Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 719

Chapter 719: Retaliation

Li Du stared fixedly at him and said, "I have nothing to do with the incident regarding Boll's and York's arrests. You have found the wrong person."

While looking at Li Du pitifully as if burning offerings to the dead, the auctioneer laughed nonchalantly and took off his gloves in a slow methodical manner before throwing them at Li Du's face.

"Do you regret it now? Are you willing to admit defeat now? It's too late Chinese fella, quietly go to prison. Hopefully, you still have both your arms and legs when you come out."

The situation was clear now. The bag of drugs that Li Du had found earlier was thrown in by the auctioneer and people who were in cahoots with him and was purposefully used to frame him to send him to prison.

California was the strictest state in America in regards to drug enforcement. As drugs like crystal meth were too addictive, too easy to manufacture, and had too many negatives, California was especially strict on its enforcement and had employed a zero-tolerance policy.

The small bag that Li Du had discovered earlier was enough to send him to prison for quite a number of years!

At this moment, he understood why the auctioneer would help him in acquiring the first room. Since the room had a window, even if Li Du and his group were to use their own locks to lock it, someone would still be able to place the drugs inside through the window to frame them.

Conversely, if Li Du and his group had acquired other rooms, it would be much more troublesome. As such, once Li Du offered a bid for the first room, the auctioneer had "helped" him acquire the room.

The events that happened after could be inferred. After Li Du acquired the first room, someone opened the window and placed the drugs inside before calling the police.

In order to catch a criminal, one must find the evidence. In order to catch an adulterer, one must catch them in action. What Li Du was unable to comprehend was the police's impeccable timing. The police arrived exactly when they had just opened the storage unit and were about to tidy it.

It was the best time for the police to arrive. If the police had arrived earlier, it would not be possible to frame them as the non-governmental organization and the treasure hunters could testify that they had not entered the room before.

If the police had arrived a little later, Li Du and his group would have had enough time to move the drugs.

Coincidentally, right when they had opened and entered the storage unit but had no time to deal with the drugs, the police arrived.

Li Du could not help but suspect that the police had been brought in by the auctioneer and that they were following his orders.

However, this was an unfounded suspicion. If the auctioneer had such a power, he would no longer be mingling in the storage unit auction industry as a low-level auctioneer since such behavior was illogical.

The series of schemes was extremely thorough and its execution was extremely smooth. If it had not been for a miracle, Li Du would be in trouble this time and would surely be framed.

Fortunately, even though miracles were rare, a miracle happened in the end. Having unlocked a new ability for the little bug after he had returned to his hometown, he created a black hole.

As he had hidden the drugs in the black hole, the police would not be able to find anything.

It was just that he was perplexed by the sniffer dog barking at him earlier. Could it be that the smell of the things inside the black hole was able to come out? Or did he get some drugs onto himself when he'd used his hands to grab the small box?

Nonetheless, this would not affect the overall situation as the sniffer dog's response was only a basis for the police's suspicion and could not be used in court as a basis for judgment. With the police not able to find the drugs, Li Du and his group were innocent.

The auctioneer was sitting on a sofa and watching Li Du and his group with a grin on his face while he waited for the police to bring him away.

The auctioneer still did not know the reason for the police bringing Li Du and Godzilla out. He thought that the drugs had already been found and the police were carrying out a thorough search.

After some time, just when his patience had run out, the police came over.

The auctioneer suddenly became spirited and looked at Li Du in a sadistic manner while waiting for him to be brought away from the scene.

In the end, the police only gave Li Du another body search and checked the test results of his body fluid and blood before releasing him and Brother Wolf.

The African American police tightly knitted his eyebrows and wore a very gloomy look on his face.

Seeing this sight, the auctioneer was stunned. He walked over and asked, "Hey, Officer Lloyd, why did you guys release those drug dealers?"

The African American policeman continued frowning and glanced in disdain at the auctioneer. "Drug dealers? Where are the drug dealers?"

The auctioneer instinctively pointed at Li Du and his group. "Aren't they?"

"You have evidence?" the African American policeman asked.

The auctioneer caught on and forced a smiled. "Oh, no-no-no, I only heard someone talking"

"Don't speak if you don't have evidence." The African American policeman gave him a glare before putting on his police hat and motioning to his subordinates to leave.

Li Du gave Hans a wink and whispered, "Stall these policemen."

After whispering to Hans, he gave an instruction to Brother Wolf. "Go to the window outside the basement and wait."

While speaking to Brother Wolf, he quietly handed over the gloves, which he had hidden after the auctioneer had thrown them at him earlier, to him before walking toward the basement.

There had been policemen stationed outside the basement window earlier. However, as they had been dismissed, Brother Wolf walked over.

After closing the door, Li Du looked out the window. Seeing that there was no one in the surroundings, he took out the small box, which contained the drugs, from the black hole and slipped it to Brother Wolf before instructing, "Place this inside the auctioneer's car and think of a way to leave that b*stard's fingerprint and body fluid on the box."

The dampness of the gloves was definitely the result of the perspiration from the auctioneer's hands. Since today's auction had lasted for most of the day with the auctioneer continuously gesturing and straining his voice when shouting the bids, his body would have definitely perspired.

Brother Wolf nodded and left without saying anything.

A wicked man would naturally suffer at the hands of another wicked man. When faced with a wicked person, Li Du was also willing to become one.

Rick and Frank had not been framed by Li Du and were sent to prison because they drove under the influence and assaulted the police. The auctioneer had crossed the line by framing him and he would do the same to the auctioneer.

After Brother Wolf left, Li Du walked up to villa once more. At this moment, Hans covered his stomach while tugging on the African American policeman and forcefully yelling that a policeman had kicked him earlier.

The policeman had an indignant look on his face and was coming up with all sorts of explanations. "Hey, I didn't kick him, I only gave him a push. He was the one who kept stalling me."

Taking the opportunity of the chaos to add oil to the fire, Li Du blocked the policemen and started arguing with them.

He was not afraid of the police in this type of situation as American policemen had to enforce the law in a civilized manner if they had not been attacked or threatened, especially since there were so many onlookers here.

Later on, a while after noticing Brother Wolf's return, Li Du also noticed that the auctioneer was preparing to drive away and gave Hans a wink.

When Hans was about to make a scene again, LI Du stopped him and said, "Forget it, Boss Fox, who told us to be the weaker group? Let's just quietly put up with the insult."

The African American policeman rolled his eyes out of anger and said, "Once more, I apologize to the both of you. I'm sorry for the recklessness of my man. Hopefully, you guys can forgive me. It's my fault for not leading this team well."

Even though Li Du was unhappy with the policeman treating him boorishly earlier in the name of enforcing the law, he still quite admired him and felt that he was a splendid leader after seeing him constantly placing the blame on himself.

Li Du left and dragged Hans along with him while the policemen were preparing to leave. In order to prevent the culprit from escaping, the police had blocked the entrance of the villa district with their cars.

The auctioneer was queuing in his car to leave the villa district. When it was his turn to drive through the entrance, a sniffer dog fiercely pounced toward the car and let out resonant barks. "Wuff wuff wuff!"