Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 723

Chapter 723: Ahwoo, Wuff Wuff Wuff

In the end, the terms that they had agreed on were that besides Li Du, everyone else was allowed to bring along their family members but not their pets.

Since Hans had not brought his family members overseas for a vacation before, he wanted to do so this time around and decided to bring along his younger sister, Hannah, and his brother-in-law, Stephen Chandler.

Lu Guan was very displeased. "This is animal discrimination. You guys are discriminating against dogs!"

Li Du shook his head. "No, we aren't discriminating against dogs."

Lu Guan stared angrily at them. "In that case, why can't I bring Little Plane?"

Li Du exclaimed helplessly, "Who the f*ck goes overseas for a vacation and still brings along their dogs? I will find someone to look after it for you, ok?"

"Why then, do you bring along a wolf, ocelot, and raccoon? That is more out of the ordinary." Lu Guan continued to stare angrily at them.

Li Du replied, "Because I'm the boss!"

Lu Guan conceded. "Alright, you win."

Li Du initially thought that, just like his trip to his hometown, there would at most be three to four people going to Australia. In the end, when they were ready to purchase the plane tickets, there was a total of more than ten people.

In their flight itinerary, they were scheduled to fly from Los Angeles to Australia's capital, Canberra, before flying to Melbourne and spending their vacation in the seas nearby.

Located at the southeast corner of Australia with an approximate latitude of 40 degrees north, the area was closest to the land of the long white clouds, New Zealand, and had clear oceans, clean beaches, and also plump black gold abalone.

They had a difficult time traveling, mainly due to Li Du bringing the three furry children along, which required a lot of procedures and approvals in order to get them through customs.

On the other hand, it was easy to bring along a few contraband items such as items in Li Du's collection including the Overarching Sunset and Gaddafi dagger, various seasonings, and cash. By placing them in the black hole, he was able to smoothly pass through customs.

While Hans was busy helping the three furry children settle the matter concerning their entry and exit, Li Du was briefly researching black gold abalone. After reaching Australia, he and Hans would have fun for a few days first before getting ready to harvest black gold abalone.

According to Australia's rules and regulations, a black gold abalone harvesting permit could only be used by a maximum of two people, and they were not allowed to enter the water at the same time.

The only waters in Australia that could produce black gold abalone were Port Phillip, which was located at the south side of Melbourne, and Tasmania Bay, which was located at the southeast region of Melbourne. In order to protect the rare aquatic products, the marine department and fisheries department would arrange for law enforcement officers to check on the abalone harvesting situation in those waters daily.

Hans had very quickly completed the exit and entry applications for everyone, and the legal departure applications for Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles. However, there was a problem when he was completing the application for Ah Ow.

According to Australia's exit and entry laws, vicious animals such as wolves were not allowed to enter. Even though Hans had applied many times and submitted some applications under the pretense of being in organizations such as the circus and zoo, all of his applications had been rejected.

After returning to the campground in low spirits, he told Li Du the bad news. He said, "Why not let Ah Ow stay behind and accompany Little Plane. Anyway, since the campground is so huge, she can spend her days very happily."

Li Du firmly declined. "I cannot, man. I can't be away from this rascal anymore. Otherwise, she might detest me and no longer follow me."

Hans responded, "If it is a must to bring her to Australia, it can only be done by disguising her as a dog. However, it's too difficult. Even though she does look a little like a dog and could deceive customs after trimming her fur and putting some makeup on her, her bark is not easy to deal with."

Li Du gave it some thought and said, "Alright, leave it to me. We will get her through customs using a wolfdog disguise."

In the evening, he went to search for Ah Ow, who was running around chasing rats in the forest, before waving his hands to call her back.

Ah Ow's intellect was even greater than Ah Meow's and Crispy Noodles's. After seeing Li Du waving his hands, Ah Ow immediately dropped the fat rat that she had been toying with before running to Li Du and looking cheerfully at him.

