Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 714

Chapter 714: Admission

The airplane slowly landed in Los Angeles International Airport. After waiting for the cabin door to open, Hans darted out and dashed straight to the land outside as if he were running for his life.

The stewardess was taken aback and exclaimed, "Sir, please slow down."

After Hans walked down the airplane's stairs, he kneeled on the soil and gave it a kiss. "Ah, my motherland, America. I have finally returned to your embrace!"

When a crew member drove passed in an electric car, he saw this sight and asked, "Hey, friend, did you return from fighting the war in the Middle East?"

"No," Li Du replied. "He came back from a vacation in Asia."

The crew member suddenly curled his lip. "Does this man have a screw loose?"

As everyone was thinking the same thing, Li Du firmly distanced himself from Hans so as to prevent others from thinking that he was mentally ill as well.

Since Li Du did not look like a decent person with two hefty bodyguards, Godzilla and Big Quinn, behind him, most people had also distanced themselves from him.

Lu Guan drove to the airport to pick them up in a multipurpose vehiclehe had no idea where he had gotten it from. With it, they were all able to fit into a single car.

After Li Du walked out of the airport and saw Lu Guan and the multi-purpose vehicle next to him, he nodded his head in satisfaction. "Very good, young fella, you have made the right choice. With this, we can all have a seat."

Lu Guan replied, "Sorry boss, there are not enough seats."

When he opened the door of the front passenger seat, a beaming beautiful face appeared in front of him: Sophie had come.

"Hey, darling, why did you come to pick us up?" Li Du, who was surprised, hugged her.

Sophie giggled. "Because today is a weekend and I couldn't wait to see you."

"Are there any other beautiful women?" Hans asked. "I also want to hug one."

Lu Guan replied, "There's two more."

After he opened the rear passenger door, Brother Wolf, Victoria, and Ivana appeared.

Hans looked surprised before opening his arms and saying enthusiastically, "Ha, my two beauties. You guys also couldn't wait to see me?"

Ultimately, he hugged Victoria and didn't dare touch Ivana as any man who was in the area a few feet around her would suffer Brother Wolf's glare, which was as sharp as a bolt from a magnetic storm.

This type of glare was also known as a "death glare." If Brother Wolf felt that the person approaching was a threat, he would take care of the threat in a thunder-like manner.

Ah Ow and Crispy Noodles pounced on Li Du while Ah Meow pounced on Sophie after pulling open the large cat cage with his claws. Having just spent a short while hugging each other, Li Du and Sophie had no choice but to swap and hug the little fellas.

This time, with people and pets, a single car was definitely not able to fit everyone. As such, Hans had to bring someone along to hail a taxi.

They were fast approaching the date of the auction at the dumpster diving master's villa, which was tomorrow. Li Du and the others had come back just in time for the auction.

Although Hans had initially planned to come back earlier so as to inquire on the situation regarding the dumpster diving master, Li Du had told him it was not necessary. With just a small villa that had a little over a dozen rooms, why wouldn't it be a walk in the park to look through them?

This time around, even though he did not investigate the site beforehand, the group of them first went to search for a hotel and checked into it on the same day they landed. On Sunday morning, after waking up and having breakfast, they hurried in forcefully to the site of the villa.

Viktor's villa was situated close to a botanical garden and a zoo. After driving into Interstate 5, they ultimately got off at the intersection of Interstate 134 and continued driving next to Griffith Park before seeing the villa district.

As Los Angeles's zoo and botanical garden were joined together, they could be described as a garden that had both animals and plants. Inside the garden were more than 1,200 species of mammals, birds, and reptiles.

As the garden was out of the way, Li Du didn't go in to have fun during the few times he'd come to Los Angeles. This time around, he wanted to go and look around inside with Sophie after the auction ended.

Sophie was worse off than him. The lady had not even been to Los Angeles!

The reason for Sophie coming to Los Angeles this time was to pick Li Du up from the airport. In addition, she also wanted to go out and see the world.

After driving into the villa district, a security guard came up to them to take down their particulars. Realizing that they were here to take part in the dumpster diving master's auction, he gladly let them pass. "Quickly take the stubborn old man's things away. We really don't want to see any trace of him here again."

The management company utterly despised Viktor. As they were unable to resolve the problem of Viktor keeping trash in his villa, the villa owners in the district showed their displeasure with the management company by refusing to pay their maintenance fees.

Viktor's villa, which was located in the extreme northwest corner, was very easy to find. As the botanical garden was next to it, the location that it was in was a very good one.

Furthermore, the part of the botanical garden that was close to it was the Australia garden. Having reached this side of the district, they were already able to vaguely see gum trees in the botanical garden, which were the most commonly-seen flora in Australia and the type of tree that koalas were fond of staying in.

With a few cars parked in the vicinity of the villa, it was evident that the items inside had gained the interest of quite a number of treasure hunters.

Just like storage unit auctions, the auction in the old villa also did not allow people to enter early. Despite that, due to the villa having windows, all the treasure hunters were using their own methods of obtaining information.

Most of them were making use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Through the cameras that were attached to the vehicles, they were able to observe the situation inside.

Some of them, who were less particular, straightforwardly climbed up the walls and onto a window to peek inside.

After Li Du got out of the car, someone recognized him and Hans and immediately stood facing them in a cutthroat manner.

A Caucasian, who was covered in tattoos, bellowed to both of them, "Hey, bumpkins from Flagstaff, you guys still dare to come to California? Are you guys seeking death?"

"Haven't seen you guys or heard any news about you for quite a few months. I thought that you were dead."

"Allegedly, Boy Wonder was kidnapped in Las Vegas. It's a pity that those idiots didn't kill him."

As Li Du had caused both Boll and York to be sent to prison, the treasure hunters in California had an extremely bad impression of him.

Despite that, with Godzilla, Big Quinn, and Brother Wolf emerging one after another, the volume of the provocations became much lower.

Subsequently, an African American emerged. He straightaway walked over and greeted, "Li, Boss Fox, long time no see. You guys have recently gone back to China for the new year?"

Seeing the African American, Li Du let out a smile and said, "Good afternoon, old friend Magic Hand. You're really well-informed. Yes, we went back to my hometown for the new year."

The African American who had walked over was Magic Hand Johnson, a clever treasure hunter Li Du had met in Las Vegas by chance.

Johnson went over and gave him a hug before placing his arm over his shoulders and giving a friendly look. Seeing this, the California treasure hunters could no longer speak in a provocative manner.

At this moment, Johnson retracted his arm and Li Du said, "Thanks a lot, mate."

Johnson shrugged and smiled. "This is nothing. As I know how amazing you are, I'm afraid that these idiots will enrage you and cause you to go all out."

Li Du also smiled and said, "No, why would that happen? Since this is your territory, I have to give you face."

"Thanks a lot. Since you are giving me face, I have to repay you." Johnson pointed at the villa and said, "There are gold and silver coins among the items that stubborn Viktor collected. They are likely the most valuable items."