Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 724

Chapter 724: Kitchen in the Sky

It was the middle of March. After Hans's hard work, the three children were finally allowed to legally go to Australia.

As Sophie and the others had also made the necessary preparations for the long-distance journey, the group drove to Los Angeles en masse.

After arriving at Los Angeles International airport, Li Du sighed. "I feel like I have just arrived in this place, and now I have to board another plane. Hopefully, I will be able to stay on land for a little longer after arriving this time."

The others were all relatively more excited, especially the group of five children, who were looking around curiously while dragging their own small luggage and carrying small backpacks.

Hans and Li Du went to settle the check-in for the three furry children. Even after looking at their exit permits, the airport security officer was still a little skeptical. "Is that a cat and a dog?"

Li Du dragged Ah Ow over and said, "Yeah, this is a wolfdog. It's a rare Czech wolfdog, cough cough."

Having given the signal, Ah Ow opened her mouth and weakly let out two cries, "Ow, wuff wuff wuff, wuff wuff wuff!"

The cries were clear and crisp.

After which, the security officer briefly inspected Ah Ow's fur, which had already been trimmed into a completely different look. Finally, the officer nodded and stamped the last stamp onto her exit permit.

When the three furry children were about to be sent to the pet compartment of the plane, Li Du and Sophie kissed them one by one and said, "After you guys take a nap inside, we can enjoy the sunlight."

The three furry children let out a sigh. Evidently, they were not accustomed to staying inside a cage.

The flight from Los Angeles to Canberra, which was from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, would take close to 12 hours.

Since this trip was considered a vacation, Li Du had bought first-class plane tickets for everyone. After the group had entered the first-class section of the plane, nearly all the seats inside were taken.

With that, all of the flight attendants in the first-class section were pretty much just serving them.

Li Du had also sat first-class on his intercontinental flight back to his hometown. With his current income, he no longer had to fuss about the insignificant airfare.

The flight, which had been chosen by Hans, was very interesting. It was a fine-dining flight.

Generally speaking, in the economy-class sections of planes, the usual fare served was frozen food, and the only choices of drinks were coffee, bottled apple juice, tea, and mineral water. The first-class sections, which had various western dishes to choose from, were slightly better.

This fine-dining flight, which was unconventional, was known as the "high-altitude kitchen." Even in the economy-class section, the food was meticulously prepared, and there were various dishes to choose from.

Of course, the airfare for such a flight was slightly more expensive.

As Canberra was approximately 17 hours ahead of Los Angeles, they had selected the noon flight so as to arrive in Australia at around the same time that they had boarded the plane.

After Hans boarded the plane and put down the luggage that he had carried with him, he suddenly turned his head back and said, "Hey, man, I realized something. The plane will be in the air for over ten hours, right?"

"Yeah," Li Du looked at him in a baffled manner, as he thought Hans was going crazy.

Hans replied, "But after we land, the time will be about the same as the time now, right?"

Li Du became even more baffled. "Yeah."

All of a sudden, Hans became excited. "In other words, we have earned ten plus hours for free? In that case, if I could live to a 100 years old, I would choose to fly from Los Angeles to Australia on my last day. By doing so, I could extend my life by 20 hours!"

Li Du was speechless.

A few beautiful flight attendants covered their mouths and laughed secretly.

Hannah gave Hans a glare. "Don't be silly, brother."

Hans asked, "How am I silly? You tell me, what's wrong with that?"

How could Hannah, who only remembered being a hooligan in her high school years, answer his question? Nonetheless, she calmly replied, "With you being a master at eating, drinking, whoring, and gambling, you won't live to be a 100 years old."

The beautiful flight attendants laughed even harder.

Hans gave Hannah a glare before mustering up the courage to go and find a flight attendant to inquire about his question. A flight attendant with big breasts, long legs, and gold hair began explaining to him in a gentle voice.

Li Du suddenly caught on and said, "Oh, he is trying to pick up girls."

By the time the plane had reached cruising altitude and had stabilized, it was time for lunch. After a discussion among Li Du and the others, they decided to have pizza and Chinese noodles.

The two dishes were clearly not befitting the flight's "high-altitude kitchen" title. Despite that, the pizzas and noodles were all freshly prepared on the plane using fresh ingredients and hence, tasted fresh as well. The quality of the dishes was not something that an average flight could match up to.

It was very difficult to prepare meals on a plane as first, space was limited. Second, as the smoke released during cooking was not allowed to be discharged, the air conditioning in the plane had to constantly ventilate the air, which incurred a huge cost.

With the plane's kitchen located right next to the first-class section, the passengers sitting in first-class were able to directly observe the chefs preparing the meals.

The chef in charge of preparing the pizza was an old Italian man. When the flight attendants introduced the chef, they said he started learning how to prepare pizzas when he was a teenager, and that he was considered a master in this area, having prepared pizzas for 50 years.

The old man appeared with dough in his hands. While he was kneading the dough, he walked into the cabin and began chit-chatting with Li Du and the others to find out their places of origin, food preferences, and tastes.

He had prepared various ingredients such as apples, vegetables, and various doughs and sauces for making pizzas. While he was chit-chatting with them, he had completed a pizza and sent it into the oven.

Another chef was in charge of preparing the Chinese noodles. There were a lot of noodles to choose from such as noodles with soybean paste and minced meat, Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce, dried hot noodles, flat noodles, beef noodles, seafood noodles, and more.

Everyone was able to choose a maximum of eight types of noodles. The chef would then prepare the eight types of noodles and place them in bowls. Only when the chef, who was also an old man, was chit-chatting with them did they find out that he was from the same province as Li Du.

After the pizza was ready, the chef speedily cut it into pieces before serving it with a trail of steam wafting behind him.

Li Du chose a piece and bit into it. Although the pizza looked very thick, its crust was actually very thin and had a layer of soft vegetables on top of it.

Big Quinn's youngest son, Allen, exclaimed in an exaggerated manner, "Woah, this is so delicious!"

His eldest son, Walter, promptly glared at his brother and said, "Hey, younger brother, don't talk too loud in public areas. You have to be civilized, ok?"

The chef beamed and asked, "Can you guys taste what was hidden inside the pizza?"

Hannah replied, "It's peach, pieces of peach."

"No, it's pineapple. It's definitely pineapple," Allen argued.

Victoria looked at Godzilla and wondered, "Isn't it minced beef?"

Godzilla shrugged his shoulders. "Couldn't tell. I have finished it already."

A whole pizza was only a mouthful to him.

Li Du took a look at the pizza in his hands and suddenly realized. "How did you do it? The thing inside isn't a type of filling and isn't a type of flavor, right?"

There seemed to be eggplant slices inside his piece of pizza. Anyway, it was definitely not fruit.

The chef laughed and said, "Correct, it's not a type of flavor. This is a skill that I learned from your Chinese people's cuisines. It's a little like pastry, right?"

While they were chatting in the cabin, the Chinese chef served the noodles and another lunch had begun.