Seeing this, Li Du forced a smile. "Don't be too happy, I must teach you how to pretend to be a dog. You have to complete this task, understand?"

Ah Ow blinked at Li Du while still having a very cheerful look in her eyes.

Wolves were different from dogs in many areas, and that was one of them.

In order to tell if a dog was happy, one just had to see if it was wagging its tail. As Mexican wolves would never wag their tails, their expression and eyes were the only ways to observe changes in their mood.

Li Du motioned Ah Ow to sit down and began to train her. "Come, open your mouth like me, wuff wuff wuff"

Ah Ow leaned backward and focused her attention on the task at hand before widening her eyes and giving a dazed look. After which, she widened her mouth and let out wheezing sounds. She was laughing at Li Du.

Seeing this, Li Du gave her a slap on her head and bellowed, "Be more serious and learn. Open your mouth, wuff wuff wuff!"

After being hit in the head, Ah Ow behaved herself and reluctantly opened her mouth, "Ahwoo woo!"

"No, it's wuff wuff wuff!" Li Du switched on a laptop and played the sound of a dog barking for her to learn from.

As wolves and dogs had similar vocal systems, most dogs were able to howl like a wolf.

However, it was relatively more difficult for wolves to bark like dogs. When dogs were unhappy, felt threatened, or signaled to others, they would howl like a wolf, as howling was also part of a dog's nature.

The only time a wolf would bark like a dog was when an alpha wolf was calling for the wolf cubs.

After hearing the sound of a dog barking coming out of the laptop, Ah Ow suddenly jumped up and circled around it a few times while staring at it suspiciously, as she thought that a dog was hiding inside it.

Li Du had no choice but to give her another slap on her head. "Behave yourself and sit down. Copy me, open your mouth, wuff wuff wuff!"

Ah Ow opened her mouth reluctantly and let out a few cries, "Ahwoo, woo, woo...Ruff! Ruff!"

Li Du hugged her neck and gave her a kiss before smiling. "Nearly there, nearly there, nearly there. However, that's not it. It's wuff wuff wuff!"

Ah Ow continued crying, "Ahwoo, woo, woo, woo"

Unlike her usual howls where she would drag out the end, these cries were separate from each other.

Running out of patience with her, Li Du had no choice but to gave her a slap again. "Not woo woo woo, it's wuff wuff wuff!"

Ah Ow looked at him in an aggrieved manner. This time around, instead of opening her mouth, she lay down and buried her head in her paws.

When Li Du pulled Ah Ow's head out, Ah Ow, who had an unhappy look on her face, gave him a disgruntled glance.

He said, "You have to learn how to bark like a dog. Don't give me attitude, it's no use. Let me tell you, we are leaving this place soon. If you can't learn to bark like a dog, you can't come with us!"

He accompanied his words with gestures. After Ah Ow tilted her head and looked at him for a while, she roughly understood his meaning and hurriedly sat up again.

"Wuff wuff wuff, come, learn from the laptop."

Ah Ow cried, "Ah, ruff ruff ruff"

"It's wuff wuff wuff! I will let you listen to it once more. Listen carefully, raise your ears!"

Ah Ow cried, "Ruff, ruff, ruff, wruff wruff! Wuff! Wuff! Wuff!"

Li Du was elated. "Yes, just like that!"

At that moment, Lu Guan's golden retriever, who had been chasing a bird, ran back to the campground from inside the forest. Having heard a dog barking inside the laptop, he immediately became alert and dashed straight over before pressing down on it and vigorously humping it.

Li Du had no choice but to push him away and bellow, "There's no female dog inside, go away!"

Little Plane was very angry. He opened his mouth and intimidated Li Du, "Wuff wuff wuff!"

Ah Ow, who was sitting on the floor and watching, jumped up with a swoosh sound and charged at him while howling, "Ahwoo woo! Ahwoo woo!"

Li Du immediately became dumbfounded. He had a feeling that his hard work earlier had all gone to waste!