pondering for a while, he remembered that there was currently a popular website for public reviews that had just started. After opening the website, he searched for the seafood restaurant that had the best public reviews.

After a round of searching, a restaurant that was called "Fresh Polar Seafood" appeared on his screen.

As the restaurant's ratings on the website were very high and its customers had left various comments praising it, he chose to go here.

Another reason for him choosing the restaurant was because it was closer to Normal University.

The restaurant had two floors and its decorations, which were based on an ice world theme, were very artistic. There were some inflatable dolls such as seals, polar bears, and Arctic foxes. The restaurant's decorations were very fitting for its name.

As Li Du was ordering the food, he asked about the restaurant's signature dishes. The clever waiter recommended Li Du dishes such as king crab, Greenland sea cucumber, Arctic shrimp, and codfish.

As Li Du brought along two men who had huge appetites, dishes like sea cucumber and abalone were not reliable. He ordered two king crabs and a lot of codfish: five servings of fried codfish slices, five servings of codfish braised in soy sauce, five servings of steamed codfish . . .

The waiter was dumbfounded. "Sir, are you sure the quantities are correct? Also, a catty of king crab will cost 80 dollars. If it's one king crab, it will cost at least thousands of dollars."

"No problem, serve them," Li Du said delightedly.

Their dishes were served quickly as the kitchen immediately began cooking once they received their orders, which might have been due to their higher expenditure and the restaurant not having many customers.

Dishes such as king crab, scallops, and sea worms were average, while the codfish were cooked pretty well. The codfish meat was very tender and the seasonings complemented the meat very well. They happily feasted on the dishes.

Godzilla, in particular, ate a lot. Seeing that he was fond of eating fried codfish, Li Du ordered another five servings for him.

After eating and drinking until they were full, Li Du paid the bill. The meal cost more than 3,000 dollars.

As he was perplexed by this, he knitted his eyebrows.

The lady at the bar, who was in charge of payments, thought that he found the bill to be too expensive and smiled politely. "Sir, you have ordered too many dishes. However, we can give you a few vouchers that you guys can use to save money when you come again in the future."

Li Du replied, "You have misunderstood, I think that it's too cheap. Codfish is pretty expensive here, right?"

Even though codfish were produced in Alaska and Maine, which were part of America, one catty of codfish still cost around 15 USD after being transported to Arizona.

According to what he knew, the codfish in his country were imported from Russia, America, and Canada. As such, theoretically speaking, codfish should be expensive.

The lady, who was in charge of payments, was taken aback before smiling. "Oh, the seafood at our restaurant is imported from the duty-free port, hence, it is cheap."