Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 740

Chapter 740: Spending the Night on the Sea

In the wake of Godzilla and Big Quinn gorging themselves with food, the boss regretted his decision.

Even though seafood on King Island was cheap, it wasn't free. People who had appetites like Godzilla's could cause the boss to lose a lot of money.

Godzilla brought a plate of grilled oysters over. He placed an oyster at an angle in his mouth like he was drinking a beer. The oyster meat slid off its shell, and he ingested it in one gulp.

There were also crabs the size of a human head, and to eat them, he removed their shells and used his hands to tear away the meat. In a few mouthfuls, the inside of a crab was emptied.

While staring at him in astonishment, the boss and the waiters looked at the money in their hands once more and felt that they had been scammed.

Besides Li Du and the others eating very modestly, Godzilla also did not waste food. When he ate the crabs, he did not waste any of the meat and would even crunch the crab legs and chew on them.

When faced with such a situation, what could the boss say? He was speechless!

After filling up on food and drinks, they left. With a gloomy look on his face, the boss told the waiters, "We won't be doing buffets anymore. List the price of the dishes and charge customers for the dishes that they have eaten."

If they had listed the price of the dishes and sold the dishes separately, they could have earned thousands of dollars.


Australia was a large country on a relatively huge landmass. Even though Tasmania was the smallest state in Australia, it had a landmass of 100,000 square kilometers.

Although King Island was a small island in Tasmania, it still had a relatively large landmass. Despite that, like Australia and Tasmania, King Island was sparsely populated.

While Tasmania did not even have a population of 500,000, not only was the population of King Island smaller still, its entire population was gathered in the central region of the island as the surroundings were all mountains, hills, and forests.

While walking on the island, Li Du felt like he was a wanderer, and that the entire small island was quiet and empty, as though they were the only ones on it.

As it was currently two o'clock in the afternoon, which was almost the hottest time of the day, they were soon drenched in sweat.

Since Australia was, after all, a developed country, her infrastructures were very well constructed. However, this did not include King Island, where everything was in its original state.

Other than the paved roads at a T-junction, there were still a lot of dirt roads on the island. After passing through the middle of a forest and a hillock, they finally reached a path to the beach.

Li Du and the others walked along the path to view the beach.

After walking for half an hour, they had not met a single person.

"This place is really desolate. Isn't there a place that rents out helicopters?" Li Du sighed helplessly. "We should have rented a helicopter."

Lu Guan, who was exhausted from being under the sun, said weakly, "We can also get a few motorcycles next time. Boss, we have to rent some vehicles."

Godzilla gave him a slap on his shoulders and said, "Exercise more, brother!"

The slap nearly caused the exhausted Lu Guan to fall down. Just as he was about to rage, Ah Ow, who was depressed and sticking her tongue out, suddenly raised her head and looked at something in front of them.

Li Du followed her gaze and noticed a child who was dressed in an interesting manner.

The child, who looked like he was around ten years old, had brown skin that glistened under the sun. The child was dressed in clothes that seemed to be fashioned from tree leaves and twigs, and there were white stripes drawn using oil paint on his face and body. The child stood under a tree and observed them with curiosity.

Li Du was taken aback and said, "Oh my, there are still indigenous people on this island?"

Rather than being frightened, the child walked over to them after briefly surveying them.

This was the first time Li Du had encountered an aborigine. According to the information that he had found previously, the aborigines on this island had been extinct for half a century!

He thought that he had discovered new land. In the end, the first words that the child spoke were in an Australian accent. "Hello, are you guys tourists?"

Li Du replied, "We are not, however, close enough. This is our first time coming to King Island."

The child gave a smile and said, "This is the standard attire of the aboriginal Tasmanians. Do you guys want to take a picture? It will cost ten dollars per person, and you guys can take as many pictures as you like."

Li Du was speechless.

He still thought that he had found an aborigine!

Despite that, after seeing that the child was pretty badly sunburned, he took pity on him and said, "Ok, I'll give you 40 dollars. We will take a group picture with you."

Having earned 40 dollars in such a short period of time, the child was very happy and said, "Alright, I can take a group picture with your dog. No money is needed for this picture. I am giving it to you guys for free."

Other than taking a group picture, the child still had another complimentary gift. The child gave each of them a small wood handicraft and told them that it was a totem pole of the aboriginal Tasmanians.

As they continued down the beach, more such services appeared. Quite a few people who were wearing the traditional attire of the aboriginal Tasmanians emerged and kept asking them if they wanted a group picture.

There were travel agencies on the beach. As the land on the island was cheap, travel agencies would usually occupy a large area. After having undergone renovation, these pieces of land had become parking lots.

This was where the helicopter tour services were that someone had told Li Du about when he was on the boat.

Besides being able to rent helicopters, yachts of all sizes could also be rented.

After seeing the lively beach, Li Du had a new perception of King Island. Initially, he felt that the island was very desolate. Now, from the look of things, it was because he had not found the right place, as the coastal areas at the southern part of the island were still very lively.

Since they were on the beach and Li Du wanted to inspect the quantity of black gold abalone in this area, they definitely had to go out to sea.

If the quantity of black gold abalone on King Island was similar to the quantity in the sea at the southeast corner of Melbourne, he did not need to go back and could just stay here. Doing so would also allow him to promptly sell the black gold abalones that he harvested.

Lu Guan went to rent a yacht. The small yacht that the four of them rented had a rental fee of 1000 dollars per day while clean water, food, and oil were sold separately.

The name of the small yacht was Fortune Harvest. As Li Du was fond of the name and felt that the small yacht was decently decorated, he said, "Rent this boat. Let's rent it for a day first."

A hefty Australian man in charge of driving the yacht said, "Are you guys spending the night on the sea? As there won't be any big storms in the next three days, there won't be any danger, and you guys can experience the charm of fishing at night."

After pondering for a while, Li Du asked, "Is there enough space on the yacht for us to sleep?"

The owner of the yacht shrugged his shoulders. "With one salon and one bedroom, there won't be any issues accommodating four people. However, look at the two mates of yours."

After speaking, he shook his head. Truth be told, Godzilla and Big Quinn were too huge.

Despite that, the owner of the yacht added, "If they are willing to sleep on the deck where the winds will be slightly stronger, I can set up a tent for them."

Li Du replied, "That won't be a problem. Our team has a fine tradition of enduring hardships and working hard. Let's set out in the afternoon since we will be spending the night on the sea."

As he had not spent the night on the sea before, he became interested after hearing the yacht owner's suggestion.

Lu Guan shook his head forcefully. "Since there isn't enough space, I will give you guys some space. Boss, I'm not going. I'm not spending the night on the sea."

"What's the matter?"

Lu Guan replied anxiously, "Did you forget? The large storm that occured two days ago was so terrifying. Spending the night on the sea? No, I still want to live a few more years. Let me stay on land."