Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 733

Chapter 733: Appeared on TV

The shark's eyes were black, its body was grey with a light brown band, and the exposed abdomen was pale white. Its tail was a standard crescent shape, and in its opened mouth were fine sharp teeth like the blade of a saw.

It was about two and a half meters long and quite large. It fell on the shore with blood dripping out of its mouth. Its black eyes were almost bulged out as its tail thrashed a few times before it finally stopped moving.

Li Du stared at the owner and said, "What's the matter? Flying shark?"

Ah Meow stared at the big fish with widened eyes, and his long tail swung excitedly to and fro. If they had not closed the door, he would have run out.

The owner looked horrified. "The storm is so bad that this unlucky shark was blown on shore!"

"Has this happened before?" asked Li Du.


Li Du looked horrified. "The seaside is so dangerous. I thought living at a seaside house would be astonishing with the beautiful view in the summer."

The owner said, "The last time this happened was decades ago when I was a kid."

This was the first time Li Du had seen a shark so he asked, "Is this a great white shark?"

The owner nodded. "Yes."

Li Du suddenly thought of something. "D*mn, if this great white shark was swept up by the storm, does it mean it lived near the beach?"

The owner didn't know why Li Du was swearing. He replied, "Yeah, great white sharks are always in the shallows. What's the matter?"

"I'm here to harvest abalone," he said. "Won't it be dangerous if there are great white sharks near the coast?"

The owner said, "Abalone harvesting has always been very dangerous, but higher the risk, the higher the reward. Young man, what kind of abalone are you harvesting?"

"Black gold abalone."

The owner immediately looked at Li Du with envy and said, "You have a black gold abalone harvesting permit?"

"Yes," said Li Du.

The owner suddenly became even more jealous.

Another shark fell from above, fascinating Li Du.

He took pictures and posted them on his WeChat's friend's circle and Facebook. Soon a stream of comments appeared.

"Where is this happening? Can sharks fall from the sky, too?"

"Old Li, you are good at photo editing! Are you trying to show off your fancy travels?"

"Holly sh*t, a great white shark? Shark fin, shark fin. Eat the shark fin, quickly!"

It was a shame Australians didn't eat sharks, nor shark fins, either. They were not allowed to kill sharks.

Li Du had not brought any food, so he asked the boss, "Can I eat this fish?"

"Well, let me give you some food. Don't eat the shark. Shark meat is terrible. The government has banned shark fishing recently."

"But we didn't catch it. It came up on its own," said Li Du.

The owner shrugged. "Yes, but if you eat it, the government may suspect we caught the shark, so the best thing to do is to leave it there."

Breakfast in that case was pasta with fresh seafood including fresh oysters, mussels, and lobsters. Li Du was pleased.

However, in the evening he was frustrated. The wind was still blowing hard, and it was raining hard, too. He could not arrange any activities and could only watch TV.

Suddenly, the room went dark.

Godzilla said, "Boss, the power supply broke down."

Li Du went down in a hurry to find the owner. When he did, the owner calmly took out a candle and handed it to Li Du. "It is very common. In this type of thunderstorm, normally the whole of Melbourne would experience a blackout. It was already quite amazing that our power supply managed to last for a day."

Well, then, now there was not even any entertainment.

However, there was an advantage to the darkness. Li Du kept some snacks in the black-hole space, which were hard for him to bring out during the day because Godzilla knew he had not bought any snacks here.

Now that it was dark, he could take them out. The owner couldn't see in the dark, so Li Du could say the snack he was eating belonged to the owner.

While eating snacks, he talked to Sophie on the phone, but the phone service cut out after a while. The signal in Melbourne was poor.

Canberra had also been hit by a storm, but it was in better shape compared to Melbourne, where even a big white shark had washed ashore.

The storm lasted for two days and two nights. When it was letting up and the wind coming off the sea was not so strong, Li Du had everyone check out and drove them to the city to eat.

The owner had not prepared enough food, and Godzilla and Big Quinn were big eaters. They hadn't had enough to eat the previous two days.

With this in mind, Li Du bought many sausages, ham, bread, cookies, and chocolate so they wouldn't need to starve the next time they were caught in a storm.

After the storm, the sea began showing its warm side.

After the rain, the sky in Melbourne was very clean. The air seemed to have been cleansed by the rain.

The flowers and plants on the street had also been cleansed. The storm had blown over many trees, but the small flowers and plants had not suffered serious damage. The flowers and grass created beautiful scenery.

The sea had calmed down. Now the sea was gently rippling, and the golden sun was shining on the sea.

It was late afternoon, and the sun was still shining on the beach. Many seagulls were flying close to the water, chattering.

At the dock, a number of boats and yachts were in motion, taking advantage of the rain as many of the big fish returned from deep water to shallow water to breathe the freshly oxygenated water.

The anglers started fishing that night.

As he drove back to the hotel, Li Du saw a number of people in front of the hotel.

A TV station was reporting the news, and the owner took the opportunity to advertise, wearing a T-shirt with the hotel's name on it while talking to the camera.

When Li Du appeared in the crowd, the owner became excited when he saw him. "This is one of our hotel's guests."

The camera turned to him. Li Du waved and nodded.

In the evening, he contacted Sophie, who laughed. "You're on TV, dear."

"Was it the story about the great white shark being swept ashore by the storm?"

Sophie nodded and smiled. "Yes, that's the news."

They chatted for a while. Li Du took an early rest. The storm had stopped, and there would be people coming to harvest black gold abalone.