Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 751

Chapter 751: The Heart Will Tell You
Chapter 751: The Heart Will Tell You
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Max's words confused Li Du. Water had entered his diving goggles, and then he floated to the surface. Why he was praised? And why were Sophie and Hans criticized?

Brother Wolf approached him and asked in a low voice, "Boss, you didn't notice the oxygen reading?"

They were training to dive, of course, and carried oxygen bottles into the water, where the air normally allowed people to stay in the water for half an hour to 40 minutes.

Max first told them to keep an eye on the numbers on the dive computer watch during the dive, which normally showed a figure of 200.

Li Du looked at his oxygen bottle computer watch, which had a reading of only 42.

According to the requirement, if the number on the computer was as low as 50, which was a dangerous number, you had to tell your partner or coach, and prepare to ascend to the surface.

Apparently, they were too excited to notice that Max had tampered with their oxygen bottles when they got into the water.

Li Du didn't notice either, but he was lucky enough to get water in his goggles.

In fact, only brother Wolf had been paying attention...

Both Max and his assistant set traps for them, which were common difficulties in diving. Max asked them to look for traps in advance.

While experiencing these problems and underwater difficulties, Max also taught them to improve their diving skills.

Deep diving was the beginning of diving, while snorkeling was just a stepping stone. Li Du's previous ways of harvesting abalone were not considered diving. That was just playing in the water.

After systematic learning, they began to engage in freediving, and a new world was opened up to them.

The underwater world was so gorgeous, with so many sea creatures and plants growing luxuriously. They could have contact with sea life through the clear water before leaning freediving. However, that was like standing outside the glass of an aquarium, staring at the sea creatures in giant glass tanks. When they were freediving, they could actually join in.

Max showed them how powerful he was. He could swim hundreds of meters underwater without any equipment and swam like a fish in the ocean.

But at the depth where they currently were, there was no visible light. Li Du could see through the little bug, but the others couldn't.

In fact, it was enough to dive 20 meters in the ocean. That deep underwater world was the most beautiful and prosperous there.

Diving was mainly based on experience. This was similar to how a marksman needed to keep practicing regularly to shoot accurately.

Likewise, there were only a few kinds of diving postures and skills. To be a good diver, you needed to dive more and spend more time in the water.

Of course, to be a world-class diver like David Max, you had to rely on extraordinary talent and physique.

Li Du and the others could only dive up to 20 meters deep. This could be done by any ordinary person without having special talent or a constitution beyond that of an ordinary person.

It took five days to learn about freediving from Max, and then they could continue harvesting black gold abalone. This made Li Du and the others more confident.

Max told them that freediving was a group extreme activity. When you went into the water, you had to be followed by someone, so that if something happened, you could be immediately rescued. This was a double safety measure.

On their return to King Island, they wanted to start up a big harvest and were prepared to hire a boat for a long period.

Most of the boats on the island were yachts for tourism, which were expensive to rent.

After their discussion, they wanted to rent a fishing boat, which was cheap enough for them to use. Anyway, they were only going offshore, not out to sea.

"Let's go and see how much a new boat costs. If the price is reasonable, maybe we can buy a new boat. Because we have a harvesting permit, we might come back next year," said Hans.

Li Du thought it was reasonable and decided to go to the boat manufacturer first. If there was a suitable new boat, he would buy one.

Australia was a maritime country and had many ship and boat manufacturers, among which Melbourne had a shipbuilding company called Monster Ocean Heavy Industries, which made famous ships.

Hans found their salesman on the internet. After contacting them, they were informed that they were in Melbourne, and the company drove to pick them up.

Rooney Kate, an energetic middle-aged man with red hair, got out of the car to shake hands with them and then began to talk about yachts and ships.

They went straight to the company's suburban coastal factory, where it had several production lines and assembly plants, as well as a display platform.

There were many kinds of vessels produced by Monster Ocean Heavy Industry, including leisure boats, commercial communication boats, racing boats, fishing boats, private fishing boats, public security patrol boats, and harbor patrol boats.

In addition, there were fireboats, operating boats, crew boats, exploration boats, cable boats, search boats, and so on.

Rooney was keen to introduce them to each of these and ask them what they needed.

"We're going to harvest black gold abalone, so we think a normal leisure boat will do," Li Du said. "We don't need a fancy yacht."

Rooney nodded. "Yes, I know that. Leisure boats and craft boats and fishing boats are relatively suitable for your job. They are good and cheap, too."

"What do you recommend?" asked Li Du.

For the sake of their hospitality, Li Du didn't mind giving him a business deal, but it wouldn't be a big deal. He didn't want to buy an expensive yacht.

Rooney touched his nose. "I've got an idea, but I don't think it's useful to introduce it to you now. You have to visit them and get close to them. If you touch a suitable boat, your heart will tell you that it belongs to you."

After driving to the factory area, they went to a shipyard first.

There was a beautiful big ship preparing to go into the sea. The hull was very long, maybe thirty or forty feet. The shape of the ship was extremely smooth, and the whole ship was white. Li Du and the others were amazed.

"We know that the world's rich men are tired of sailing into the Caribbean or the Mediterranean on yachts. They have a heart of adventure and want to see more extreme places.

"Now we have a ship for them, a luxury yacht of the Sea X-90 class, a superyacht that can explore all sorts of unknown waters..."