Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 752

Chapter 752: Sea Star 60
Chapter 752: Sea Star 60
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Looking at the yacht, Li Du and the others were taken aback.

Magnificent, extravagant, charming, luxurious, and noble. These words, which were suited for royal families and aristocrats, could be used on the super-yacht as it was indeed really amazing!

When in front of Li Du, Sophie had never shown a materialistic side before. Regardless of whether she saw a luxury car or a luxury house, she would at the most make two comments about it and not show her desire for it.

But she was moved after seeing the Sea X-90 yacht. She muttered, "Oh my, so beautiful, it's so beautiful. If we could have it . . . I can't imagine how exciting having it would be!"

Hans pointed at the yacht and exclaimed, "That's the one. Li, Boss Li, my heart tells me that it's the boat that fits us!"

Li Du was also moved. He asked, "How much does this yacht cost?"

Rooney smiled. "Don't be anxious. Please allow me to introduce it first. Otherwise, once I say its price, you guys may not be in the mood to listen to my introduction.

"The yachts in this series are categorized into three groups based on their size: namely X-65, X-90, and X-100. The number at the back reflects the length of the yacht. This yacht is a 90-meter long super-yacht that can hold up to 30 passengers and 50 crew members.

"As the yachts in this series adopted Damen Shipyards's Damen Sea Axe design, they are able to withstand an impact force twice that of what other boats in their category are able to.

"Our engineers have added an ice-breaking mechanism onto the stern of the yachts. When the yachts encounter ice sheets up to a thickness of 90 centimeters, the two pod propellers on the yachts can rotate 180 degrees and break the ice sheets.

"In other words, this yacht can break ice sheets that are less than 90 centimeters in thickness. As a matter of fact, this number is 20 percent lower than the threshold value.

That is to say, this yacht can break apart ice sheets up to a thickness of 108 centimeters . . .

"The yacht is also equipped with a lifeboat, an inflatable boat, diving equipment, a motorboat, etcetera. The yacht has a four-level deck with indoor and outdoor saloons, an elevator, a diving center, a swimming pool, a sauna, a dining hall, a gym, etcetera . . . "

"What's its price?" Hans could not help but interrupt his words with a question.

Rooney beamed, and said, "20,000,000 to 30,000,000 AUD."

Everyone simultaneously inhaled a breath of cold air!

Even though the price was very shocking, it was still in the acceptable range for magnates. Truth be told, in the yacht industry, there were a lot of luxury yachts that had prices exceeding 1,000,000,000 USD.

Simply put, there were too many magnates in the world who had shockingly high spending power.

Li Du had exactly 30,000,000 USD on him. Although he could buy the yacht if he was to make up his mind and grit his teeth, was buying the yacht necessary?

Moreover, all of his money was placed in Wells Fargo for investment purposes. If he wanted to withdraw the money, he would have to make an appointment one week in advance.

After hearing the price, everyone was no longer interested in the yacht.

All except for Hans. Hans, who was still extremely interested, shouted, "Buy it, Li, buy this beautiful b*stard! Only strong men are worthy of beautiful women. This yacht ought to be yours"

Li Du pushed him away and said, "I think it's more suitable for you, good mate. Why not you buy it? I will contribute 2,000,000 USD. You don't have to pay me back."

Hans immediately became dispirited. How could he possibly have so much money?

The yacht was custom-made for an American magnate, who was said to be preparing to go on an Arctic expedition.

Hans decided to go back and check the identity of the magnate. Luxury yachts were unlike luxury cars. Even though luxury yachts were also uncommon in America, they could not be hidden. If a magnate purchased a yacht like this one, there would be entertainment news journalists reporting on it before long.

Li Du asked him, "Why are you checking the identity of the yacht's owner?"

Hans replied, "I want to ask him if he's lacking in manpower for the Arctic expedition. I can work for him for free."

Rooney opened up his arms and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, please follow me. Let's continue with the viewing of the boats."

Viewing the rest of the boats was boring. As Rooney had brought them to view such a kingly super-yacht before bringing them to view ordinary fishing boats and workboats, those boats looked exactly like toys made with paper.

"Bring us to a higher class exhibition hall, at least upwards of a million dollars," Li Du sighed.

Even though the fishing boats and workboats were very cheap, with the boat that had the least functions costing only around 100,000 AUD, they were too basic and were just metal boats that could move.

Hearing his request, Rooney beamed. Having achieved his goal of getting his customers to crave better boats, his customers had to buy a more expensive boat.

After looking through the boats, Li Du and the others set their eyes on a recreational yacht called "Sea Star 60."

The body of the yacht adopted a European streamline boat design. With a smooth and clean rubber coat and beautiful curves, the body of the yacht, which looked like a swift, had a very charming appearance.

As the body of the yacht had a total length of 18.29 meters and a width of 4.8 meters, it looked relatively longer.

When Li Du asked about the yacht's dimensions, Rooney explained, "After repeated tests and verifications, a slender body was better able to maintain stability and was the easiest to navigate when sailing against waves."

Although Sea Star 60 was small compared to larger boat types, its space and functions were not compromised.

They went onto the yacht to take a look around it, from its unconstrained promenade deck to its bright and comfortable saloon. Besides a comfortable saloon for social gatherings or business meetings, the main deck of Sea Star 60 also had a rather unique bar counter.

After entering the bottom deck from the main deck, they got a look at the yacht's rooms such as the bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and theater, which had very clever designs and felt very high-tech.

The yacht was also a luxury yacht. Even though its price was not high, it had all sorts of basic amenities and entertainment facilities.

Rooney told Li Du that the yacht had a plus point, which was that besides having a cockpit on the main deck, there was a cockpit installed on the promenade deck.

As such, when driving the yacht across the blue sea, he did not have to stay on the main deck and could head to the promenade deck, where the view was better and the joy of hovering freely above the ocean could be better felt.

Looking from the outside, the promenade deck of Sea Star 60 had a retractable boat shade. Once the boat shade was extended out, a party could be held on the yacht even at noon.

Furthermore, other than equipment such as an individual generator set, a hydraulic steering system, and an electric anchoring machine, the yacht also came with accessories such as a freshwater container, a three-in-one fishing radar, and a satellite antenna. The yacht had everything.

After looking through the yacht, Li Du decided on the spot, "I'll buy it!"

Why did he buy this yacht? Truth be told, even though there were many more choices that were better, he did not want to look through any more yachts.

There were too many types of yachts and countless model numbers, with prices ranging from 500,000 AUD to 50,000,000 AUD. It was just like buying a car, where one could spend a little more money to get a better car.

If he was to continue looking through more yachts, he would not be able to restrain himself from spending more money, which would result in him not purchasing anything.

Other than the facilities that Sea Star 60 had being sufficient for their needs, its price was also appropriate. Furthermore, as there was a promotion going on at the moment, its current price was lower than its original price of 1,220,000 by around 100,000.

Another point was that there were stocks for Sea Star 60. As such, after handing over the money now and spending two days to complete the procedures, he could drive the yacht out to sea!