Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 754

Chapter 754: Unpreventable
Chapter 754: Unpreventable
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After a few consecutive dives, Li Du harvested two black gold abalones.

Seeing this, Victoria and Big Quinn's three children clapped their hands and shouted, "Boss uncle is really amazing!""Uncle Li is Aquaman!""Big brother is really awesome!"

Puzzled, Li Du scratched his head. What are the children shouting? I can understand them calling me uncle but why call me big brother? Are they confused with the titles?

As it turned out, the person who had called him "big brother" was actually Ivana. As this was his first time seeing Ivana so happy, he didn't say anything.

Although Ivana and Victoria were both very introverted and shy, Ivana was more so. Once their friendship had started, Victoria, unlike Ivana, had become more confident, acting like an older sister to Ivana over time.

Now, Ivana was getting along with Big Quinn's three children. As Big Quinn and his wife were exceptional parents, their three children were very well-mannered.

The three children brought Ivana, who had become at least a little outgoing, along to play.

Soon after Li Du resurfaced, Hans also resurfaced. With both hands empty, he climbed onto the yacht and grumbled, "D*mn it, there are too few black gold abalones here!"

Victoria opened up a container and show its contents to him before asking in a self-satisfied manner, "Look, Boss Fox, what are these?"

Hans gave Li Du a perplexed look and asked, "How did you find these abalones? I meticulously searched the sea inch by inch. Don't even talk about large black gold abaloneI didn't even see any small black gold abalone!"

How could there be so many black gold abalone in the sea? Even if there were a lot of black gold abalones, most of them would have already been harvested by harvesters after so many years.

Li Du smiled. "You have to rely on your eyes. You are too easily distracted and have very poor observational skills, hence, you have a very hard time finding abalone."

Hearing his words, Hans had no choice but to agree. In a dispirited manner, he said, "Alright, you are more observant. I don't think I'll be able to harvest a single abalone a day."

Lu Guan walked over and patted him on his shoulder. "Don't be like this. Why would you think this way? How could you not be able to harvest a single abalone in a day?"

Hans smiled bitterly. "Thank you for still having confidence in me"

"I'm saying that you will harvest even less," Lu Guan interrupted. "Instead of not being able to harvest a single abalone in a day, you won't be able to harvest a single abalone in a month."

Out of anger, Hans kicked him off the yacht and into the sea.

"Ah! Ah! Help!" Lu Guan screamed in horror. "I don't know how to swim!"

"Don't know how to swim and yet so sarcastic," Hans bellowed.

Seeing Lu Guan struggling in the water, Ah Ow quickly jumped in and started swimming around him.

Like dogs, wolves naturally knew how to swim. The doggy paddle swimming style was very mesmerizing.

While reaching over to grab Ah Ow, Lu Guan shouted, "Thanks for saving me, Ah Ow"

After diving into the water to avoid his hand, the small wolf resurfaced and continued happily doggy paddling in circles around him.

"What is Ah Ow doing?" Big Quinn's daughter, Suzanna, asked.

Big Quinn's eldest son, Walter, replied, "She is showing off. Ah Ow is showing off to him that she can swim."

This was indeed the case. Ah Ow had never intended on saving Lu Guan and was only showing off her abilities to him by swimming around him.

Despite that, since Lu Guan was wearing a life jacket, he was not in any danger. As he was fearful of the sea, he wore a life jacket on a boat.

Sophie frowned. "Ah Ow, save him. What are you doing?"

Hearing Sophie's order, Ah Ow carried it out obediently. With her mouth, she held on to Lu Guan's life jacket from behind and continued dog paddling towards the yacht while dragging him along.

Initially, as Lu Guan had the life jacket to keep him afloat, he did not take in any water when he was in the sea. With Ah Ow dragging him in such a manner, he was unable to maintain his balance and hence, took in a few mouthfuls of water.

After being pulled onboard by Godzilla, Lu Guan pointed a middle finger at Hans. Taking the nearby children into consideration, he put away his hand bitterly and bellowed, "Murder!"

Li Du handed over the two black gold abalones to Brother Wolf and gestured to him to clean them and cut them up to make sashimi for lunch.

Black gold abalone sashimi was the most premium type of sashimi in the world and only grand hotels served them.

Big Quinn hesitated. "Boss, these things cost thousands of dollarsor even moreeach. You sure we should eat them? I suggest that we eat something else. How delicious could they be?"

"Don't be concerned with money," Li Du replied. "We're not only here to work and earn money, we are also here for a vacation."

Brother Wolf, who was very compliant and only followed Li Du's orders, had already gone to the kitchen on the yacht to clean the black gold abalones.

Li Du brought Hans along to continue diving. This time, both of them dived in the same direction. After finding a black gold abalone, Li Du would inform Hans so he would dig it out before finding another one for himself.

The little bug had been flying continuously around the surrounding seabed and meticulously searching for black gold abalones suitable for harvesting.

Li Du followed the gaze of the little bug and found another large black gold abalone.

As the black gold abalone was on the reef, he reached over to grab it while preparing to use a pry broad to pry it off. It fell off when his hand touched its shell.

When Li Du touched the epipodium of the black gold abalone, it didn't move. The black gold abalone was dead.

So long as their meat was fine, dead black gold abalones could also be sold for money.

Having placed the abalone inside a net that was connected to his diving suit, he was ready to continue his search.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a swift current rush up, like a water fountain, from inside of the reef that was below him straight to his body before being sent directly to the surface of the sea.

Only after being sent to the surface of the sea did Li Du feel a burning sensation, as if he was scalded by boiling water, on the parts of his buttocks and back that had been impacted by the swift current. Due to the pain from the burning sensation, Li Du grimaced.

Fortunately, as the transfer of heat was fast due to the low temperature of the seawater, the pain went away as fast as it came and the burning sensation only lasted two to three seconds before dissipating.

As the sudden change in environment from being rushed to the surface of the sea made Li Du dizzy and his limbs weak, so much so that he was unable to swim after resurfacing, he started struggling in the water.

Seeing this, Ah Ow took a big stride forward and lept toward him from the yacht. After speedily swimming to his side, she went under his right arm and used her head to support his armpit while she swam toward the yacht.

Lu Guan exclaimed, "Why didn't she do this for me earlier?"

Very soon, the others sensed that something was wrong and hurriedly pulled Li Du onto the yacht.

Subsequently, Sophie anxiously popped her head out of the water and exclaimed, "What happened earlier? Li, did you get hit by a blast of air?"

Li Du felt much better. He sat up, used Ah Ow's fur to wipe his face, and inhaled a breath of cold air. "D*mn it, that was probably what happened. Quickly help me take off my diving suit!"

After his diving suit was taken off, the skin on his back was laid bare. Although his entire back was red, as if he had been scalded by the seawater, it was not very serious.

As Sophie was a surgeon, she brought along a first aid kit wherever she went. She hurriedly took out the ointment that specifically treated burns from inside the first aid kit and applied it on Li Du. With that, he felt a lot better.

When Li Du took out the dead abalone, he figured out what had happened. The abalone most likely died from being scalded. The blast of hot air, which had sent him to the surface of the sea, was from an underwater volcano!