Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 722

Chapter 722: Deploying the Entire Team

Li Du soon understood what Hans meant.

He was thinking of going to Australia to harvest black gold abalone. Instead of selling the harvesting permit, he wanted to treat it as his own family's treasure bowl!

Li Du shook his head. "Doesn't it mean we will have to leave America? Man, get this clear, it has only been less than a week since we came back, not even half a week!"

Hans responded, "I am very clear about that, Li, my good brother. Tell me, if we were to stay in America, would we be able to earn 400,000 USD in the coming month?"

Li Du replied, "This depends on luck. If we are lucky, and there are good items in the storage unit, I can find them."

"Correct, you have hit the nail on the head. It depends on luck," Hans said. "What if we aren't lucky? Even though we have always been very lucky, will God always bless us with good luck?"

He continued, "Take this time for example. If we hadn't been lucky enough to obtain the permit, we would earn a few thousand dollars at most. We wouldn't even have earned 10,000 dollars!"

Li Du asked, "You want to go to Australia? New Zealand? Fiji, right?"

Hans nodded forcefully. "Yes, I want to go. Look at this d*mn weather. It's still currently winter. Flagstaff is too cold. When I wake up every day, I have to first touch my penis for fear that it might have frozen during the night."

While speaking, he moved his hand to his crotch in an exaggerated manner, and his face was filled with the fear from recalling the matter.

Li Du rolled his eyes. "Have some decency!"

Hans responded, "I want to go on a vacation. Even if we didn't have the permit, I would want to go on a vacation in the southern hemisphere. Li, as you know, I initially planned on finding a warm place to go for a vacation this winter. You are the one who tricked me into going to your hometown."

Li Du started laughing awkwardly.

In truth, it was rather bad of him to have tricked Hans into going to his hometown so that he could help him lie to his parents.

Sensing a change in his mood, Hans placed an arm over his shoulders. "Are you feeling guilty? In that case, accompany me to Australia for a vacation. Truth be told, brother, it's time for you to go on a vacation. After working hard for an entire year, you should take a break!"

Hans was right. Li Du had worked in the storage unit auction profession for an entire year, during which he had run around searching for valuable storage units without taking a break.

"Let's go to Australia. Besides a vacation, we can also search for black gold abalone to earn money. Since your eyesight is so sensitive, you will definitely have a much easier time finding black gold abalone than other people, and we can earn a lot more money, yes?"

Li Du pondered for a while. As the little bug could enter water, Hans was right that this was a way to get rich.

At the same time, something else came to mind. The Petrified Forest National Park had prohibited him from entering to search for opals, but he could go search for opals in other places.

Coincidentally, the place with the most number of opal mines in the world was Australia!

The potential earnings from the harvesting of black gold abalone were insignificant in his eyes. However, if he were to find one black opal mine, it would be as good as having a treasure bowl for the rest of his life.

Despite that, he was still hesitant. "I have just reunited with Sophie. I can't leave her again so soon"

Hans responded, "You leave that to me, I will settle it. I will convince Sophie to come with us to Australia."

Li Du looked at him in a doubtful manner. "If we were to go to Australia, it would not just be for a few days. I'm afraid it would be for a few months. How are you going to convince her? She has to stay here for work."

Hans smiled. "I have a way. What if I can do it?"

"Get her to willingly go to Australia?"


Hearing his words, Li Du inhaled deeply. "In that case, I can't find any reason to turn you down."

Hans became elated at once and sped over to Red Cross St. John's Hospital, which was the hospital where Sophie worked.

Victoria hopped over and asked, "Where is Brother Fox going?"

Li Du replied, "He went to settle some stuff. Hey, little girl, when does your vacation end?"

Victoria immediately became dejected. "You think I have stayed here for too long, right? Sorry, as I am really fond of this place, I can't help staying."

Godzilla, who turned his head to look at them, had a different type of affection towards Victoria, which was of course not inappropriate. Li Du felt that it was kinship, and that Godzilla treated Victoria like she was his younger sister.

Li Du waved his hand. "That's not what I meant, however, we might be going to Australia. Ivana and her father will be going this time."

Truth be told, he did not want to bring Ivana along. However, he had to bring Brother Wolf, whom in turn had to bring along his late wife's daughter, Ivana.

Victoria was immediately stunned. She forcefully inhaled a few breaths before giving a fake relaxed smile. "You guys are going on a vacation? I know Australia. How many days will you guys be going for? I will wait for you guys, ok?"

Godzilla walked over before placing his enormous hand on the little girl's head and saying, "Boss, Brother Wolf is bringing Ivana, I am bringing Victoria."

The little girl stared wide-eyed at Godzilla before hurriedly reaching out to grab his arm like a drowning man grabbing onto a life raft.

Li Du was taken aback.

Having returned in the afternoon with Sophie in his car, Hans gestured an "ok" sign to signify that everything had been settled.

Li Du asked Sophie, "Are you willing to follow us to Australia?"

Sophie replied, "Of course I'm willing, I just have to settle some resignation procedures. This will take a few days. You guys have to wait for me."

Li Du was taken aback after hearing Sophie talk about her plan to resign in such a relaxed manner. Previously, when Li Du wanted to bring Sophie to his hometown, she had no choice but to decline, as she was unable to leave for such a long period of time.

"You are willing to resign to go to Australia?" he asked, shocked.

Sophie looked at Ivana, who was playing with Victoria, before smiling gently. "Since Ivana is going to Australia to see a doctor and needs a surgeon to look after her, I have to go and help."

What is she talking about? Li Du looked at Hans. Hans came up to him and whispered, "I understand what's going on now. Ivana has to do a full body skin grafting surgery, and Australia has the best experts in this."

Li Du ground his teeth. "You lied to Sophie!"

"No, I really did work together with Brother Wolf to contact an expert for Ivana," Hans responded. "In order to go to Australia, mate, I am giving it my all."

As he was indeed giving it his all, Li Du gave in to his request.

Later on, Li Du gathered everyone together and began discussing the trip to Australia.

Li Du would be bringing Sophie, Ah meow, Ah Ow, and Crispy Noodles, while Brother Wolf and Godzilla would be bringing his daughter and Victoria, respectively. All of them were tied down by their families.

Seeing this, Big Quinn asked in a bashful manner, "Boss, I have never bought any of my family members on a vacation before, let alone outside of America. Can I bring along Rosalind and the children?"

Li Du nodded in a listless manner. "Not a problem."

Anyway, since he had not organized a year-end party for his staff since he had set up the company, he took this as a year-end party and took his staff, who were the backbone of the company, and members of their families on a vacation.

After hearing his response, Lu Guan became anxious. "In that case, I will bring my family members along."

"Didn't you split up with your parents?"

"I'm talking about Little Plane," Lu Guan said as he picked up the golden retriever.