Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 718

Chapter 718: It Was Your Doing

After looking at it from various angles, Li Du felt that the person who would have an especially strong hatred toward him was the vicious auctioneer.

With a cold look on his face, he walked out of the room. The police had already squeezed their way to the entrance of the corridor from the outside and were currently pushing against Godzilla and his group, who were led by Hans. An old African American policeman shouted in a stern voice, "Move aside, don't hinder us in carrying out our official duties. Otherwise, I will arrest all of you!"

Hans frowned and complained indignantly, "Sorry officer, this d*mn corridor is too narrow. D*mn it, d*mn it, I want to move aside but can't."

The excuse that he had come up with was very tenable. The basement, which looked like a small inn, had been remodeled by the dumpster diving master, whereby both sides of the basement were partitioned into rooms and all that was left was a corridor.

With Hans and his group standing in the corridor, the policemen were unable to force their way in. After all, both Godzilla and Big Quinn had extremely hefty physiques.

The policemen were accompanied by dogs. One of the dogs was a Labrador while the other was a German Shepherd. The Labrador was in front.

As such, the policeman holding onto the labrador pushed his way in and shouted in a stern voice, "If you guys still don't move aside, don't force me to release the dog!"

The Labrador was most likely a sniffer dog. Although sniffer dogs were great at finding things, they were not cut out for attacking.

After seeing Hans and his group block its way, it surprisingly stood up and bowed with both its paws in front!

Seeing this, the stern and tense atmosphere suddenly became lively and the treasure hunters, who were looking at the commotion, started laughing. Godzilla, Big Quinn, and their group started laughing as well.

The old African American policeman glared at the policeman who held the dog and bellowed, "How did you guys usually train Oddo? D*mn it, you b*stard."

"He trained Oddo to ask him for food like that," a policeman promptly told on him.

"Shut up, all of you are dumb b*stards!" The old African American policeman bellowed in a stern voice.

A policeman at the back squeezed over with the German Shepherd. German Shepherds were indeed the representatives of police dogs. After the dog received orders from its keeper, it immediately started barking.

However, they had dogs while Hans and his group had a wolf and ocelot.

Hearing the dog's barks, Ah Ow and Ah Meow forcefully squeezed their way forward before opening their mouths and bellowing, "Awoo!""Meow meow!"

The place suddenly became chaotic and the treasure hunters who were watching the commotion laughed loudly.

The old African American policeman bellowed, "Are you guys going to assault the police? F*ck you, want to assault the police? Stand back, scram to the sides!"

After seeing the policeman reaching for his gun, Hans hurriedly raised both his hands and shouted, "No, no, no! We are very cooperative. Officer, we will move back right now!"

"Scram to the sides!" The African American policeman repeated.

Hans frowned. "We cannot go in, this is a rule of the profession. We are not allowed to enter into storage units that were bought by others. Or else, people would think that we are trying to steal"

"I don't care. Scram inside!" The African American policeman continued to bellow.

"Boss Fox, briefly explain to the people next to the storage units to temporarily move aside for the policemen to pass through first," Li Du ordered from the back.

Magic Hand, who was far away from the police, assisted him and shouted, "Leonard, let them enter."

A California treasure hunter, who was watching the commotion with his arms folded, replied, "Okay, mate, I will listen to you."

When Hans and his group were about to enter a room, the African American policeman stopped them and said, "Go in one at a time. We need to search you guys."

The policemen brought two sniffer dogs to the front and carried out body searches on everyone.

During Big Quinn's and Godzilla's turn, besides being searched especially meticulously, they still had to take off their shirt to see if they had any track marks.

Of course, there was absolutely nothing on them.

Finally, it was Li Du's turn. A cute labrador, who had been well behaved, suddenly glared at him and barked. "Wuff wuff wuff wuff wuff!"

Ah Ow, who thought that Li Du had abandoned her a while ago and hence, had been ignoring Li Du since his return, became anxious. In the previous day, she had been ignoring Li Du by running away whenever he touched or hugged her and refusing to eat when he fed her.

Now, after seeing a dog wanting to bite Li Du, she became anxious. Wanting to strike at the Labrador, Ah Ow turned and gave a fierce expression, exposing her sharp teeth.

Luckily, Brother Wolf reacted fast. With a swoop, he grabbed hold of her and worked together with Godzilla and Big Quinn to hold her back.

Blocking the police and their dogs was completely different from attacking them. If Ah Ow dared to attack a police dog, the police could shoot her!

Once again, the atmosphere in the basement became dead. A few policemen stared at Li Du with nervous gazes. With their left hands resting on the gun pouch at their waists, they used their right hands to point at Li Du. "Get on the ground and place both of your hands where we can see them!"

Li Du's heart skipped a beat. While following the order and squatting down, Li Du told Brother Wolf, "Keep an eye on Ah Ow, Ah Meow, and Crispy Noodles. Keep an eye on them!"

When a policeman went up to hold Li Du's arms behind his back, Li Du did not resist. However, Brother Wolf darted over and blocked Li Du before speaking in a deep voice, "What are you trying to do?"

Seeing this, a policeman immediately took out his gun. "Get on the ground!"

Li Du stopped Brother Wolf and said, "Listen to the policeman's ordersdon't resist!"

Brother Wolf stubbornly blocked him and said, "No arrest warrant, they"

"We are state drug enforcement policemen," the old African American policeman said in a stern voice. "No need for an arrest warrantwe can arrest suspects at any time!"

Sophie squeezed over and said, "What exactly is going on? If you want to arrest us, we ought to have the right to know what is going on, right?"

The African American policeman violently pushed Brother Wolf away and made him face a wall with both of his hands raised. "We have received a tip that there is someone who is making use of the storage unit auction to carry out drug trades right here in the basement."

Li Du sneered, "That's a fake tip. Who would be stupid enough"

"Shut up, I have already told you what you have the right to know. All that's left is for you to cooperate obediently with us," the African American policeman said in a fierce manner.

While Li Du was facing a wall like Brother Wolf, a policeman came up to him and gave him a full body search, during which everything in his pockets was taken out and even his shirt was removed.

Despite that, they did not find anything.

Instead of letting him go, the old African American policeman nodded to one of his subordinates, who then came over and brought Li Du and Brother Wolf out together.

Seeing this, Ah Ow became even angrier. Even with their enormous strength, Godzilla and Big Quinn were unable to hold her down. It was only when Sophie went over to hug her head did she gradually calm down.

With policemen still in the villa, the entrance to the villa was sealed off. After both Li Du and Brother Wolf went out, there were policemen who immediately came over to collect their blood and saliva before sending the samples to a van.

While Li Du was squatting in a corner with Brother Wolf, he accidentally turned his head and saw the auctioneer, who hosted the auction, standing at the stairway coldly looking at the both of them.

When both of their gazes met, Li Du had a perplexed look on his face while the auctioneer slowly started laughing.

He walked over in a relaxed manner and gave a diabolical smile. "How does it feel to be in the hands of the police?"

"Is this your doing?"

The auctioneer gave an innocent look and said, "What? What do you mean my doing?" After which, he nodded his head, "Yes, you guessed right. You framed my cousin and put him in prison. Now, I'm using the same method to return the compliment. Hopefully, you will have a happy time staying in prison."

After looking at Brother Wolf, he laughed again, "Hopefully, your bodyguard will be able to follow you in prison. If not, the few friends that I've found will make your life in prison extremely wonderful."