Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 698

Chapter 698: Oil On The Stool

In the end, Big Quinn was the one who gave up the toilet stall to Li Du. Despite that, Li Du couldn't go inHans snatched the stall first. "D*mn it, let me go first. I still have a date who's waiting outside."

Li Du helplessly raised his head and stared at the ceiling in an attempt to distract himself to delay the gas that was ready to come out from his buttocks.

After Hans entered the toilet, a series of fart sounds, which were very clear, resonated from the stall.

Someone in the adjacent toilet stall laughed softly. "F*ck, who's setting off firecrackers in the toilet?"

Finally, another person exited a stall. After Li Du entered the stall, he hurriedly squatted for a while first. However, he did not feel like defecating and also did not have diarrhea.

Despite that, there was something flowing involuntarily out of his anus.

With a dull look on his face, Li Du wiped his anus over and over again. The thing that was flowing out was not easy to wipe away and very easily stuck to his skin like oil, which was very disgusting.

He took a look at his pants later on. As his underwear was black, he was unable to make out exactly what it was stained with. Only after using a tissue paper to wipe his underwear was he able to wipe some oil stains away.

Since he threw away his underwear due to feeling disgusted, he was not wearing any.

After his stomach finally felt at ease, he walked out with a gloomy look on his face. As Big Quinn was the only one outside, he asked, "Where's Godzilla?"

Big Quinn folded his arms and pointed with his elbows before giggling, "Went in again."

Godzilla, who had feared neither hot nor cold all along and was fine with both meat and vegetables, had met his Waterloo. He was the one who had eaten the most seafood.

Not long after Li Du had come out, Hans pushed open the door and staggered out. With a helpless look on his face, he said, "D*mn it, I really wanted to live in the restroom. I have never realized how cute this place is."

Li Du asked, "Do you want me to help you to call the lady over so that you guys can chat face to face with each other here?"

Remembering that there was still a nice person waiting outside for him, Hans groaned, "Oh no, how can I face her? My pants are stained with something. We have to go and change our clothes!"

Seeing Hans in so much pain, Li Du was delighted. He said, "I told you not to go on this date, you didn't listen. Great, you can think of a solution yourself!"

How could Hans come up with a solution? His stomach was still rumbling and he kept farting from time to time. Every time he let out a fart, an oily liquid came out. He was extremely miserable!

It was evident that such circumstances were not suitable for dating. Hans said, "I'm going to bid farewell to her. Let's go and change our clothes first before going to that d*mn restaurant to complain!"

This was all he could do. When Li Du and Hans were ready to leave, Big Quinn pulled at his belt and gave a hollow laugh. "You guys wait for me for a while. I'm going to squat again for a few minutes.'

When the two of them walked out of the toilet, they saw a tall and gorgeous-looking lady, who was holding two cups of coffee, standing not far away.

Shocked, Hans asked, "Hey, Rachel, why are you here?"

After seeing him, the lady smiled and anxiously said, "Did you check your pants? Just now, a waiter discovered that the stool you were sitting on had oil on it."

Right after her voice had trailed off, the voice of a waiter resonated, "Hey, that's weird, there's a stool here with oil on it as well. Xiao Song, you come and wipe."

Li Du glanced over and saw that the waiter, who said that there was oil on the stool, was standing in front of the place he had sat. Needless to say, the oil on the stool had come out of him.

Hans understood what was going on. As he was afraid that the problem with his stomach would get worse as time passed, he told the lady, "Rachel, so sorry, I think our meeting right now will have to come to an end."

The lady was a little stunned and said with some regret, "Do you have pressing matters? In that case, you settle them first."

Hans quickly nodded his head. "Yeah. I-I-I have some pressing matters."

As he spoke, both of his legs rubbed strongly against each other. Li Du guessed the reason behind it and really could not help but laugh to himself.

After noticing him laughing, Hans gave him a glare before looking at the lady with a bright, tender smile on his face.

Very soon, Godzilla and Big Quinn walked out. As the two hefty men, who looked like iron towers, were together, they attracted a lot of stares. They attracted even more stares especially since they were both foreigners.

"Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t!" Big Quinn grumbled softly. "Let's go quickly. I think I need to go to the hospital. D*mn it, oil keeps dripping out from my butt. Did I contract some sort of disease?"

Even though his voice was very soft, Rachel, Li Du, and the others inevitably heard him as they stood together.

Having heard his words, Rachel thought of the oil on the stool and astonished passed over her face. She asked, "Are you guys together? Did you guys have lunch at a restaurant called 'Fresh Polar Seafood?'"

Hans smiled awkwardly. "What, how did you know?"

After smiling slightly at the corners of her mouth, the lady very quickly suppressed it and said, "Besides knowing where you guys ate, I also know that you guys ate their codfish, right?"

Li Du was able to tell that there was another meaning to her words. "Yeah, there's a problem with their codfish?"

Rachel replied, "Yes, all the locals know not to go and eat the codfish from that restaurant. The restaurant's codfish is not as advertised. The fish that they use is of a low quality and is only similar to codfish. I think it's called . . .what? Snake mackerel . . . "

She thought for a while before adding on, "Yeah, I think it's either oilfish or escolar. Anyway, this type of fish contains especially large amounts of wax oil. When eaten, humans cannot digest it and it's excreted soon after."

Li Du understood what was going on and forced a smile. "Thank you for your warning."

Hans waved his hand. "I will thank you when I see you again. Goodbye Rachel, we have to leave."

Seeing that he was going to leave, the lady hurriedly took out a paper bag from her small bag and handed it over to him.

After opening and taking a glance at it, Hans was shocked. "This is money. What for?"

Rachel smiled. "This 10,000 dollar is yours. I had just been joking with you. Why did you really transfer the money to me?"

"This is for the school fees," Hans insisted. "You teach me Chinese, I give you school fees. Isn't this normal?"

Rachel giggled, "Let's talk about this after you have completed the lesson. I don't want to argue anymore. I am in good shape and can argue with you here for the whole afternoonare you sure you also can in the state that you're in?"

Right now, Hans wasn't even able to stand. How could continue staying here?

He waved his hand and said "see you later" before anxiously walking out.

Li Du found a shopping mall and bought a new pair of pants. It was very easy for Hans and him to buy pants as they had average physiques. For Godzilla and Big Quinn, buying pants was a huge effort.

Fortunately, as this was a provincial capital, the shopping mall was large enough. After Li Du and Hans had bought two pairs of extra large sports pants, Godzilla's and Big Quinn's pressing need was considered resolved.

Having changed his pants, Li Du went online to research the two types of fish and codfish that Rachel had mentioned.

According to information online, the escolar and oilfish that Rachel had spoken of were known as oilfish in China and were used specifically as a lubricant in smelting industries.

The appearance and taste of this type of fish were very similar to the codfish. In terms of their nutritional values, they differed greatly.

Codfish had a high-fat content and tasted delicious. On the other hand, oilfish contained a type of wax oil that humans could not absorb and digest. Humans would continuously excrete oil after ingesting the oil. The excretion of oil when farting was the most commonly-seen symptom.