Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 732

Chapter 732: Flying Shark

On the beach were inns that were similar to the family hotel that they had stayed in previously. In this type of place, sightseeing was convenient and all the bosses here were either experienced divers or fishermen and hence, had a deep understanding of the sea.

Therefore, for the purpose of seeking advice from them on some questions in regards to harvesting abalone, Li Du chose to stay in those inns.

Lu Guan, who was a little worried, asked, "Aren't we a little too close to the sea? There is a huge storm coming."

Li Du waved his hand nonchalantly and replied, "Not a problem. Is this storm even able to blow a house down? We're just seeking shelter from the rain."

There was another reason for him choosing to stay on the beach. According to his understanding, in order to search for food after a storm, abalones would not cling tightly to the reefs like they usually would and hence, it was more convenient to harvest them.

After renting two rooms, the four of them split into two groups before going into their rooms.

The rooms that Li Du had rented were rooms with sea views. As the inn was located on a cape that extended into the southeast corner of the sea, the scenery was fantastic and they were able to look out onto the sea by just lying in their beds.

When bringing them to their rooms, the boss said, "You guys are lucky, this room isn't always available for rent. Truth be told, if it weren't for customers canceling their bookings due to the storm, the rooms with a sea view would have already been fully booked one month in advance."

Seeing his three subordinates happy, Li Du smiled. "Our luck is indeed not bad."

Although the rooms that they had rented were relatively smaller, the rooms were situated in a prime location. In the past, the location that the inn was situated at was occupied by a lighthouse. When lighthouses had been phased out following the advancements in technology, the lighthouse was demolished and a small inn was built.

After staying in the inn, they quickly realized that rather than being pretty fortunate, they were a little silly.

The boss hadn't scam them. They were able to stay in the rooms because someone had canceled their booking. Why did they cancel? It was because the storms here were really terrifying!

With the rolling of the waves and howling of the sea breeze, the vast sea showed its magnificent side to them.

Their initial experience in the rooms was decent. However, in a gradual manner, the sea lost its magnificence and had become violent and ferocious by evening.

The sight of large and small waves crashing onto the shore one after another profoundly echoed a line in a poem: "Violent waves crashing onto shore, lifting a thousand heaps of snow!"

With the waves crashing onto the shore in such a manner, thunderous booms could be heard and the air became extremely damp. Even though the windows were closed, they could still feel the dampness of the air.

The temperature in Australia was relatively high. Regardless of whether they were asleep or awake, they felt uncomfortable.Truthfully, they were unable to sleep as the crashing of waves onto the shore was really too loud.

This was the first time the three furry children had experienced the power of the sea. Initially, they were lying by the window and looking outside in awe with their tails tightly waged in their buttocks.

After looking for a while, Ah Ow, who was the first to pee from being frightened, hurriedly ran to find Li Du before burrowing into his embrace.

As Li Du had never experienced such extreme weather before, he was shocked at first. After sitting in front of the window with a cup of hot coffee in hand and staring blankly outside for a good while, he came back to his senses and began contemplating if he should return the rooms and go back to the city area to find another place for lodging.

After he contemplated for a while, rain started falling from the sky. Furthermore, with the winds, which were getting stronger and stronger, carrying the raindrops and banging against the window, crackling sounds could be heard and the outside was like a war zone.

The boss came over and knocked on their doors to specifically warn them, "Young fellas, don't try to be brave. Right now, you guys must not open the windows, or else, the storm will blow you guys out!

"Also, before the storm leaves, don't go outside. I have helped you guys secure your cars by placing weights on the car seats so there won't be any problems. However, once someone goes outside, it could be problematic."

"It's that serious?" Li Du asked, shocked. "What if you go out to sea in this type of weather? For example, to harvest abalone, or fish, or something along those lines."

"That's seeking death," the boss said very firmly. "If that's the case, I suggest that you guys borrow a hunting rifle from me and shoot yourselves in the head. At least you guys will die a little faster."

Li Du hadn't known that it was extremely dangerous to go out to sea in such a weather and that he would definitely end up dead if he did so.

Later on, he gradually understood the boss's words.

The storm was indeed very terrifying. What he had observed earlier was just the start of the storm while the brunt of the storm came when night fell, during which the entire sea seemed like it was boiling.

Even though they were on land, with the storm and heavy rain wreaking havoc, they still felt like they were in danger as though the sea water had poured over and flooded the land.

When it was midnight, Li Du still hadn't fallen asleep. On the other hand, Godzilla slept very deeply and was only short of snoring.

As it was their first time experiencing something like this, the three furry children, who were clearly very frightened, were also unable to fall asleep. While snuggling against Li Du, they forcefully squeezed themselves against him and wished that they could squeeze into his body.

Seeing Godzilla sleeping soundly, Ah Meow became very unhappy. I'm so frightened that I can't sleep, and you can still sleep so soundly? Why are you so tough?

He jumped onto Godzilla's nightstand and forcefully stroked Godzilla's face with his tail. When Godzilla woke up from the stroking, Ah Meow jumped back and lay on Li Du's body while staring at Godzilla.

After the hefty Mexican man woke up, he went to pee and mumbled, "What a huge storm," before lying on the bed and going back to sleep . . .

As there was nothing to do, Li Du could only watch television. Several television channels were broadcasting the same news: a child had been lost and was last seen wearing a T-shirt with a Superman image on it. The television channels were calling on the masses to search for the boy.

After briefly watching the news, Li Du also became a little sleepy and dazed.

By the time he opened his eyes and looked at the time, it was already half past seven in the morning. Like the darkness of the night, it was pitch black in the roothere was no light at all.

With that, he could not help but sigh, "D*mn it, the sky is this dark when a storm comes? It's exactly like night time."

Godzilla said calmly, "Boss, I drew the curtains. That's why it's so dark."

Li Du was speechless.

After Li Du went down from his bed and opened up the curtains, the sound of the storm and raindrops hitting against the windows suddenly became intense.

Furthermore, when he looked outside, the storm seemed bigger. The tornado-like tempests, which were constantly appearing in the sea and sweeping large amounts of seawater onto the shore, were much more violent than a heavy downpour.

Seeing Li Du awake, Godzilla asked, "Boss, what's for breakfast?"

Li Du replied, "Go ask the inn's boss."

"Already asked," Godzilla responded helplessly. "The inn doesn't provide breakfast, lunch, or dinner."

Li Du wanted to curse. He went to find the boss and ask about a meal. Not providing all three meals is fine, but he has to at least provide breakfast, right?

The boss opened his arms. "As a red alert has been issued for the storm, the inn won't have any customers and the customers who previously booked rooms have all canceled their trips. As such, I did not prepare food for multiple people."

Li Du responded, "How much have you prepared? With such a huge storm, we can't go out and find food to eat, right?"

While the two of them spoke in the lobby, the lady boss, who was wiping the rainwater that had sipped in from the door, suddenly exclaimed, "Oh my . . . "

Before the sound of her voice faded, a shadowy figure dropped down from the sky. With a bang, the shadowy figure landed on the granite floor outside the inn's door and made a huge splash with the water that had built up outside!

Li Du and the boss hurriedly ran over and looked through the glass door. Like the three furry children who followed him over, Mr. Li was dumbfounded:

"What's going on? A large fish has been swept onto the shore from the sea? Look at the fish's sharp teeththis is a shark!"