Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Hes Our Guy

Hans glanced at Li Du and said quietly, "Sh*t, why are you still bidding?"

Li Du looked at the people around him collectedly. He then crossed his arms, and use his right finger to point at the corner of the storage unit. He secretly gave a nod.

Hans switched on his flashlight and went in to look. After returning, he stopped saying anything.

The auctioneer stretched his arms and said, "Greatthe price is at 150, 150, 150. What about 175, 175, 175 dollars?"

Li Du rubbed his nose again. When Clyne was about to raise his hand to bid, Little Cerci shouted, "Two hundred! Me, representing the Cercis!"

The auctioneer pointed at Little Cerci and said, "Alright, we have 200 here, then what about 225? 225, 225, 225?"

Clyne shook his head and left. Hans whistled, and Li Du munched on a chicken thigh while the others were hesitant. Some were considering to make a move, but no one was bidding.

The auctioneer called "200 dollars" three times then waved and said, "Sold, for two hundredthis belongs to you now buddy."

Little Cerci nodded his head happily, then looked at Li Du and mocked, "Hey, Chinaman, why arent you bidding?"

"Its full of trash, why would I continue bidding?" Li Du asked. "Only fools would try to fight for this."

Once he finished, Li Du went away and walked to the next storage unit.

Clyne, who had placed a bid, said to Little Cerci, "Hey man, this unit only has a TV that could sell for about two hundred dollarseverything else in it is trash. Getting it for a hundred would have been okay, but two hundred made it a waste of time."

This was what Li Du had told him.

Little Cerci was infuriated. "Of course I know. I just didnt want those two b*stards taking this unit from me. D*mn it, where did you come from? I can tell you know your way around."

Clyne shrugged. "Ive just started in this line. Well get to know each other in the future."

Hearing that he had just started treasure hunting, Little Cerci said, "Since youre just starting out, you should try to gain more experience with storage units. How about I sell you this unit for 200?"

Clyne shook his head. "Sorryeven if Im new, it doesnt mean that Im a fool. Spending a day of effort, and two hundred dollars, for this trash unit? Forget it."

The other treasure hunters around them started laughing.

"Cerci, youve been mocked by an amateur."

"Dont think everyone is an idiot."

"Thats what the Cercis areand theyre always trying to play tricks on people."

"Am I the only one who thinks that this rookie and Big Fox are connected somehow?"

After hearing this last comment, Hans and Li Du did not make any moves for the next two storage units. Instead, Clyne participated in the bids. He would take the initial bid from the auctioneer. If anyone raised the price, he would give up.

With that, two storage units landed in the hands of the other treasure hunters.

The last storage unit had some new toys, but they did not have a lot of value. If it were not for his promise to the welfare center, he would have had no interest in this storage unit.

The unit was well organized. From the entrance, not many things were exposed. Treasure hunters were more hesitant toward these types of units because they were difficult to appraise.

The auctioneer did not give them much time to think. When the inspection time was over, he immediately raised his hands and reported the price. "This seems to be an interesting one; in-ter-rest-ting. Let me seestarting at 50 seems fair, 50, 50, 50 dollars"

Clyne accepted the initial bid once again. "Me!"

"Great, someone went for the fifty, now what about 75, 75, 75 dollars?"

Li Du immediately nodded. "Me!"

Hearing his bid, the treasure hunters stopped relaxing. Little Cercis failure at the second storage unit was a public example. They put up their guards against Hans and Li Du.

However, Little Cerci refused to lose. He raised the bid immediately after Li Du. "One hundred dollars for the Cercis."

The auctioneer said to Little Cerci with beaming smile, "One hundred dollars has been offered, so what about 125, 125anyone up for it?"

Hans smirked and said to Cerci, "Kiddo, how many people have you brought today? You only have 24 hours of storage time, are you sure you can clear out two trash units in 24 hours all by yourself?"

A black lady accepted 125 dollars, and with that, the bid went up to 150.

A few treasure hunters glanced toward Li Du and Hans. The two of them ridiculed Little Cerci with a couple of sharp comments each and then left; they would not be participating in the bid anymore.

The one who was most disappointed was the auctioneer. He knew that the recognition from the duo would raise the value of the storage unit.

His voice when proclaiming the bids had softened: "How about 175, 175anyone up for it?"

Clyne raised his hand and said, "Here."

"Alright, 175 has been taken. What about 200, 200, 200 dollars?"

Cerci wanted to raise his hand as well when he saw Clyne bid, but seeing junky-looking items piled in the storage, his expression became depressed, he shook his head, and then gave up on the bid.

Hans was right: the trash unit that he had just gotten was too messy. It was going to be difficult to finish clearing it within a day.

The black lady once again raised the bid, and Clyne then raised it to 250 dollars.

The other treasure hunters gradually gave up. They could not see anything valuable in this storage unit. Though the price was low, they didnt want to take it.

Also, seeing that Li Du left after just one call, they were afraid of falling into the same trap as Cerci.

The auctioneer pointed to Clyne and said, "250, 250, 250 dollarsit is now 275, 275, 275. Anyone for 275?"

With no other calls, the auctioneer shouted "275" another couple times before swinging his arm down. "Awesome, rookie, this storage unit belongs to you now. Congratulations on getting two great units here! Youre a lucky one!"

Hans and Li Du were applauding with the crowd at the back. Little Cerci stared furiously at the two and said, "What are you two so happy about? Does it feel good that you didnt get any units? Hope you two will never be able to get any units ever again, just like today!"

Someone mocked, "Cerci, not getting a unit is better than getting a trash unit."

Little Cerci raised his chin haughtily and said, "I bid for that unit for a reason; Im fulfilling my promise not to let these two get any storage units in front of the Cerci family."

After paying, Clyne took two tickets and came over. Hans took the tickets and waved them in front of Cerci. "Sorry, were going to take them away, right in your face, and there are two units that were taking."

Seeing this, all the treasure hunters reacted, several of them shouting in unison, "You guys are a working together?"

Hans put his arm around Clynes shoulder and said with a cunning smile, "To be precise, hes our guyHa!"