Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 757

Chapter 757: Something Fishy
Chapter 757: Something Fishy
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Connections could be useful anywhere on the planet.

David Max spoke well of them, and the fishing and hunting officer gave them a warning and left without looking at them.

This result made Li Du very happy. Yes, he felt very happy. Although they were innocent, the fishing and hunting officers were always unreasonable.

In addition, the incident taught him a lesson. This time when Li Du dove, Sophie took an underwater camera and videotaped them.

In this way, Sophie's position could be determined by the underwater camera, and then if they were questioned, they could testify using the video as evidence.

The fishing and hunting officers were very strict. Li Du had just picked up two black gold abalones, and another fishing and hunting officer came and questioned Sophie's behavior in the water.

He invited the fishing and hunting department officers aboard and turned on the ship's onboard computer so they could look at the information from the camera.

The fishing and hunting department officers were careful to hurry in and found out that Sophie was really just a videographer and a rescue team, so they apologized and left.

Twice in a row, Li Du had to admit that Australia was protecting its own resources.

Through the little bug, he searched for black gold abalone. Li Du assigned himself and Hans the task of harvesting it, so that with more hands working, they could harvest more abalone.

At the end of the day, they worked for more than five hours and brought up nearly 40 black gold abalone.

The main reason they could harvest so many was that Li Du had very high work efficiency. Hans's ability to hold his breath was very poor. He floated up to the water five to six times just to dig up one black gold abalone.

On the other hand, Li Du was in better shape and could dig out some of the black gold abalone with one breath.

They were located on King Island's coast, not far from the market. Li Du was no longer involved in selling the abalone. Lu Du was clever, so he arranged for Big Quinn, Stephen, and Lu Guan to go and sell the abalones.

Black gold abalone was absolutely in demand, so as long as they set a fair price, it would not take long for it to be purchased after being sent to the market.

In the evening, as the water grew colder, Li Du and Hans returned to the boat. They high-fived. Hans glanced at him and said, "How was it? It's very tiring, right?"

Li Du smiled and did not speak. Of course, he was very tired. He not only needed to dive in the water to harvest the black gold abalone, he also had to release the little bug to locate abalone and make sure of its location.

Hannah prepared juice for them. This time, Hans didn't yell for beer. Diving was too dangerous. Their stamina and mentality would get weaker and weaker after being in the water for a long time, and the most important thing was to stay awake.

With that in mind, Li Du didn't touch any more wine while at sea.

The next day, they got a better harvest. At night, Li Du roughly marked the surrounding black gold abalone around the ship, so that they could go into the water more quickly.

Hans wondered, "Why are there so many black gold abalone? Isn't this thing supposed to be rare?"

They had scooped up more than 70 black gold abalones that day, and Li Du rested from work early, lying on the forecastle in the sun to recover his energy.

A raft came and Cruz passed by.

This time he was alone on the boat, and the raft was attached to the boat. He raised his head and asked, "Hi, Chinese, did you get a good harvest?"

Li Du motioned to him to come aboard and said, "Yeah, not bad. Would you like to come aboard and have a chat?"

Cruz did not refuse. He boarded the boat and sat down with Li Du and asked, "How could you possibly get so much? How did you find the black gold abalone?"

To the outside world, it appeared that Li Du had found a rare habitat with a group of black gold abalone.

The black gold abalone reproduced every year, and over time, it formed a group of black gold abalone.

However, a large abalone group was very rare. They all had been found, and though there were many remaining abalone groups, the abalones in them were small and did not qualify to be harvested.

Li Du didn't have a good feeling about Cruz at first, and both sides had had a little bit of conflict with one another, but in this case, when Cruz found out he was in danger, he helped him or even saved his life, so the feeling changed.

Upon hearing Cruz's question, Li Du did not answer but asked, "When did you start diving? How deep can you dive?"

Cruz said, "I started learning to dive when I was 12, and I've been doing it since I was 15. Now I can dive down to 50 meters."

Li Du nodded. "Then you shouldn't stay here. Go south, man. There is a continuous oceanic trench, about 40 to 50 meters. You should go and take a look."

Knowing what he meant, Cruz tilted his head and asked, "Continuous trench? It's a little too deep. I think I've seen it. Didn't find any abalones."

"Your eyes aren't sharp enough. You see too little." Li Du said.

Sophie brought him a cup of ginger cola. It was Li Du's idea. They were always in contact with the sea water, and it was too cold. Ginger cola was a type of drink that the Chinese used to warm their bodies up. It could warm them up as well.

Cruz took a sip and frowned. "What's that smell? It tastes more awful than sea water."

Li Du laughed.

Cruz shrugged, continued to frown, then looked wistfully south and had a deep thought.

Li Du had already said everything he needed to say. There was quite a lot of black gold abalone in that area, but the water was deep so it would be difficult to get them out.

If Cruz was as good at freediving as he said he was, he could reap big rewards.

As the hunting continued, the two men continued to harvest quite a lot, and they became the dark horses in the abalone market on King Island. Many abalone buyers who were specially arranged by hotels on the island were contacting them.

The harvest was great, and Li Du and Hans worked hard.

They became familiar with the sea and began to enjoy diving for the black gold abalone.

In early April, Li Du emerged with a black gold abalone as a speedboat painted with the bureau's logo approached them.

"It's time to check again," said Big Quinn as he shrugged and looked helpless.

Li Du called Hans and Sophie up, and the speedboat came up. On it was a fishing officer who asked, "Who told you to fish for the black gold abalone here? Do you have a harvesting permit? Bring it over and I'll check it."

"Of course, here it is." Li Du nodded to Brother Wolf, who took out his harvesting permit from the safe in the driver's cabin and handed it to him.

He put the fishing license in the safe, not for the sake of insurance, but to prevent it from being damaged by seawater and moisture. Most of the damage to a harvesting permit was caused by moisture.

Handing over harvesting permit, Li Du instinctively felt something was wrong.

He thought quickly and realized that the officer was strange, his tone was unfriendly, and he didn't even look at Sophie when she came out of the water wearing an oxygen tank!

So, to be sure, Li Du sent the little bug into the boat to check the situation.