Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 720

Chapter 720: We Are Going to Be Rich

The policemen looked as though they had encountered a formidable enemy. With a wave of the old African American policeman's hand, someone loudly ordered the auctioneer to step out of his car. The auctioneer looked displeased. "What are you guys doing?"

Once he had stepped out of his car, two policemen brought two sniffer dogs over and began searching the car.

Subsequently, one dog began barking at the front passenger seat. A policeman put on gloves and went over to carry out a thorough search. After searching for a while, the policeman pulled out a box from the back of the seat.

He removed the tape and found crystals inside the box!

Seeing this, the vicious auctioneer was immediately confused and exclaimed, "This is not possible, d*mn it! What's going on? This isn't possible!"

With the box opened, the two sniffer dogs started barking even more wildly. Evidently, the crystals inside the box were drugs.

The old African American policeman relaxed his knitted eyebrows. He let out a sneer and beckoned before saying, "Take the man and car away together. Sir, you are now under arrest."

With a horrified look on his face, the vicious auctioneer bellowed, "No, it's not what it looks like. Lloyd, you know that I have never touched these things. I have been framed by someone"

"We will check the fingerprints on the box and carry out a thorough investigation. If you have been framed, we will clear your name."

Li Du, unsure if it was just his imagination, thought that the old policeman looked rather happy after arresting the vicious auctioneer.

The auctioneer struggled with all his might as he was being forced into a police car by a policeman. As the policeman was unable to grab hold of him, he had no choice but to call for help from a colleague.

Li Du beat the colleague to it and went over to help the policeman out. He forcefully shoved the vicious auctioneer inside the car before laughing softly. "Seems like I'm the one who will be wishing you a happy stay in prison. Oh, you will definitely be happy. After all, you have already contacted a bunch of your old friends to wait for you inside."

The vicious auctioneer suddenly caught on and exclaimed, "You are the one who framed me? Bastard, you framed me?"

Copying the auctioneer's previous expression, Li Du gave an innocent look and said, "I don't know what you are talking about. Hopefully, you and your old friends will be happy meeting each other."

He closed the car door and told the policeman, "Be careful, this fella looks like he is still thinking of resisting."

The policeman asked cautiously, "What were you guys talking about just now?"

Li Du replied, "Nothing much, I am just getting him to confess. Hopefully, he will cooperate with your investigation and grab the opportunity to receive a lighter sentence so that he can be released earlier."

Naturally, the policeman did not believe him. Nonetheless, as he had nothing to do with this incident, the policeman had no reason to bother him.

After the police car drove off, Li Du and his group started tidying up.

Currently, from his perspective, collecting items that the little bug was interested in was much simpler. All he had to do was to find them, avoid the others, and place them inside the black hole.

Since the items that the little bug was interested in were small, there was enough space in the black hole to contain them. Moreover, as the items were not worth much, Li Du would not feel guilty, even if he were to take them away without the others knowing.

After taking away the items that the little bug was interested in, he ordered Godzilla and Big Quinn to transport the other items. Meanwhile, he took the opportunity as the sun was setting to run over to the botanic garden with Sophie.

Although the Los Angeles Zoo was grand, it was a pity that pets were not allowed inside.

Li Du could not leave Ah Ow and Crispy Noodles again. As he had been away from them during this period of time, Ah Ow was very unhappy with him and had, at this moment, started treating him coldly again.

Seeing this, Mr. Li, who knew that he was in the wrong, had no choice but to take the initiative to go up to her and express his goodwill.

He squatted and petted Ah Ow. "Ow, my house's Ah Ow has grown so big, I can't even carry her. Why are you so heavy now?"

After all, as they had been apart for more than two months, Ah Ow had pretty much developed a large wolf's physique. With sturdy bones, a muscular body, and weighing at least 36 kilos, Li Du would not have been able to carry her if she had struggled.

With a wolf's haughty and cold look on her face, Ah Ow turned her head and showed him her rear end.

Li Du touched her head and said, "Not only has Ah Ow grown bigger, she has also become more majestic. Come, turn your head and let daddy look"

Ah Ow used a paw to push him away before continuing to treat him coldly.

Sophie giggled while drinking coffee and said, "Who asked you to abandon us for so long?"

Li Du responded, "I will definitely not abandon you guys in the future. No matter where I go, I will bring you guys along, alright?"

After Ah Ow's ears trembled, she turned her head and stared at him suspiciously. She had seemingly understood his words.

Li Du hurriedly added, "In the future, no matter where I go and which country I go to, I will bring you guys along. Bring you, Crispy Noodles, and your mom"

"It's you who are her mom." Sophie smiled while giving him a nudge before turning back and pulling Ah Ow's head closer to her. "Come, Ah Ow, forgive this bad dad of yours. It was not his actual intention to abandon you the previous time. Now, he has understood his mistake."

Ah Ow howled twice and swept her tail once across Li Du, which was considered to be her reply.

Li Du looked suspiciously at Sophie. "Did you instill some negative notion into her when you were at home? Abandon her? When have I abandoned her? I have video-chatted with her every day."

Sophie said in a displeased manner, "You actually suspect me? If I hadn't been speaking good words about you every day, Ah Ow would have already packed her things and run away from home!"

Sophie winked at Ah Ow as she spoke.

There were quite a number of residents who lived in the vicinity of the botanic garden, walking their dogs and cats in the garden. Today, all their conversations were about the auction in the dumpster diving master's villa.

Having learned that the dumpster diving master had passed away, and the villa had been auctioned off, these people were all very happy. Evidently, the neighbors were all very fed up with Viktor collecting trash in the villa district.

After strolling once around the botanic garden, Li Du was ready to return to the hotel with Sophie.

When he went over to Hans to notify him, Hans grabbed hold of him. "My God, my brother! My brother! You are really amazing, do you know what we got this time around?!"

Seeing him so excited, Li Du became curious and asked, "What did we get? You found a very valuable item?"

In truth, Li Du had not discovered anything that was very valuable in this room. All he had discovered were a few small items that contained time capability, which he had taken and given to the little bug.

Hans was jumping up and down like a small child who had received candy. "Yes, I have found treasure. We are going to be rich!"

"What did you find?" Li Du became interested.

Hans kept him in suspense. "Guess! Maybe you have seen it. Oh no, you can't possibly have seen the item. If you were able to see the item, then it could only mean that you have x-ray vision."

As Li Du was definitely not able to guess, he asked, "What exactly have you discovered? An artifact, antique, paintings by famous people?"

Hans forcefully shook his head. "No, no, no, you guessed wrong."

"What exactly is it?" Li Du asked out of curiosity.

Hans did not tell him the answer and kept on teasing him. Only after he had had enough fun did he take the item out of his wallet. He held out a small card in front of Li Du.

Li Du had seen the small card before. It was a card that was contained inside an elegant box. Earlier, when he took away the box for the little bug to absorb the time capability within, he conveniently placed the card inside a drawer. It had not occurred to him that it was very valuable.