Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 746

Chapter 746: Death By Drowning
Chapter 746: Death By Drowning
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Li Du understood Hans's personality: he was the type of person who wouldn't be convinced until he'd seen the grim reality for himself, so he allowed him to dive into the sea to have a look at the situation.

For safety purposes, Li Du and Brother Wolf accompanied Hans. Li Du roughly knew the position of the undercurrent while Brother Wolf was a good swimmer and had undergone formal snorkeling training. Furthermore, as Brother Wolf had carried out diving missions before, normal undercurrents wouldn't be able to trap him.

With Li Du and Brother Wolf accompanying Hans, the three of them jumped into the sea and propelled themselves into deeper waters by kicking their flippers.

After Li Du gradually reached the vicinity of the undercurrent, he stopped and motioned to Hans to continue diving deeper.

Before Hans dived deeper, Li Du held on to him, patted the chest region of his diving suit, and gestured to him to quickly pull open the life jacket. This would trigger a chemical reaction that released a large amount of gas in case he encountered any problems later.

Hans gave an "okay" sign before pushing Li Du away and diving headfirst into deeper waters.

At this depth, due to their buoyancy, humans had a very hard time diving deeper and would need to strenuously kick both of their legs.

After straining himself, Hans suddenly lost balance and his body flipped once in the sea.

Seeing this, Li Du swam to Brother Wolf and patted him on his shoulders. As Brother Wolf already noticed that Hans had encountered an undercurrent, he gave Li Du an "okay" sign to signal to him that he knew what was going on.

When they had been on shore, Hans had exaggerated about his diving abilities, saying that he'd learned how to swim when he was six years old, undergone diving training when he was ten years old, had been crowned champion for the youth category of Flagstaff's breath holding competition when he was 12 years old, and so on. It seemed as though there was nothing Hans couldn't accomplish when he was in water.

When he encountered an undercurrent, however, he reacted the same way Li Du had reacted yesterday: he suddenly started panicking.

Truth be told, Hans's reaction was unlike Li Du's. As Li Du had not been mentally prepared and was swept violently by the undercurrent, he might have panicked more yesterday than Hans was now.

Furthermore, he had been under more pressure than Hans since he was aware that he didn't have any lifeline and also thought that the golden-haired youngster, who saved him, was waiting to assist in his demise.

Hans, who was at least prepared and knew that there were people nearby to save him, ended up still looking panicky. This was enough to prove that, when in water, he wasn't even close to being as competent as Li Du.

Even though Li Du really wanted to laugh, he was unable to. Having experienced such a hopeless situation yesterday, he understood how frightened and desperate Hans felt.

The sea was indeed not a good place to live in. For land animals like humans, the sea was too dangerous and terrible.

Li Du gestured to Hans to open up the life jacket in his diving suit. After seeing Li Du, Hans became less panicky and hurriedly followed his instructions.

With that, the diving suit rapidly expanded and became a life jacket.

As the amount of gas produced increased, the life jacket became more and more buoyant. Hans, who was in the undercurrent, gradually calmed down before finally floating slowly to the surface.

Taking the initiative to go over and help him, Brother Wolf pulled him toward the surface.

With that, Hans ultimately emerged from the water with a dejected look on his face.

Li Du kicked his flippers and swam over before taking off his diving goggles to wipe the seawater from his face. "This is the capability of a professional snorkeling athlete?" he mocked. "This is the champion of Flagstaff's breath holding competition? If that's the case, then I'm also a breath holding competition champion. I'm so much better than you."

Hans was the type of person who wouldn't admit his mistakes even if he lost. "I have a trophy for being crowned champion in the competition. Hannah can attest to it. How about you?"

Not wanting to lose either, Li Du replied proudly, "My champion title ensured that I would be alive today. I was able to hold my breath underwater for ten months."

Lu Guan came over. "In that case, you guys aren't as great as my grandfather. He is a true breath holding expert."

"How great is he?" Big Quinn's second son asked curiously.

Lu Guan gave them a smug smile and replied, "When I was just ten years, he dived into the Mississippi River and hasn't resurfaced to this day."

Everyone was speechless.

Having experienced the power of the undercurrent, Hans couldn't help but agree with Li Du's suggestion to find a professional diving organization and receive training from them.

After hearing that Hans was willing to follow his plan, Li Du rolled his eyes.

If Hans had followed his plan in the first place, they could have saved a lot of time and started training already.

Despite that, their trip to King Island was not a waste. At night, as Li Du wanted to bring them to go night fishing, the group of them rented a large yacht.

The owner of the large yacht knew about the area of the sea that Li Du had gone to before. After setting off in the evening, the yacht reached the area by the time the bright moon was up in the sky.

Compared to the owner of Fortune Harvest, the owner of the large yacht didn't provide as good a service. As the owner was not willing to go into the sea to catch lobsters and crabs, if Li Du and the others wanted to eat lobsters and crabs, they had to catch them themselves.

Ivana, who was rather disappointed by this, whispered, "I still thought that we could catch lobsters and crabs and eat them."

Hearing his daughter's request, Brother Wolf, without saying a word, immediately took off his clothes, put on a diving suit, and prepared to dive into the sea to search for lobsters and crabs.

"I advise that you guys just stick to night fishing," the owner tried to persuade them. "The seabed in this area of the sea is not safe. Unless you are an experienced diver, you won't be able to catch any seafood."

Li Du stopped Brother Wolf and said, "Don't be so hasty to enter the sea. It's nighttime and you are also unfamiliar with this area of the sea."

The two little girls, Victoria and Ivana, helped Li Du stop Brother Wolf. Ivana shook her head forcefully. "Daddy, I don't want to eat seafood. I want to eat fish. Let's go fishing, alright?"

Brother Wolf patted the two little girls on their heads and beamed. "Rest assured, Daddy can handle this."

As the owner refused to let Brother Wolf get off the boat, an argument ensued between the two parties.

Li Du was able to understand the owner's decision. The owner was worried that something would happen to Brother Wolf after going into the sea. If something happened, the owner would have to bear the responsibility.

If he'd explained the situation properly, this matter would not have been blown out of proportion. In the end, the Australian owner was rude, boorish, arrogant, and willful.

Seeing Brother Wolf bent on going into the sea, the owner bellowed, "Hey, guys, if you want to take risks, I suggest that you guys change another boat."

After speaking, he paused for a while and added, "This yacht of mine doesn't have the luxury of carrying risk takers. As this is a new yacht, I don't wish for it to be connected to people drowning so soon."

Hearing those words, Godzilla and the others became angry. With a dark look on his face, Brother Wolf stared coldly at the owner.

Even though Li Du was also unhappy, he understood where the owner was coming from. Nonetheless, the owner's words were way out of line. They were his customers. What was the owner trying to say? Had they spent money to be spited?

After waving his hand to restrain his angry subordinates, Li Du beamed. "It's just catching some lobsters and crabs. What does it have to do with people drowning? Sir, are you trying to scare us?"

The owner frowned. "If you guys are just night fishing, I will accept your business. If you guys are seeking death, I will not do business with you. Please forgive me for speaking so frankly, that's just how I am. I prefer to go straight to the point and speak truthfully."