Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 725

Chapter 725: Walking Too Fast May Make Your Pants Fall Off

Whether it was pizza or noodles, the chef made great food. The ingredients were good, and the first-class passengers were satisfied.

At that moment, a couple walked into first class and took the two remaining seats.

The stewardess came and explained in a low voice, "These two passengers have just upgraded to this cabin. I'm sorry if this disturbed you. I hope you understand."

This stewardess was the one Hans flirted with when he came in. She was white, beautiful, and had long legs. She was the head stewardess in charge of the first class international flights, and had a pleasant appearance and personality.

Hans was interested in her, and when he heard this, he replied with a smile, "They have disturbed me. In fact, I was beginning to feel sleepy and was about to go to bed."

Stunned, the stewardess said, "I'm sorry."

"Oh, don't apologize. Just give me a smile. Your smile is warm and quiet. It could calm my heart," said Hans.

Li Du glared at him.

The stewardess didn't mind. She smiled sweetly. "All right, sir. Thank you for your understanding."

Although Hans's voice was soft, the first-class cabin was silent, so the couple that had just come in heard him. The man was dissatisfied and immediately said, "Really, what a rascal!"

His voice was loud enough that Hans heard it. Hans was a little dissatisfied himself and said, "I was only joking."

"Then your joke is still a low-class joke." The two men confronted each other directly.

The husband in the couple was a white man with blond hair and blue eyes, while the wife was a gentle Asian lady. Li Du was not sure of her nationality.

Li Du stopped Hans, while his wife stopped him and spoke softly in Japanese.

Then Li Du knew the woman should be Japanese.

The man responded to his wife in Japanese and said, "ba ka," several times in a row.

Li Du frowned. Hans asked, "What did he say?"

Lu Guan, who was playing a mobile game leaned forward and said, "He said you were a lascivious jerk and a bad person. He's asking his wife to stay away from you."

"Do you understand Japanese, too?" Li Du asked, surprised.

He only knew that what the man said was not something nice because he said, "ba ka" three times, which was actually "baga" in Japanese, and was often used in anti-Japanese dramas.

Due to Japanese pronunciation habits, the sound that should be pronounced "ka" sounded like "ga." However, it would not be a problem for foreigners who knew Japanese.

Hans got angry before Lu Guan could reply to Li Du. "What the hell does he mean? He is looking for trouble!"

Li Du held him down and said, "It's all right, man. You were the one who made a joke in the first place. Don't mind what he said."

Li Du had quietly solved the small conflict. The Japanese woman apparently understood his English and bowed to him in gratitude.

In the evening, new delicacies were served. The atmosphere of the first-class cabin became much better after the flight attendants and cooks attended to everyone's comfort.

The passengers began to get to know each other. The husband and wife were Brooks Thompson and Jenny Thompson, both Australians, who had returned to their home province in Japan to visit their relatives.

After introducing each other, Brooks asked, "What are you doing in Australia? Is it a vacation? If you are traveling, you've found the right person. There is no place in Australia that I don't know. I can help you. There's no need to thank me."

Li Du thought he was rude and didn't want to talk to him. So he just replied simply, "We are going to catch New Zealand black abalone."

He answered politely, without meaning to move on to the next subject, and spoke in a respectful but cold tone, making it clear Li Du was not interested.

It turned out that he offended Brooks but did not realize how. Brooks suddenly got angry, looked at him in disgust, and mumbled something in Japanese.

"He said we were parasites, robbers, and marauders. I think this jerk is a psychopath. Let's stay away from him."

Li Du could not avoid getting angry about being scolded for no reason.

Hans then egged him on. "Shall we finish him up together? He's alone, we are a group. We could make him beg for mercy."

Li Du snorted. "Yeah, we'll do it, and make him beg. But if there is a conflict on the plane, they might fly back. Do you want that to be the situation?"

Hans was still angry. "So we just sit here being humiliated and do nothing?"

Li Du frowned. "No, wait until you get off the plane."

After dinner, there was breakfast, and when it was about noon, the flight was almost over. The plane slowly landed at Canberra airport.

Except for meeting an unreasonable Australian, Li Du was satisfied with the flight, and Hans was also satisfied. They were in first class so they could exit the plane first.

"It feels good, doesn't it?" asked Hans.

Li Du nodded with satisfaction. "Good food, good rest. It seems you feel the same?"

Hans said, "No. It's just noodles, pizza, paella, and so on. What's good about that? I got the contact information of two of the stewardesses. That's good."

As he spoke, he turned around, and in the doorway stood a long-legged stewardess with a sweet smile.

Li Du thought about it, too. He bought such expensive tickets, and just ate some food like pizza and noodles. Why was he feeling happy?Was he duped?

At that moment the couple came out, and Brooks seemed hostile toward them. He pushed them away and went down first, muttering disapprovingly, "Get out of the way."

Li Du snorted. He did not want to find trouble in the first place. The guy was definitely digging his own grave by constantly provoking him!

The Japanese paid great respect to appearance. Brooks dressed formally and wore a suit because he accompanied his wife to her mother's house.

He, like most middle-aged white men, was getting a bit fat. His belly was big, and his trousers were strapped to his waist with a belt.

Seeing this, Li Du let the little bug fly out to absorb the time energy of the belt buckle. The buckle quickly rusted off, and the belt suddenly burst open.

Without the belt, Brooks's trousers slid down from his belly, revealing a pair of red underpants.

Just as he reached the bottom of the escalator, his trousers slipped to his ankles. He tripped and fell on his face before his foot could step on the ground.

Startled, the stewardess hurried down to help him up.

Li Du walked slowly down, sneering as he passed. "You should not walk that fast, even if there's no one ahead of you. Walking too fast can easily hurt your balls. Oh, wait, you're doing fine. You didn't hurt your balls, you just lost your pants."

Brooks hurriedly pulled up his trousers. He was so stunned after falling that he could not go after Li Du, but he was still mad and angrily stomped his foot.