Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 700

Chapter 700: An Antique Street

Godzilla stuck a thick stack of tissues onto his face.

This was the contingency plan that they had prepared in case they were left with no other solutions. As they still felt like farting after changing into new pants, Li Du thought of buying disposable diapers to prevent soiling their new pants.

However, after one round of shopping around the mall, he was unable to find any adult disposable diapers. As such, in desperation, he bought tissues and stacked them together, which the few of them stuffed into their pants.

Right now, this was what Godzilla took out!

Li Du did not expect him to do thisno one expected him to do this. This was indeed too extreme!

Godzilla was so angry that he felt bold enough to do anything. Having coincidentally let out a series of farts that excreted a bunch of fish oil, Godzilla could not help but take out the stack of sticky tissues and stick it on the boss's face after seeing him stubbornly refuse to admit his wrongs and act so arrogant.

Li Du, Hans, and the others stared at the scene in bewilderment. The boss, who also hadn't expected the other party to suddenly make a move, was stunned for a few seconds. By the time he was able to react, it was already too late.

The thick stack of sticky tissues, which was stuck onto the boss's face, gave off a rotten stench due to the stickier fish oil contained in it. After seeing such a scene, Li Du felt like vomiting.

The fat boss struggled, crazily waving his hands around before wiping the oily tissues from his face with a wipe and bellowing, "F*ck your mother! You son of a b*tch black ghost! What are you doing? Beat him! Beat him!"

This time around, he no longer maintained a cheerful Maitreya look and had turned into a crazy Asura.

If the workers were confronting ordinary people, they might have had the courage to oppose them. However, when confronting foreigners with Godzilla's and Big Quinn's physiques, they wouldn't even dare get close to them. How would they have the courage to attack?

Li Du pinched his nose. "Brother, you better quickly go and take a shower. Do you know that your face is very yellow right now?"

The boss's face had been oily to begin with. After having tissues covered in fish oil stuck to his face, his face looked like a pork belly that had been soaked in oil and was unbearable to look at.

The boss had been driven crazy by the tissues containing fish oil. He angrily waved his arms around and bellowed, " F*ck his mother, beat him to death! Come, brothers, beat him!"

The burly man standing next to him had run out of patience and said, "Boss, stop opening your mouth. The thing is flowing into your mouthblurrgh! blurrgh!" He was no longer able to stand it and could not help but retch.

Once Godzilla attacked, they would be in the wrong even if they were right. Seeing that the situation was bad, Li Du waved his hand, "Let's goconsider us unlucky!"

The boss quickly stumbled to the kitchen to wash his face. Without his commands, the staff members would not stop the four of them and quietly watched them leave.

Hans brought along the plate of fried codfish and gestured to it. "This is evidence!"

After getting into the car, Godzilla opened his mouth and wanted to say something. However, as he was not good with words, he ultimately did not.

Li Du said, "I understand what you mean, Godzilla. Don't worry, the boss will, at most, call the police. By then, he would have washed his face clean and hence, would have no evidence."

"No, boss, you guys get out of the car first," Godzilla responded in a muffled voice. "I have to get some tissues and stuff them into my pants."

Hans said, "You also have to wipe your hands. D*mn it, so disgusting!"

After waiting for Godzilla to finish tidying up, Li Du drove off.

They were unable to straightaway drive out of Jin Jing. First, Hans still wanted to have another date with the lady. Second, their stomachs still had fish oil inside and they had to find a place to resolve it.

Another important reason was that according to Li Du's knowledge, Jin Jing city had an antique street with a lot of antique shops on both sides of the street and also a lot of people setting up stalls to sell antiques. Having come to the provincial capital, he wanted to see if he could get anything for a bargain.

Therefore, he went to find a hotel and rented four rooms. Everyone had a room with a toilet, which they began sitting in.

The fish oil was not poisonous, contained a high level of wax oil that could not be digested or absorbed by humans, and did not have any nutritional value. They would be fine so long as the fish oil was excreted.

Since this type of fish oil was used as a lubricant in factories, it was a very good lubricant. Once it passed the stomach and entered the intestine, the human body would be completely unable to suppress it and it would be excreted when farting or defecating.

As Godzilla had a huge appetite and loved eating codfish, he had consumed a large quantity of fried codfish and codfish braised in soy sauce. The combined amount consumed by the other three might not be as much as his alone.

With that, one could only imagine the amount of fish oil that had accumulated in his stomach.

Earlier, he was unable to remain calm when confronting the short fat boss, who had not admitted his wrongdoing and had coldly made sarcastic remarks regarding their situation. They had been scammed very badly!

Fortunately, the formation and excretion of the fish oil were very fast. After an entire afternoon of excreting the oil, Li Du's intestines felt much more comfortable by the time it was evening.

He went to check on the other three, who were in decent conditions even though they had to run to the toilet from time to time.

Once, Hans ran too slowly and the back of his bathrobe turned yellow afterward.

When night fell, Li Du asked, "Are we still eating tonight."

Hans and Big Quinn kept quiet. Godzilla, who was the first to come to a decision, nodded. "Eat!".

"I still have a serving of fried fish here." Hans pointed at a nightstand.

Big Quinn's body trembled before he ran into the bathroom again.

Li Du felt that the fish oil was very powerful and could be used to treat constipation. It was just that it didn't feel good and was also a little too disgusting.

As the food they had for lunch had been too greasy, they needed to eat something a little more plain for dinner.

Even though Li Du was full of vigor like Godzilla, he ordered more vegetarian dishes such as vegetable salad, fruit salad, stir-fried celery, and stir-fried broccoli.

As the nights were colder and the sky darkened much earlier during winter, there was nothing much to do.

Li Du did not arrange any activity at first and planned to go for a short stroll on the antique street to see if he could encounter anything good.

The antique market would only come to life at night as opposed to other markets. At the very least, only when night had fallen, would more people come out to do business.

Since buying antiques depended on eyesight, needless to say, people were less likely to see incorrectly when there was better lighting.

Although it was more convenient for customers to buy antiques in the day, it was easier to sell and earn profits at night for the stallholders.

In an ordinary business, the shop complied with the requests of their customers. An antique business was different. In an antique business, the business owner could sell nothing for a long period of time and still make a profit after selling an item.

As such, they didn't need to take the feelings of ordinary customers into consideration, so long as they were able to think of a way to sell the items in their possession. This was the reason why a lot of people would only set up stalls at night.

When Li Du had been in university, he had come to Jin Jing city twice and both times were during summer vacation for work. When he'd gone to the antique street at night, it had been very lively.

However, as it was currently winter, he was uncertain if there would still be many people coming out to set up stalls.

After having dinner, he said, "I have to go and walk around the antique market here. If you guys aren't interested, you guys can go back and stay in your rooms."

When Hans heard that he was going to the antique market, he suddenly became interested. "I'm going too. I'm going too. It's China's old goods market, right? I've heard of it before. There's Chinese porcelain and bronze ware, right?"

Godzilla said, "I'm going too."

Li Du responded, "Are you also daydreaming like Hans that you will be able to get Chinese porcelain and bronze ware for a bargain?"

Godzilla shook his head. "No. I'm afraid that there will be people bothering you, especially the people we met today."